* VE – Ancestral Karmic Clearing

* VE – Ancestral Karmic Clearing

Ancestral Karmic Clearing

When you incarnate the higher self councils with your agreement, choose the family into which you will incarnate.

The constellation is selected based on the maximum potential impact on past life quantum Karmic entanglements. This incarnation’s constellation is carefully chosen to give you the maximum opportunity to balance karma.

In one lifetime’s constellation, you could have been the abuser or victimiser. In this incarnation, the roles could be reversed. Or you simply came together to support each other’s challenges and growth opportunities. As I like to say, when God wants you to learn a lesson, God puts it in your family.

In your Soul evolution, you are responsible for your Karma in this lifetime and your whole ancestral line. The benefit of working through ancestral Karma is that your ancestors become liberated from it, and your descendants no longer have to walk in the karma of what came before.

The frequencies incoming to the planet are speeding up evolution. Never before has there been so much opportunity for rapid ancestral karma clearing and evolution. This clearing protocol was gifted to me and the Neo Shamanic Society by the Guardian Host Matrix. To accelerate Ancestral Karma clearings for those committed to their spiritual evolution.

It works with a specifically designed code and technique working with Arch-Angel Halliel that automatically clears the exact amount of karma that aligns with your Soul’s evolution. Use this protocol repeatedly to keep chipping away at your family triggers when and as they arise.

  • Comprehend the relationships with family members over multiple lifetimes
  • Set an intention to work on a specific issue coming up for clearing
  • Use the code and bath in the red golden light of Arch-Angel Halliel
  • Run this energy and clearing through your entire family constellation
  • The transmission ensures that all that can be cleared, will be cleared.
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