Evolutionary Leadership Manifesto

Evolutionary Leadership Manifesto

Leadership as we know it is fundamentally changing.

Energetically, the tides have turned. Vanity, self-service, superiority, dominance, force, fear-based influence and leadership has no foothold in our new evolving landscape. A whole new way to lead is emerging, a way that invites everyone into their greatness — to step up and lead themselves. Welcome to a new era in Leadership, Evolutionary Leadership.

Whether at home or in the office, consciously or unconsciously, hierarchy is still dominating most collaborative work environments. This is where one person or a select few have power over many others, who are all expected to be submissive and toe the party line.

In this system, we see the powerful few masquerading as the only ones with knowledge or wisdom, disregarding the collective’s opinions, inputs, and perspectives.

Evolutionary leadership doesn’t require formal education, societal status, or privileged advantage. It’s neither bequeathed nor inherited. This style of leadership requires spiritual maturity. A maturity that assumes a collective responsibility engenders shared values and supports group cohesion.

Working with hundreds of visionaries from various backgrounds and disciplines, we’ve developed a new framework and language to support an evolved leadership for our future. Access the Evolutionary Leadership Manifesto to explore how to move from hierarchy to synarchy, and learn to lead from inspiration.

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