* VE – Love Stone and Book of Wisdom

* VE – Love Stone and Book of Wisdom

Love Stone and Book of Wisdom

A beautifully embodied frequency of divine love.

This transmission takes you on a beautiful journey in our Merkabah lightship across to the tower and spire that holds the broadcast Love Stone and the Book of Wisdom.

You will climb the stairs and commune with the Love Stone as we enter the spire. The stone itself sends out a beautifully embodied frequency of divine love. As you enter this beautiful, cosmic, divine, limitless and unconditional love, it infuses your bioenergy field and signature with the love that you are. You will then upwell this and send it out to your family, friends, and the entire planet—upwelling the planet with unconditional love. Once this is complete, you will move on to acquiring the Book of Wisdom and downloading it into your spine. I recently learned that all of humanity has the entire Book of Wisdom codex located on their spine. The code from this transmission will help activate that Book of Wisdom in the spinal column and receive the frequency and codes of lost and ancient knowledge.

  • Activate your Merkaba light ship for inter-dimensional travel
  • Receive the broadcast from humanity’s Love stone
  • Receive cosmic, limitless, divine, unconditional love
  • Access the codex of the book of wisdom
  • Infuse your cellular intelligence with love and wisdom
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