* VE – Abundance Transmission

* VE – Abundance Transmission

Abundance Transmission

This will bring you into a deeper aspect of your centeredness.

One of the keys to living a fulfilling life, is anchoring in the frequency of abundance so that it flows as a natural state through your bio-energy field.

Abundance is a state of knowing that all your future needs are always met and that there is an overflow that is always emanating from within you. It is this state of knowing that allows one’s cup to runneth over. In this beautiful transmission, you activate your personal prosperity wheel, clear personal and ancestral conditioning preventing you from embodying abundance. As well as activating the state of abundance in your bio-energy field and consciousness.

  • Clear lack, limitation, scarcity, worthiness and fear of change
  • Clear financial anxiety, worry, doubt and non-deserving
  • Clear poverty consciousness and any other misaligned beliefs
  • Clear ancestral and past life karma, preventing abundance
  • Program your chakras with abundance and prosperity
  • Activate the frequency of abundance in your consciousness
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