* LE – Cosmic Connections

* LE – Cosmic Connections


Cosmic Connections

Coming in 2023 for initiates whose consciousness is ready to enter the planes of bliss.

The Elixirs of life are a sacred alchemical formula based on an ancient process that turns matter into highly refined and etheric liquid. These powerful substances hold the key to unlocking higher levels of consciousness and the total unification to your Divine Self.

This sacred formula holds the key to multi-dimensionality.

Essentially these Elixirs are an organic formula that has been refined into a crystal clear fluid that is ingested for advanced spiritual illumination. Within these pure ceremonial elixirs, the spirit molecule becomes more active.

This molecule is a natural element found in 99% of all organic life on Earth and holds the key to multi-dimensionality. This Spirit compound is supremely pure and alchemically refined to the point where only its pure essence is within the Elixir.

What is their history?
These rare and secret substances have been hidden in the ancient footsteps of legends and mythological traditions. From the Himalayan Rishis, Egyptian Pharaohs, Sumerian Rulers, Greek Legends, Chinese Sages, and Persian Magi, to the Secret Societal Alchemists and Ancient Royal Families. The Hidden Elixirs have played an undisclosed role in the tapestry of secret initiations to these selected few.

How do the Elixirs work?
These Sacred Elixirs are an exceptional advancement of conscious expansion and acceleration to shift one’s reality to its highest divine alignment. The Elixirs hold the potential to bring you to the rarified planes of Cosmic Bliss and Love. They are not designed for shadow work, but rather a unification of your consciousness with the Divine and Godhead.

Through direct experience, you will begin to witness the full spectrum of your multidimensional self. As well as the high-frequency energy field that is set up for the sacred ceremony ritual, you will experience direct body regeneration and activations uniquely for your advancement. There are also many other potentialities and possibilities that these sacred Elixirs can do for you, however, it is all reflective of the level of consciousness you are abiding at.

Who are the Elixirs for?
The Elixirs are for initiates who have passed through the human initiations and have emerged with their consciousness sanctified and stabilised. Only those with a strong mental stability and emotional balance, combined with expanded consciousness, and high vibration can handle the very high crystalline frequency that comes through the Cosmic Connection Initiation.

Utilising this secret alchemical formula, in the right ceremonial container, the Elixirs of Life can take your consciousness to the highest levels of spiritual embodiment possible in this incarnation. The Elixirs of Life are for high-level spiritual initiates looking to take their spiritual life and consciousness to the next highest level possible.

Next intake 2023.

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