Christof Amazon Bio

Christof Amazon Bio



After 20 years of working with some of the world’s finest athletes and personal trainers, helping them to achieve elite results at the level of the body, I felt the calling to master the energetic aspect of human potential. This led me to study for 4 years under Barbara Brennan, a NASA trained physicist who became the world’s foremost teacher of energy medicine.

My journey on the shamanic path began in 2012 when I first worked with the Sacred Wood and then began supporting others in this powerful work. In that same year, I was initiated at Casa Shipibo, which heralded the beginning of a remarkable journey in my lineage and pathway of Shipibo Shamanism. In 2013, thanks to the healing skills i’d begun to master through the Brennan School, the founders of the Casa Shipibo camp, Juni Guillermo Lopez and Tiara Kumara, invited me to co-facilitate with them on their fifteen-day initiation I had experienced the previous year. I jumped at the chance.

Then, for the next seven years, I began taking groups to Casa Shipibo and doing my deep apprenticeship in Shipibo Shamanism. Over those years, I facilitated nine groups through the fifteen-day initiation and built enormous experience navigating and embodying the higher dimensions of consciousness.

Through this process, I was reconnected to the Order of Melchizedek, my true spiritual lineage. I was able to pierce the density of my former conditioning and began communicating to the higher dimensional consciousness fields that I lovingly call The Guardians. They taught me the sacred sciences, the true human story of who we are and where we come from.

One of the first people to be initiated with me in the Amazon was my dear brother Yehoshu’a, who underwent an huge transformation and upgrade of his life path, which included becoming one of the most accomplished healers and facilitators to train with the Neo-Shamanic Society. Since that first journey into the jungle, he and i, along with my beloved wife Alaya and our core team have been gathering enormous amounts of direct experience in assisting people through the layers of their energetic and soul psychology.

Having now facilitated hundreds of sacred ceremonial initiations worldwide I know that we have truly cracked the code on the most effective way to work with these incredible plant allies to fast track unbelievable Soul Evolution.

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