Cosmic Clock – June Solstice 2023

Cosmic Clock – June Solstice 2023


Join us in a momentous occasion as we commemorate our return to our sacred abode and the advent of the new Planetary Operating System (POS).

After months of anticipation, we are thrilled to present our very first live online ceremony. This extraordinary event coincides with the June solstice, a time of immense significance, especially in the Northern Hemisphere where it heralds the arrival of summer.

The June solstice is not merely a celestial phenomenon; it represents a powerful convergence of growth, abundance, and expansion.

It presents an opportune moment to gather in a ceremonial setting and establish a crystal-clear intention, tapping into the abundant energy of the solstice. However, what makes this occasion truly exceptional is that it coincides with the inauguration of the new POS, a system that aligns harmoniously with the grand ideals and visions of the Golden Age.

By participating in this solstice celebration with the new POS, you position yourself at the pinnacle of influence, ready to co-create your visions and intentions, thus laying the foundation for the emergence of our New Earth—the official commencement of Earth’s Golden Age.

Embrace this solstice as a profound temporal marker, an acknowledgment of your innate creative power and your ability to manifest your reality.

Through heightened awareness and alignment with divine principles, you possess the ability to manifest your desires in harmony with the greater good, making positive contributions to the collective human experience.

Not only have we transitioned into the Age of Aquarius, a cosmic era characterised by innovation, progress, humanitarianism, and a deepened collective consciousness, but it also signifies a paradigm shift towards individual liberation, social equality, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge and truth. This period is widely regarded as a time of spiritual awakening, marked by technological advancements and the emergence of new social structures that foster unity, cooperation, and global transformation.

Furthermore, our internal POS now aligns seamlessly with principles of unity, harmony, enlightenment, spiritual awakening, and the establishment of new social structures that pave the way for global transformation.

At long last, the external energetic broadcasts from the stars and the internal energetic architecture of our planet converge, resulting in a magnificent alignment.

This solstice presents the first occasion where we can harness this unique configuration to augment our manifestation processes. We invite you to join us in an elevated group ceremony, where together, we shall skillfully channel these energies to program our future and shape our collective destiny.

During this live solstice ceremony, we shall provide a comprehensive overview of the new POS—its origins, the captivating journey of its rediscovery, and how it was reinstated to its rightful place. In addition, a special ritual will be conducted to help you set your intentions and infuse them as the primary programs into the new Planetary Operating System. This transformative experience will serve as a profound teaching and transmission, facilitating a profound connection between your personal intentions and the limitless potential of the new POS.

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