Humanity’s Score Card

Humanity’s Score Card

Humanity’s Score Card

Where is the collective at?

Twenty years ago, back in 2004, I had an epiphany.

The only way for humanity to solve its global problems was by individually and collectively expanding our consciousness. It’s a simple concept: when looking at life through a straw, you do not see clearly.

When you expand your perspective, you can suddenly get the root core of issues and begin solving first-up personal problems, then community ones, then country, and ultimately world issues.

For me, 20 years ago, my life path became very clear. To have maximum impact on the planet, I needed to focus on expanding my consciousness and then work out how to assist as many as possible to do the same.

Everything Alaya, I, and our team do today revolves around assisting people and the planet in expanding consciousness. We focus on Soul Evolution as our primary core offering that runs through everything.

Higher consciousness is the simple solution to all of the problems of our planet.

When you have established yourself at Monadic / Oversoul consciousness, you have merged into a much larger consciousness field aligned with natural law and divine will.

Moving through this initiation is a significant marker in your spiritual growth. To do so, you have to go through Soul absorption, which means your Soul absorbs back into the monad, and your consciousness is streaming from a much larger portion of yourself.

We received a vision of: 100 Million Soul at OverSoul Consciousness by 2050

This vision drives everything we do.

Humanity’s scorecard

What would it look like if there was a scorecard for humanity?

For me, it has to be simple and data-driven. If we use consciousness as our score then we can use the various stations of identity that people can anchor into. Then, ask the councils how many people are in each station of consciousness.

The image below is a simple depiction of how this works.

So, let me see if I can define these stations of consciousness and then give you humanity’s scorecard for each level. To get the number of people stationed here, I asked Grand Chancellor Ademus, whom Thomas Wehrl of our core team, trance channels.

This week, I had a conversation with Grand Chancellor Ademus and asked him the number of humans at various stations of identity. The numbers and stats are below.

Soul Consciousness

Someone living in soul consciousness is a person who operates with a deep awareness of their spiritual essence and interconnectedness with all life, often experiencing a profound sense of unity and purpose beyond the self.

They have their consciousness stationed and are circulating this aspect of themselves down to the body hologram from dimensions 4, 5, and 6.

I did not ask the numbers of this; I felt it needed to be more relevant, seeing most people are stationed here.

Over Soul / Monadic Consciousness

A person living at oversoul or monadic consciousness embodies a transcendent awareness, identifying with the collective consciousness and the unity of all existence, often perceiving themselves as an integral part of the collective.

They have their consciousness stationed and are circulating this aspect of themselves down to the body hologram from dimensions 7, 8, and 9.

800,000 people operate from their Monadic / Oversoul consciousness.

We are well underway to our vision of 100 million at Monadic / Oversoul consciousness by 2050.

Avatar Consciousness

A person living at avatar consciousness has achieved a state of enlightenment that transcends individual and collective consciousness, often embodying divine principles and serving as a guide or teacher for the spiritual evolution of others. This is where Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and other such world teachers and sages were stationed, called Christ consciousness.

They have their consciousness stationed and are circulating this aspect of themselves down to the body hologram from dimensions 10, 11, and 12—the upper levels of our time-space matrix.

900 people are fully anchored in at the Avatar level of Christ consciousness.


A person living at Rishi consciousness is typically seen as a sage or seer who has attained a high level of wisdom and spiritual insight, able to tap into cosmic laws and vibrations and often serving as a conduit for profound universal truths. Their consciousness is hosted from an ascended state out of the time-space matrix.

They have their consciousness stationed and are circulating this aspect of themselves down to the body hologram from dimensions 13, 14, and 15. The primal light fields hold the templates for the 12 dimensions of consciousness inside our time-space matrix.

75 people who have an ascended consciousness running through their body holograms.

Polarity Integrated both particle and anti-particle components of their ascended consciousness

Our time-space matrix comprises a particle version and an anti-particle version of itself. This is baked into the cake of the operating parameters of the matrix as governed by the law of polarity. Actual ascension out of the time-space matrix means that once you have anchored in Rishi consciousness, the next stage is to polarity integrate the anti-particle version of you stationed in the anti-particle time-space matrix. When you do, you do so; this is true Cosmic ascension.

5 people have ascended out of the particle AND anti-particle time-space matrix, have polarity integrated both aspects of themselves, and now reside in a new Krystic time-space matrix.


For me, the big focus is on the Oversoul / Monadic number. This is humanity’s barometer of how our spiritual evolution is progressing. It is within every sincere heart’s ability to achieve in this lifetime. Reaching Oversoul consciousness and moving through the initiation of soul absorption is an incredible milestone.

We have 800,000 people on the planet at that level of consciousness. The more we get there, the more things will exponentially change.

Remember, you primarily came to Earth to evolve your soul. Never before in our history have there been better conditions to evolve your soul’s consciousness.

The only question is, how far are you willing to go?

I’ll come to Humanity’s Scorecard around the same time next year, and we can see what difference the last year has had.

To give you an indicator of how incredible these times are. We have had a 20% improvement since before covid. It is why I was calling it the Great Awakening. Thanks to all the Earth Guardians who made a massive contribution to the exponential leap we experienced by working on Earth’s macro templates.

You know who you are.

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