A Love Letter To Alaya

A Love Letter To Alaya

A love letter to Alaya

While we were in Peru, Alaya and I celebrated our ten-year anniversary of being together in a union.

Wow, that has gone by so quickly, I can scarcely believe that it has been a decade of our lives together!

So, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge our life and path together and share how much I love and cherish her and all she is.

Alaya, you are the centre of my universe, my home frequency.

No matter where I am in the world, I am truly home with you.

You have been there for me over the years and helped me grow into who I am today.

Through your guidance, I have become softer, gentle, kind, caring, and empathetic.

You are even making headway into my humbleness, which still has some work to do but is infinitely better than when we met.

You are bringing me into the deep healing of the deficiencies that drove me in my younger years, always showing me the way home.

Looking back at the beginning, our union was challenging to navigate as we mirrored each other in so many of our shadows and deep pain. I want to acknowledge our son Noa, whom, if he had not come after four months of being together, I don’t think we would have made it.

So thank you, Noa, for being such a gift to us and coming so early in our relationship.

Thank you to our teacher plants, which have greatly assisted us on our healing journey. Their wisdom has contributed greatly to our evolution as a union.

We have changed so much over the years, softening and deepening together. Like all relationships, we have had our ups and downs, but through it all, we stuck so closely side by side and have been there for each other all the way.

We have such a deep, strong connection; it’s like we are one unified force field of love and radiance, but also a profoundly deep presence and wisdom.

Together, we have uncovered many of life’s mysteries and unravelled some of the deepest puzzles of the universe. We still stand for our children, for family, and for loyalty and love.

You have taught me what it takes to be a father, a friend, and a lover and how to hold things so that everyone around us feels equal. You are the heartbeat of our family, company, and life.

Everyone who enters your presence feels your radiating love and, sometimes when needed, your Full Dragon Momma energy!

Everyone around us in our core crew knows that you are immensely powerful and strong. I could never have walked your soul’s path and made it through like you have. You went all the way there and back again and now are on the other side to share your wisdom with the world.

You are incredible because you hold everything but don’t crave or want the limelight, the stage, or any acknowledgement. You are happy to do your work quietly behind the scenes, but you are the one who makes it all happen.

Your psychic ability and direct knowing always astound me. You are always so spot on and can feel it when something is a millimetre off. And you are relentless when it is. This has served me so well when I needed your gentle and not-so-gentle suggestions for improvement.

We have shared many incredible memories over the years and so many extraordinary experiences beyond the comprehension of most humanity. They would probably label us crazy if anything we have witnessed and experienced came to light!

But always, we ventured together side by side, down, down, down, to the deepest, darkest recesses of our consciousness. We kept going and going and didn’t stop until we hit the deepest roots, right back at the beginning of everything.

It’s been my greatest privilege to make this journey with you. You have made me who I am today.

It feels like everything up to this point has been training us for what is to come.

On this day, on the other side of the Amazon Morphogenesis, it feels like we have bounced off the bottom of our decade and are navigating deeply our shadows.

And now it feels like we have started our decade for our destiny.

In the beginning, I promised you lots of adventures and lots of dresses. I certainly feel I over-delivered that.

This decade, I promise more of that, plus the ease and the grace we have longed for.

With the decade of darkness over and we begin the spiral upward, ease and grace is our new mojo and operating system.

I want to thank the amazing core team around us, the people who deeply believe in us, and the circle around us, which brings us the support we need in our lives. We love you all so deeply; this is what family is.

You thought the rocket ship was moving fast before, but we were still building it.

Take off is here; get ready!

Thank you, each of you. We love you so much, and we would not have made it to this point without you. We can promise everything will be easier now that we have gone there and back again.

We look forward to so much more love, fun, laughter, magic, miracles, and adventures with you all.

The rocketship is ready for take-off, until now, we have only been getting ready for it… hold on tight!

I love you, we love you.

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