I Am Committed to Helping People With Their Abundance.


As part of my pre-birth Soul Agreement, I am committed to helping people with their abundance.

As with everything I do, this is an inside-out job. Most people associate abundance with finances, however, that is misguided. Physical wealth can be the natural product of being in a vibrational state of abundance.

I say “it can be” because you still need to develop a strategy to bring your natural abundance into the physical world through your choices and actions. One thing is certain – you need to acquire BOTH the frequency of abundance and acquire the strategy, habits, and actions of the prosperous to increase your net worth.

This is why I set up the Conscious Crypto Circle (CCC). It is designed to assist people with both the internal and external journey of acquiring abundance.

Since early 2017, I have been teaching the spiritually evolving community crypto. Crypto for me was a natural fit as a vehicle for assisting people with the external journey portion of the alchemy of abundance. At the time I saw crypto and blockchain technology as the key that would move our society from hierarchy to synarchy.

I still believe this is the case.

The Alchemy of Abundance

There is a secret alchemical formula to abundance. These are four pillars that, if you build well, will ultimately bring abundance that results in wealth and prosperity.

Abundance is a precursor to wealth and prosperity. The alchemy of abundance requires mastering ALL these different elements of the secret formula. Miss even one component and you simply will not manifest financial abundance in your life.


You need to work on all levels of this equation to achieve true abundance on all levels of life.

I have created a free mini-course that unpacks this equation so you can learn the secret formula to abundance and begin working on the different elements in your life.

The crypto-sphere is a vehicle to enhance your abundance quotient.

One of the pillars of the equation relates to your IQ, which in this alchemical formula is your (financial) Intelligence Quotient. In my opinion, one of the most exciting areas in finance is the crypto-sphere because it is creating a whole new social order of how we organise ourselves.

This is so immense we are actually on the threshold of the greatest wealth transfer in human history… and you can participate!


We are experiencing a similar trend, as the internet up-levels from the Age of Information into the Age of Value. The infrastructure for this new economic system is being built right now, in the same way the internet infrastructure was built in the 1990s.


Having the foresight and comprehension of these sweeping upgrades will position you for the exponential age of the technological convergence happening on the planet.

Crypto-graphic technology is experiencing exponential growth and will transform every area of society in ways we can scarcely imagine right now. Blockchain technology and its applications will be the biggest disrupter of all.

The Internet of Value and the Metaverse are built on blockchain technology, encrypted protocols, oracles, and artificial intelligence. In the future, we will have society and systems built upon a series of interoperable blockchains, seamlessly exchanging information and value. You as the user will be back in control of your identity and data. The days of the big tech companies monetizing your browsing data are numbered.

You hold the keys to your wealth. You are the bank.

Already we have industry-disrupting applications such as:

  • Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAO’s) – changing the way companies are structured
  • Decentralised Finance (DeFi) disrupting the middlemen such as banks, and brokers in the financial world
  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) – providing a digital representation of real-world items, giving value to art, culture and experiences
  • Cyber security – bulletproofing the security of important data
  • Supply chain management – tracking and managing manufacturing, distribution and fraud
  • Networking and internet of things, joining digital devices and everything together
  • Tamper-proof documentation – prevention of insurance and banking fraud
  • Cloud computing and storage – holding information secure on distributed ledgers rather than centralised, making it difficult for hackers
  • Voting – securing identity to voting to prevent election fraud
  • Digitising Government – increasing transparency, trust, and follow-through
  • Health Care – assessing and tracking important health data

I established the Conscious Crypto Circle in early 2017 to support those in the spiritually evolving community.

Those who wanted to transition into this new space and take advantage of all the wealth-building opportunities that exist by becoming early adopters.

I saw the vision of what this technology can do to our systems and organisation on our planet. I was excited to share it with other spiritually evolving people.

The Conscious Crypto Circle provides education, support, community, portfolio recommendations, and a host of layered services to maximise your success. As the crypto-sphere is built out, the old system unravels and the new ecosystem becomes mainstream. We teach our members how to navigate the crypto-sphere, where the opportunities are, and what are in the energy fields of potential through psychic readings and predictions.

We are still in the early days of this big transition, from a centralised world to a decentralised world. Therefore, there is an incredible opportunity to position and take advantage of this new asset class. By paying attention to this space now, you can massively increase your purchasing power as the money from the legacy system drains into this system.

We are witnessing the greatest Wealth Transfer in human history, and you can participate in it to protect your financial future and change your financial trajectory.

You can help co-create the new decentralised planet.


Free mini course

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