Entering coherence

Entering coherence

Coherence is really a core foundation alongside Hara as a way of moving from chasing life, to attracting life.

In my own journey, I have been collecting volumes of information, data from a wide variety of fields, then putting things to test by taking massive action.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt the biggest gains have all been by entering coherence.

So this, of course, asks the questions: what is it and how can you get there?

Coherence = love.

Love is the grand operating parameter of the entire existence. When you are a vibrational match to love, you are said to be harmonic, in resonance, coherent.

These states are the attractor fields that allow you to enter into the grand symphony of creation.

Like a musician and his instrument must be in resonance or in tune with other instruments around so the notes they play and the waves they create collide and expand.

The colliding and expanding of these tiny waves from the instruments allow beautiful music to be heard.

The musical notes resonate with one another because they are vibrationally tuned together.

In the same way, you resonate with some people and not others, because of your vibrational alignment to their frequency.

This is why when you start accelerating on your path you lose some friends because they are no longer ‘resonating’ with your new frequency.

The core to accelerating your life path and accessing a higher, more preferable timeline is to learn more… But FEEL more.

This means entering and accessing your sacred, tender beautiful human heart.

Of all the things I traversed through, entering my heart, took the most courage of anything I’ve done.

Like everyone, I was broken at one time by my life’s betrayal, hurts, and conditionings. I had shielding, wounds, pain, and defences.

I did all I could to avoid emotional pain because my heart was so sensitive, I made a deal with myself never to feel pain again.

How did I do that?

Shut down my heart.

Navigate only with my mind, have really strong boundaries for emotional connection. Force my way through life.

The only way I found back to my default state of love, was through healing my heart. This took immense courage, focus, and commitment.

I’m not going to kid you, the path of truly deeply healing the very core of your heart will take you to your limits.

Emotional pain cuts far deeper than physical. Emotional pain is something we all have to deal with in our evolutionary journey.

The whole secret to becoming successful in all areas of your life is healing the emotional pain you have accumulated in your heart.

This and only this will bring you to the great doorway of coherence, that once walked through sets in motion the divine alignments of your intention held together by natural Law.

You can do this.

I did it.

It required ruthless authenticity, the courage to be vulnerable, the right loving facilitation and care by highly skilled healing facilitators.

The carefully chosen allies, and friends who were reflections I trusted, the ability to listen to feedback no matter how painful to hear, then an adjustment.

If you want to change your life don’t be focused on what you need to learn with your mind. Focus on what you need to heal in your heart.

Only then will you enter the kingdom and queendom of your highest potential.


This is the life you have been waiting for. All other lifetimes were for this one now, with this timeline for our planet. With this frequency coming through the grids, with all this change, with our now ascending planet.

This is the time we can heal it all.

Through the heart is the only way…

All my love

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