Each of our programmes and memberships comes with a community container.


Your community has its online portal where you can reach out, network, and discuss topics of interest.

Once you join the programme, you will have access to your Soul Family of like-hearted and minded people.

Once you join one of our transformational programmes, you suddenly access a new world of connections and community. Each of our communities has a different focus that holds them together. What unites them? A desire for spiritual growth and an expansion of consciousness.

Check out some of the communities below their themes and purpose. Then click through to learn more about the culture, container, and course programming that connects them.


Join your community of other consciously evolving beings looking to expand their energetic intelligence and impact.

The Evolutionary Keys is an ideal programme to help you accelerate your spiritual growth, raise your vibration and expand your consciousness so you can serve at a higher level. Join a community of like-hearted beings who are learning to dive deeper into advancing their consciousness so they can contribute to their family, their community, and the world in more impactful and meaningful ways.

The Evolutionary Keys are designed to help you accelerate your evolution in a way that allows you to contribute to the change you wish to see in the world. Join this community of beings who know they are seeded to make changes in the world, who uplift, encourage, and support each other in all their endeavours. Our annual retreat becomes a highlight for many in their calendar as they get to feel, see, sense and support each other through a deep transformative process.

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The Neo Shamanic Society is a contemporary energy medicine school of healing and transformation.

Join your community of other Healers, Coaches, Consultants, Psychotherapists, and Doctors, who are all looking to make a difference in the lives of others.

Here you will find a gifted and talented diverse group of evolutionaries committed to their personal and spiritual growth, with a deep desire to serve. This community regularly gathers in person to dive deep into their shadows and learn the latest techniques and tools in the realms of Neo-Shamanic Energy Medicine. It is a beautiful grouping of heart-centred beings, helping push humanity forward.

To join the Neo-Shamanic community,

One of the most significant factors of how joyful you are in life is how happy you are in your primary love relationship.

Everything in life is built from family foundations and radiates from there. Join your community of other consciously evolving couples looking to make the most in life by bringing more harmony, coherence, vulnerability, and intimacy to their marriage and love relationship. And from there, ignite their shared passions and purpose in a more expanded way that can reach more people and touch more lives.

Join a conscious community of couples who are deeply committed to putting each other first in their life. Many of these people have been through the process of building bridges, mending past hurts, and healing childhood trauma and wounds. They have fallen more deeply in love as part of going deeper into their respective shadows and relationship. And as a natural consequence, they have more depth and can more easily level-up in every area of life.

To find out more about the Embodied Union community of conscious couples,

Join your community of conscious crypto enthusiasts who combine personal and spiritual growth.

With their desire to activate prosperity and abundance in their physical life, this community combines their love for spiritual growth with their passion for all things crypto. They believe crypto is a tool to change the world and help expand their physical prosperity.

The Conscious Crypto Circle is the only crypto wealth education programme that combines working on your mindset, personal vibration, consciousness, and crypto intelligence to take advantage of the massive shift coming to society in the form of blockchain technology in the years ahead. We have created a complete specialised training and membership-based around the Alchemy of Abundance, the secret formula for activating prosperity and abundance in your life.

There is a secret formula to activating abundance and wealth.

EQ x CQ x FQ x IQ = Abundance

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