* VE – Healing Sleep Meditations

* VE – Healing Sleep Meditations

Healing Sleep Meditations

Rinse off the day and cleanse your energy field.

One of the most important strategies to keep your vibration high and being on point each and every day Is a deeply restful night’s sleep.

Nothing beats waking up feeling refreshed and recharged.Drifting off to sleep provides a profound opportunity to run a dedicated healing protocol that energetically rinses off the day, cleans your energy field, and helps you drift off quickly to a deep restful sleep. As you are going down into REM and into Deep Sleep, we have layered deep hypnosis technology that builds new abundance architecture in the form of subliminal messages designed to support new beliefs around money and abundance.

  • Wash out the accumulated energy of the day
  • Clear your chakras and energy field
  • Enhance your REM and deep sleep
  • Develop new beliefs around prosperity and abundance
  • Enhance your abundance quotient


In addition I wanted to create something special for all the younglings out there. One that combined sealing off their auric field from unwanted visitors in the astral plane. Very often this can be disturbing for young babies and children, preventing a restful night’s sleep (for both child and parents)

This healing sleep meditation places your precious children in a holographic healing chamber. The energy transmission seals and protects their auric field from astral plane interference. It also provides a healing cleanse that washes out the energies of the day and drops in deep subliminal messages to enhance their self-esteem and confidence. This is not like any other children’s sleepy time meditation, it is designed to provide energy healing, sleep protection, and delivers a beautiful blessing for them on their life path.

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