* LE – Piercing the Veil Initiation

* LE – Piercing the Veil Initiation


Piercing the Veil

See and witness the totality of the whole, both the inner light and dark.

The Piercing the Veil initiation is for those looking to have a direct experience of dissolving into the unified field, utilising the potent spirit of the ‘The Mother’ from Peru. This powerful initiation also allows your consciousness to navigate trauma, pain, and woundings in a different way than the Root Initiation. Through the energy achieved in the ceremonial ritual your consciousness is able to expand and explore not only your inner space, but also many of the mysteries of life, and the cosmos.

You are able to see and witness the totality of the whole, both the inner light and dark, as well as the true nature of reality.

You are able to navigate in quantum time and go back into parts of your life that experienced trauma and pain and release the trapped energies that are creating the defences, suppressed emotions, and therefore blockages, ceilings, and upper limits for your life.

This initiation takes you directly into your shadow states and has you directly experience deeply buried emotions and trauma, which then are able to be released seeing you are able to process them properly in the ceremonial initiation. This initiation brings you to enter the darkness in true vulnerability to heal and integrate the fractured pieces of yourself to bring yourself to more wholeness.

This initiation allows your ego to cross the veil between the physical world and the spiritual one. You need to confront your ego’s grip on your life, learn to let go and trust that your consciousness still exists in the afterworld. It is the initiation of surrendering and letting go, to directly experience your consciousness existing across the other side of the veil.

Everything you experience inside this initiation is a projection of your own internal consciousness. Many people in this initiation report remarkable visions, people, or spirits that seem to be appearing to them externally. However, in truth, the visions and experiences in the ceremony are simply projections of our internal state. Everything experienced is contained within your consciousness, coding (DNA), or spiritual contracts that are held in place.

By working on your suppressed emotions and energies, you are able to release the energetic charge that often exists when you get triggered. The reason the triggers happen is because of this deeply buried trapped emotion, that ends up attracting towards you towards the very people, events, and experiences that helped create it in the first place. You then become triggered and project onto the person or situation an energetic defense to prevent that energy from coming in and touching the wound.

This initiation allows you to go in and experience the trapped emotion and energy, thus releasing the energetic charge. Therefore giving you the spaciousness in life to move from being reactive to being responsive.

Priority is given to those who have completed The Root Initiation.

Once accepted and your place is secured, you will receive our questionnaire and life essay, which is designed to take you deeper into contemplation. This is a deep dive to properly prepare you for the upcoming initiation. This will begin your internal inquiry process, and start working on navigating your shadows. We will provide further resources, and tools for transformation as you come closer and move through the initiation itself.

Once you are accepted into the initiation the process begins immediately as you enter the morphogenetic field of the Piercing the Veil Initiation. Be prepared to have irritations come up in your field leading into the initiation, including triggers and upsets from situations and people reflecting to you some of the programming still held inside.

The initiation itself will last over four days with us, and one day extra on your own contemplating and integrating before you return home. The initiation itself is in retreat format where we are all together and very focused on the initiation. We do not give any details of the ritual itself in a public setting, this is for initiates only and you will be fully briefed before you come to the beginning of the initiation.

The next three months are a crucial time for your integration and application of what you have learned in the deeply transformational experience. You will have a unique opportunity to consciously rewire your brains neural nets and patterns. Because the strong electrical charge of the wound has been taken out. This gives you the space to consciously craft a response, rather than simply coming from a reaction which was automatic and unconscious up until this point.

Integration is all about embodying the changes in your real-world life. The depth of healing that is completed on the root initiation allows you to have a fresh start in life so you can formulate new perceptions and beliefs about the world and people around you. Without the lens of the wound that has clouded your perception and ability to move past the self limiting blocks and barriers you have created up until this point.

As we like to say, the real ceremony is the ‘ceremony of your life’ after the initiation.

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