* LE – Amazon Morphogenesis OLD

* LE – Amazon Morphogenesis OLD


Amazon Morphogenesis

Home of our Peruvian Shipibo Shamanism.

Every 2-3 years Alaya and I return to the home of our Peruvian Shamanic Lineage, and our camp Casa Shipibo, nestled deep in the Amazon jungle 6-8 hours from Iquitos Peru. It is at this camp I was initiated and went through my Shamanic apprenticeship over 8 years of facilitating groups out at Casa Shipibo.

The camp is raw, real, and authentic.

It strips you back from the luxuries of western life and transports you back in time several hundred years.

You live life in the community as they would have a few hundred years ago. Very isolated, free of electricity, wifi, plumbing, and all things we take for granted today, giving one of the most authentic shamanic experiences you can have in your life.

We are currently preparing other facilitators who are deeply trained by us at our school The Neo Shamanic Society, who will be able to take and run camps throughout the year. This ongoing guided facilitation and facility without Alaya and I personally being there will be ready by 2024.

We are excited to release the Casa Shipibo camp as an ongoing project for the evolution of humanity as soon as the first facilitators have been through the multi-year deep dive required, to be able to hold the sacred space at the level of integrity and mastery we require.

In the meantime, we will be personally taking a group in the second half of 2023, for this extraordinary, authentic Shamanic initiation.

Next intake second half 2023.

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