Abundance is a core pillar of having a successful, happy and content life.

Abundance is not what you have… It’s who you are

Over the years in the trenches coaching and mentoring tens of thousands of people, I’ve realised that one of the core recurring themes that clients would like to work on is their abundance. Abundance is a core pillar of having a successful, happy and content life.

However, people mistake abundance for external things, material possessions, and the ability to afford a particular lifestyle. Abundance is indeed a precursor to all those things, and most importantly, it is a state of being that needs to be obtained before financial wealth and prosperity can be achieved, anchored and stabilised.

The money misconception

The big money misconception is that money is the solution to all life’s worries and issues. The truth of it is that having money will not solve your worry and anxiety issues. People mistakenly believe that having money will suddenly make them feel safe in an unknown future. Anxiety and worry run much deeper than that.

Suppose you have not anchored in abundance as a natural state of being. In that case, you will always swing from certainty to uncertainty based on external circumstances. Because you have anchored money as your life’s source of safety and assurance.

When external factors squeeze you, you experience the same old FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) because your sense of internal safety and security is linked to a resource outside yourself.

Having abundance as a natural state of being anchored deep inside yourself means that no matter the season or circumstance, you always feel that your sense of security and needs are always catered for, even if the immediate future feels unclear.

Having money does not mean you are abundant. It simply means you can afford your own misery.

If you have money without abundance as a state of being. It means you are more susceptible to economic swings in the natural Rhythm of market seasons. Further, as the contraction of the financial winter hits (as it always does), the fear you feel inside expands to become your reality.

The saying goes, “If you fear it, it’s coming.” After all, what you focus on is what you get.

The anchoring of abundance

Having abundance anchored into your core means you ‘know’ you always have enough to meet your future needs and desires. It is an inner certainty and confidence no matter the season. You can always provide for the next steps in your life. This feeling wells up from your core, fills you up, and then fills others up from the overflow.

Abundance is knowing that you always have an overflowing fullness of anything you focus upon.

If you have made your way to reading this page, then no doubt you have heard of one of the natural laws of “Vibration”, which states that: “What is like is drawn upon itself.” This is only one of around 75 Natural Laws I have encountered and tested.

It is a Natural Law that you will draw this reality to yourself. But the application of this law is simple. Suppose you experience FUD or have money worries and anxiety. Whatever you are experiencing NOW is creating your tomorrow.

For this reason, you must anchor the vibration of abundance deep into the core of your being. Without this, you will always be influenced by external forces, which are also governed by the natural law of Rhythm. A financial winter will always follow a financial summer.

If you cannot anchor abundance deep into the core of your being. You will always have instability in your bio-energy field. Stability is the key to freedom and peace. It also allows you to effortlessly manifest because you can hold your mental and emotional centre no matter the season.

The Alchemy of Abundance

Over the years of acquiring the necessary 10,000 hours of personal development mastery experience. Or more like 30,000 hours. I have worked with diverse people of different backgrounds, ethnicity, family history, and culture. Through this process, I have uncovered a hidden alchemical formula for abundance that generates the anchored state of abundance when mixed together correctly.

After 30 years of research, I am excited to reveal the alchemical formula for abundance with you. Alchemy is the magical process of combining and transforming elements into something completely new. Working with people, I uncovered that abundance has four key constituents that compromise its formula.

This formula is unique because it is based upon hidden knowledge of how things work in the universe according to Natural Law. It is based upon the secret sacred Gnostic knowledge of adepts and masters of a bygone age. In my experience, this is the only alchemical formula that leads you to true, long-lasting abundance.

EQ = Energy Quotient
Your comprehension through gnosis (direct experience with source) of how the more expansive universe works are based upon its foundational energy principles through vibration, cycles of time, planetary archetypes and their influence over your life. Your EQ is your comprehension of how the universe works.

CQ = Consciousness Quotient
The station of your personal consciousness and your unique purpose and path of your soul as you express yourself in this domain. How you use the fundamental Natural Laws and spiritual principles that govern the universe to drive your life and create your reality. Your CQ is your current station of consciousness.

FQ = Frequency Quotient
The baseline energy signature of your personal vibration and frequency and how this creates your reality. Your frequency is the attractor field of your reality. It draws towards you the experiences you need to grow and evolve from. Your FQ is your current anchored vibration set point.

IQ = Intelligence Quotient
Your intellectual comprehension of how you can effortlessly create abundance for yourself, using your skill sets, life path and spiritual purpose. Your IQ is your strategic implementation of real-world action in creating abundance. As well as taking your financial resources and creating a financial life plan that ensures all-season growth strategies to keep compounding your net worth.

To create true abundance, you must work on all four pillars to ensure your house of abundance is in order. Neglecting even one of these pillars puts stress and tension on the foundations of your energetic system. You need the four quotients to be applied in your everyday life. Only then will you start alchemising and realise abundance as not only a state of being, but also a living reality in your life.

The Alchemy of Abundance is a proven formula based upon quantum physics, natural law, and timeless spiritual principles.

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