December Monthly Musings

December Monthly Musings

It’s early December and we are coming in hot for the year-end. Can you imagine we are almost at the end of another year?

Wow, what a ride it’s been. Let’s dive in with our usual intel and overview of what’s happening at the Core, Community and Collective levels of our experience.

As a family it’s been a tough few months, we have been moving through a number of things one after the other that we will share below. Plus of course the planning and setting up of our Egypt and European tour adventures. So much goes on behind the scenes from our team to make these look and feel seamless. Right now I am writing this sitting in the Hyatt Cairo preparing for the group to arrive and getting my last tasks completed before we start the Egypt Trinity Tour.… We are excited and after 2-3 years of not travelling, let the adventures begin….

This month in the Community section I introduce you to the team behind the scenes who have been absolutely fabulous in getting across all the logistics, look and feel, design, management, community support and general forward momentum of team Melchizedek.

While in The Collective, I talk about the next 3-5 years’ big picture and what we are going to have to move through in order to get to the other side. We explore our friend Pluto once again and all the incredible changes coming to our planet.


Family and Personal Musings

I’d say this year has been one of the most intense since Alaya and I first met.

So much profound growth, shadow walking, sadness, grieving, growing and evolving. All the while looking to keep our family and especially our kids engaged, switched on, happy and harmonious.

Being a parent is simultaneously the most rinsing and rewarding experience ever. All those of you who are parents know exactly what I mean. I love what Michael McIntyre says about couples who don’t have children. You think you know, but you really don’t know.

I love this piece from him on parenting – It always makes me laugh so hard that I think I’ll pee my pants!

This year has been very stop-start with Alaya so longing to contribute more to our company operations. But every time being pulled into something that prevents her full engagement. The last few weeks have been so intense for our family with children’s illness, Alaya heading all the way to Europe from New Zealand to go home to see her Dad before he passed over. Then coming home and did a spectacular job of getting quite badly concussed which took some time to come right and lead us to postpone our Embodied Union program.

The concussion was a major upgrade for her as she was able to access some deeply buried trauma and even able to upgrade some of her DNA. All of this while she is polarity integrating the Dark Mother episode where she and I went down to the underworld and she performed a major service for humanity on this polarity integration of that fallen energy. Alaya’s heart and light are so pure she is able to move through this process, but it has come at a cost to her personally.

It’s been amazing to watch her flow through this massive piece for humanity with such grace, she is nothing short of remarkable. We were told by an Akasha Records reader that she is another 35 weeks and the polarity integration will be fully complete.

She went home again with Aurora for her Fathers funeral, came back home and 3 days later we moved house. We just landed in the house and a week or two later the kids both got chickenpox and she had to play nurse momma bear to our sick kiddies. The chickenpox did happen in divine timing, just before our Egypt trip! Thankfully they both fully recovered a day or two before we flew as I’m writing this section on the plane to Egypt.

Alaya is literally a superhuman. I don’t know how she does it, but she is remarkable. Anyone who has been with us in a live setting will testify to just how much love and grace she radiates. I am so blessed she is my wife, and she has made me all I am today. I can’t wait for those of you attending our live events in Egypt and Europe to be able to sit and be with her.

I have had a lot on my plate coming in, especially being away for four months. The last two weeks were intense to get across everything before jumping on the plane, between moving house, dealing with the kid’s chicken pox, staining the sauna, setting up the house, and getting all the work-related tasks done. I have certainly come in hot for the plane trip, our whole travelling party of 11 just made our connecting flight. So I’m sitting here on the plane kind of half relieved we made it and half knackered from long hours of Mahi (work).

Anyway, Egypt and Europe here we come! We are so excited to see all those of you who are coming to be with us live. Check out the sections below for some of the offerings, including Crystalline Rising, which is going to be exquisite.


Stories and Sharings

This month I wanted to take a moment to honour our awesome team behind the scenes. They have been so instrumental in continuing to allow us to move forward.

It’s honestly been a whirlwind, especially for our team as we are planning six major events and retreats on our tour of Egypt and Europe, as you can probably see with our retreats and tours plus the Neo Shamanic Society starting another year’s training. It takes a lot of work to get all this done. So I want to take a moment to honour the awesome team we are building.

Awesome Andrea our fabulous General Manager extraordinaire, who somehow manages to keep up with the speed at which my mind works, and organises the team in such a cohesive, loving way.

Sheera has been on point with all the tour logistics and is amazing in helping all those of you coordinate logistics coming into our live events. It’s been so amazing to witness the meteoric rise of Sarah, who literally a few months ago was battling a number of health challenges. To see her pull through those and step into this new role and just shine brings so much pleasure to Alaya and I. So much gratitude to the Root Retreats, which have provided so much healing for her. With her new superpowers installed, we decided that Sheera (Master of the Universe) was a far more fitting title to describe the journey from the Root to the Fruit.

Cosmic Webb our web designer, with a name like that, was always destined to be our design genius. I love making art with Cosmic. He is able to take on impossible design briefs and make them work in such a beautifully elegant way that speaks to all our hearts. One of the things we try and do online is to make art. We want to continually be pushing the envelope and make things beautiful, interesting, and inspiring, so it takes us a little longer. My favourite one of the year was the Remote Egypt landing page. Just spectacular!

Gemma Collins has been with us for just a few months in our community manager role and she has hit the ground running and is assisting so many of you with all your requests and requirements. She is locking down the office while we are away, looking after our home, chickens, cat, and Christyra (our dragon, yes we have one living at our house).

David Chandler our healing soundscape engineer, I also want to present to you. He is responsible for all the amazing backing of our audio transmissions. I love making these with him and we have produced some absolute classics over the last 12 months. So much detail and precision go into these, and he gets all my unusual requests for specific sound codes and frequencies for certain sections of songs. He does an amazing job of producing these wondrous tracks that take you on such amazing cosmonaut adventures.

Shout out to Katanara Ashanta for her continued support on the design side, she is able to bring to life so well in the beautiful reading format of our Manifestos and is currently supporting Cosmic on the website build-out.

And a thank you to Susan for all her wonderful transcriptions of all our crazy Guardian missions. I’m sure we are gathering intel for a pretty good book one day.

Conscious Crypto Circle

So much development and build-out has been happening in the conscious crypto circle. I started that way back in 2017 and it has been a wonderful vehicle to bring people to the wonders of this new technology. Even though the market is low right now, this technology is going to change the world. In the coming 5 – 10 years we will scarcely recognise the world we live in. I am excited as ever as we are just navigating through one of those market lulls.

We have released a new training called The Wave, using the wonders of artificial intelligence to create passive income at 6 – 8 % a month. Unheard in the world of finance and investing. We are about to launch in January a whole new program based on the Alchemy of Abundance.

A massive shout out to Dennis who has been a wonderful strategist and partner for the CCC and built a 25-strong team to support this and grow this community. Alongside our partner Satoshi Steve, a true old-school cryptographic tech genius keeping all our systems and flows working as well as anchoring in good old BTC as the future for everything. A shout out to Agnes our General Manager at the conscious crypto circle, alongside Felipe and Antonio who are in the trenches with constant crypto research and development. Plus of course, all the other wonderful beings involved in that project.

My collective thank you

I’m truly grateful for all these wonderful people in our lives, as well as the numerous other people who support us as and when we need them.

To everyone that is supporting us personally and professionally, you are so loved and cherished. Nothing we are achieving would be possible without you all believing in us and coming together as a team to help propel humanity forward.

Many years ago I came to the conclusion that the only way humanity could get itself out of the situation we are in is if we greatly expanded consciousness. Each and every one of these amazing people are doing their part in this key piece by assisting to expand consciousness on the planet. Thank you, Alaya and I am forever grateful for your love, dedication and support.

We love you.


Planetary Weavings

As I tune into the collective energy there is still a lot of collective anxiety, fear and worry around.

People have lost trust in many aspects they used to blindly trust. Significantly they have lost trust in the Government and Media which used to provide such a strong pillar of direction and authority. The Covid pandemic response, which I wrote in-depth about in my Sovereignty Manifesto, broke a lot of people’s confidence in the state and control which woke people up to the darker underbellies that exist in society.

Right now mainstream media is dying. More and more people are tuning into the Truth media and ignoring the mainstream media as they begin to realise that there are clear agendas to their reporting and non-reporting. With increasing statistics mounting about the true costs in terms of health care due to the mRNA vaccines, the next 3 – 5 years will reveal shocking statistics on all-cause mortality for those who took the vaccine. Progressively interesting documentaries are also popping up that are getting massive traction with the general population as people search for the truth.


In the next 18 months, we see Pluto coming into its new home in Aquarius. I have written about Pluto before as the great revealer of shadows, it is moving through its final degree of being in Pisces. Usually, it is this time that the final wringing of the towel happens so that anything that needs to be revealed will be. Pluto forces evolution by making the collective look into things that are in the shadows. Expect more undeniable evidence emerging of the skull adultery playing out from hidden forces, and the continued awareness of just how much lies and deceit from the highest levels have been playing out through this whole Pandemic agenda.

I always get excited about the shadows being illuminated, it’s always bumpy, but always beneficial.

Humanity is going to make an enormous leap, but in order to do so it’s going to have to go through more forced awareness to help awaken those still asleep or in denial over the true structure and nature of the power elite’s hold over humanity. Many will not make this leap, and we will see a lot of Souls exiting, as the vibration coming into the planet will be too high for them to hold onto having the mRNA inside them.

Expect a continued increase in sudden death in the 30 – 60 age bracket as their physiology begins to break down much quicker due to the mRNA in their system. More and more documentaries are being made by the “Truth” media reporting on the actual real statistics of what is happening in the rearview mirror from the global mRNA rollout.

This will serve as a collective wake-up call that begins an acceleration of a drive for human sovereignty. Humans are the most amazing magical beings in the universe. We have love, empathy, caring, kindness and compassion. We are intelligent, resourceful, creative and can solve complex challenges.

We are at a point of incredible convergence and inflection, as we move into a 5 -10 year development window where technology in every sector begins a hockey stick inflection into great leaps and breakthroughs. Benevolent Artificial Intelligence is going to upend nearly every sector of society. It will do things better, faster and cheaper than humans, creating a great displacement in our workforce as people will need to move to develop their creativity and find new ways of adding value to society.

It’s an exciting time ahead, but we must first navigate and stand up for our freedom and sovereignty. If we lie down the power elite will continue to take away our civil liberties. We must continue to stand for what is right and just. We will be tested again as we have been tested with Covid. Expect one last desperate play to pull the collective back into fear, to try and create greater control through the usual perception deception by the usual problem-reaction-solution formula.

No matter what comes, more and more are seeing it, and more and more are uniting in one heart. Communities are forming, people are rising up. It all begins locally.

As Bob Marley once sang:

Get up, stand up.
Stand up for your rights!

Together we stand.

In a few short years, the darkness will have dissipated, but only if we continue to shine and illuminate the darkness by being in our hearts, and not accepting the narrative. But demanding our freedom.

We have got this.


Month in Review

Last month we released our Ancestral Karmic Clearing transmission.

This it seems was one of the most popular monthly transmission releases to date. So many were resonating with the need to clear up our ancestral programming. This would be a great transmission to play time and again as you feel you need, and at just $33 it’s an incredible yield for your time and money.

previous months transmission

Ancestral Karmic Clearing

Become a Genetic Liberator


Month Preview

This month we just released our beautifully mastered Past Life Karma Clearing.

Alongside Arch-Angel Halaliel, to help balance your past life karma in highest alignment with your Soul Plans. Another beautiful layer of Karma you can keep chipping away at.

december monthly transmission

Past Life Karmic Clearing

Resolve your karmic records and moving yourself forward on your path of spirit

Egypt Remote Trinity

As you know we are live on the ground in Egypt, about to do the opening ceremony on the 7th for the Egypt Trinity Tour. Join us remotely to have your consciousness move through all the Temple activations and initiations with us. Get all the behind-the-scenes intel, interviews, and updates as we move through the initiation chambers of Egypt and help resurrect the cities of light for the Golden Age.

Learn all about how you can upgrade your Multidimensional Consciousness and tour Egypt with us from the comfort of your own home.

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