December Monthly Musings:

News and views from our Core Community and Collective

December Monthly Musings:
News and views from our Core Community and Collective

Welcome to our December newsletter update.

After a couple of months in limbo due to a full-court press by our team for the Amazon Morphogenesis and Activate Your Divine Feminine Blueprint, we are back with another monthly update with news and views from our Core Community and Collective.

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news regarding our new “Advanced Spiritual Updates” newsletter. This newsletter will be the last of some of the Woo; going forward from here, all of this type of material will be contained in the mail-out list Advanced Spirituality.

As part of our commitment to providing you with the most relevant and valuable content, we are gearing up to introduce a new segment for those who wish to explore Advanced Spirituality updates in greater depth.

This specialised newsletter will explore advanced practices and profound insights, and be a creative outlet for Gnostic insights and direct experiences happening in the galaxy and our planet. It’s like a separate list where I can red-pill you because you are into pushing the envelope of perceptions and consciousness.

If you’re eager to receive exclusive content tailored to your evolving needs, we invite you to opt-in for our new and exciting newsletter segment. Doing so gives you access to a wealth of wisdom, tools, and practices designed to help you achieve spiritual growth and inner fulfilment.

The current email list you are on is our general email and will continue to focus upon ‘Evolutionaries’ such as yourself who are interested in enhancing their energetic intelligence and impact. To get more advanced updates, click the link above.

Let’s dive in. 


Stories and Sharings

It’s been an intense time within our company as we have had two major launches and initiatives go out recently, which you might have seen.

Amazon Morphogenesis Initiation

The first one was Amazon Morphogenesis, where we had a fantastic response from our community with over 40 applications for the 18 places!

It’s proven to be a challenging time distilling the successful applicants down.

We are also immediately going into planning for our October Amazon Morphogenesis, with Yehoshu’a holding centre and being able to facilitate our vision, which has always been for Casa Shipibo to be revived and utilised with our programming and facilitation styles.

Please go ahead and register for October if it resonates with you. We already filled May, and I am sure October will sell out soon, too.

Having trained up other facilitators who can take and lead people through the process in the Amazon Morphogenesis program, we’re really proud and excited about everything that’s being done at Casa Shipibo, including the educational programming leading in and leading out, and it looks like we have a strong momentum into 2024.

If you’ve applied for the Amazon Morphogenesis and have yet to hear from us, please be patient. We will be back in touch with you shortly with forward visions and plans for every single applicant.

Alaya’s Brand New Online Course

Another exciting community update you may be tracking is that Alaya has recently introduced herself to the community by sharing her backstory and first offering!

Alaya has just undergone an amazing upgrade and bursting through with the release of her first 6-week program.

It’s been amazing to see her bloom, shine, and overcome all the internal challenges she has had on her universal journey. She is undoubtedly the deepest person I know on the planet; well done, honey, so proud of you.

I’m incredibly proud of Alaya for how much focus, energy and passion she’s put into creating this course and the entire team!

Our Global Team is Expanding

We have just gone through a major merge and upgrade, bringing together our resources at Proof of Light Work (the team that was put together to support the Conscious Crypto Circle) with our team here at North Star Navigators.

This company merger has meant we have effectively tripled our resources, and we are now working cohesively as one global team, with this project being the first time the two teams have collaborated as one unit.

I’m incredibly proud of how everyone has rallied and is bonding well. 2024 will be an incredible year, with us now being able to support our community much more profoundly by having more human resources working cohesively together.

Congratulations to our extended work whanau who has now integrated into one cohesive, harmonious and diverse team.


Planetary Weavings

It’s been one of the most extraordinary few weeks for the collective consciousness of humanity.

We recently undertook a Guardian’s mission focusing upon Washington, DC. We found an enormous dark column of energy that was locking down our planet and keeping the power in the hands of a few within Washington. This enormous black column has now been dismantled, and the power that was inside of that and was giving the secret society and various offshoots in power in Washington has dissolved.

The timing could not be more perfect given we’re coming into an election cycle in 2024, and this may be some of the freest elections to date now that the power source driving up dark energy forces has been dismantled and removed.

Incredible sovereignty and freedom are now possible.

From this space, we look forward to seeing how the collective consciousness responds to the new frequency set point established on our planet. Now, being clear and free, we may see movement in the political landscape in America, perhaps even for the first time in multiple decades.

Congratulations to everyone involved in that group intention and meditation experience; it was an extraordinary achievement!

As we come closer to the end of the year, human consciousness looks ahead naturally to 2024 with more hope than ever before the year is out. I will do a full year in review and give you my insights as to the significant markers energetically and consciousness-wise of 2023, as well as take a peek into 2024.

In the meantime, just know so much energetic architecture is changing on the planet; there must be corresponding physical changes in the short months and years ahead.


Forward to

Amazon Morphogenesis

As mentioned in our recent weavings, we have released the Amazon Morphogenesis, which is available for applications; a layer in my trip in May is already sold out. However, we will be taking applications for Amazon Morphogenesis in October or November this year.

Alaya’s New Course

We’re incredibly excited to support Alaya and all the women in the community who wish to enter into greater Sacred Feminine Remembrance.



I’ll be hosting a wisdom class in early January 2024 outlining Your Best Year Yet: Principles and Strategies for a Successful 2024.

I look forward to sharing that as an offering to our community at the start of the year to get your year off on the right foot. Thank you for your continued love and support; we value and cherish you, our precious community and all beings seeking to evolve their consciousness.

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