* VE – Interference and Entity Clearing

* VE – Interference and Entity Clearing

Interference and Entity Clearing

As we move about our typical day,

we move through different situations, places, and people with varying degrees of density and karmic entanglement. It is through moving through very dense conditions during our day that we can pick up all sorts of conscious and unconscious interference and energetic “passengers”.

When we have triggered someone, they often respond with negative thoughts. These negative thought forms can create all kinds of astral objects that embed in our bio-energy field. These can range from little arrows, daggers or knives all the way up to heavier spells, bindings, chains, and sorcery.

Certain places you go, such as concerts, sporting matches, bars, nightclubs, churches, mosques, hotels, and airports, all come with unique energetic challenges, interferences, portals, and lurking entities.

Taking responsibility for our genetic line can create massive change in our entire family. We can have heavy interference and entity bleed-throughs that have remained in the ancestral constellation for generations. These energies run deep and are infused and intertwined in our DNA and cellular intelligence.

Our thoughts, feelings and behaviours create the openings or what we call ‘resonators’ that draw in entities for growth and learning. These resonators are unhealed aspects of our psyche that provides the holes for these things to enter through a like vibration which draws them in.

The interference and entity-clearing transmission is a beautiful healing to run whenever you feel something has shifted in your being, and you suspect there could be external inference a foot in your field. Use this timeless classic again and again as required to keep you empowered, sovereign and free.

  • Clear entities from your chakras
  • Clean up your ancestral interferences.
  • Remove any sorcery spells or bindings.
  • Heal any resonators attracting entities
  • Be sovereign, free and empowered
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