* VE – Djwhal Khul Core Fear Release

* VE – Djwhal Khul Core Fear Release

Djwhal Khul Core Fear Release

A powerful energetic transmission designed to liberate you from the deepest layers of fear embedded within your psyche and energy system.

These core fears, often unconscious, act as invisible barriers, limiting your personal growth, spiritual evolution, and ability to express your authentic self fully.

Rooted in the profound wisdom of Djwhal Khul, known as “The Tibetan,” this healing protocol targets the fundamental sources of fear that shape our perceptions, behaviours, and life experiences. These fears may stem from experiences of rejection, failure, or the unknown, manifesting as persistent feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, and limitation.

This transformative healing works on multiple levels, clearing fear-based energy from:

  • Your auric field
  • Ancestral lineages
  • Past life experiences
  • Parallel lives
  • Soul extensions

This healing will initiate a profound shift in your energetic blueprint. The Djwhal Khul Core Fear Release not only addresses surface-level anxieties but delves deep into the core programming that has held you back from realising your full potential.

Upon receiving this transmission, you’ll be enrolled in a three-month healing journey during your sleep time. Djwhal Khul will continue to work with you during this time, progressively removing the roots of your fears and facilitating deep, lasting transformation.

This healing not only serves your individual evolution but contributes to the collective healing of humanity. As you release your core fears, you become better equipped to live in harmony with yourself and others, making a positive impact on the world around you.

You will experience:

  • Enhanced self-confidence and inner peace
  • Expanded capacity for authentic self-expression
  • Deepened spiritual connection and clarity of purpose
  • Increased resilience in facing life’s challenges
  • Accelerated personal and spiritual growth
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