* VE – Sovereignty Transmission Old

* VE – Sovereignty Transmission Old

Sovereignty Transmission

Return to your highest spiritual ascending pathway.

The Sovereignty transmission is a deep dive into your consciousness, pulling out any inorganic material that may exist, and returning to you all energies and essences, codes and consciousness, accessories and identities that have been stolen, misdirected, or extracted from you.

The intention behind this transmission is to give you a tool to clear and cleanse your energy field from these interference energies, as well as return to you your highest spiritual ascending pathway, through reconnecting to your own source consciousness. There is no more powerful being than a fully awakened human reconnected to their own Source consciousness. In this time of great mass awakening, we need as many people standing in the luminosity of their personal power.

  • Connect with the Celestial Forces of Light, the Guardians, the Higher Self Councils, and the Ultra-Terrestrials
  • Return all of your stolen and misdirected energies and essences
  • Clearing of any inorganic material including J-Seals, and all other types of implants
  • Clear and upgrade your ancestral records, soul records, and Golden Akasha records
  • Activate DNA seed codes, time vector codes, and the Krystal Spiral ratios into cellular matrix
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