The Importance of Natural Law

And The Golden Rule

Importance of Natural Law and the Golden Rule

In all my years of spiritual research, journeying, and study.

One of the most important topics I have dived into has been Natural or Universal Law. These are the secrets of the universe that mystics and sages have explored and contemplated for centuries.

These are laws that govern all of life in the entire universe. Not just on our planet but through all galaxies and star systems within the universe. The universe is kept in harmony with the checks and balances of the Natural Universal Law. Not only that, you may or may not realise it, but your life is perfectly governed by Natural Law.

Life can often feel like an unpredictable journey, guided by unseen forces and unexplained events. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that these seemingly random occurrences are part of a grand design governed by the intricate and harmonious set of principles of Natural Law.

Becoming Unconsciously Competent

One of the most important topics I have dived into has been Natural or Universal Law. These are the secrets of the universe that mystics and sages have explored and contemplated for centuries.

There are clear phases and steps you move along when you look to master anything in life. You move through the following steps:

  • Unconscious incompetence – You don’t know you suck at something when you don’t know it exists
  • Conscious incompetence – You are aware of it, but you still suck
  • Conscious competence – You are aware of it, but you need to be conscious in the moment to master it
  • Unconscious competence – You no longer have to think about it. You have it mastered.

In terms of Natural Law, these are the basic operating principles of how everything in the universe and in your life works. It’s like learning the rules of a new sport or game. You cannot master the game until you master knowing the rules.

For this reason, I have been putting all the Natural Laws I have encountered down on file and have defined the law and how you can embrace it in your life. I am getting close to releasing these, so you finally have a rule book of how things work. It’s pretty comprehensive and requires some study, (but thankfully not quite as complex as, say, the rules of rugby).

God’s Laws are simple, immutable, and unbiased. They are always on and always working perfectly for you whether you know them. Examples of Natural Laws include the Law of Gravity, which governs physical matter, and more metaphysical laws such as the Law of Attraction, which suggests that energy attracts. Each law operates with precision and consistency, contributing to the harmony and balance of the universe.

The Importance of Acknowledging Natural Law

There are profound reasons why awareness of Natural Law is essential. Firstly, knowledge of these laws allows us to navigate life more effectively. Just as understanding the law of gravity prevents us from jumping off cliffs expecting to float, awareness of universal laws like Cause and Effect or the Law of Attraction can help us make decisions that yield beneficial results.

Secondly, aligning with Natural Law enables us to live more harmoniously. Just as a surfer learns to read the waves instead of fighting against them, we, too, can learn to move with the natural current of life rather than against it.

Finally, these laws serve as a mirror, reflecting the truth of our thoughts, emotions, and actions. They remind us of our inherent power and potential, encouraging personal growth and spiritual development.

Living Against Natural Law

Despite their unwavering presence, many live entirely unaware of these natural laws, often working against them instead of with them. This unawareness can lead to a life filled with unnecessary struggle, pain, and confusion. It’s like trying to row a boat upstream; the journey is much more complex, and progress is slow.

For instance, someone unaware of the Law of Attraction may find themselves stuck in negative thought patterns, unknowingly attracting unfavourable circumstances. Similarly, a lack of understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect might lead to harmful decisions without acknowledging potential consequences.

The Power of Aligning With Natural Law

Aligning with Natural Law allows us to tap into the flow of life, enabling smoother, more fulfilling journeys. We become more intentional, conscious, and proactive, attracting experiences that serve our growth and fulfilment.

By consciously applying these principles, we can transform our lives. The Law of Attraction can help us manifest our dreams, the Law of Cause and Effect can make us more mindful of our actions, and the Law of Unity can foster a sense of connection and compassion towards all life.

Living in alignment with Natural Law brings harmony, peace, and joy. It promotes personal growth, spiritual development, and a sense of interconnectedness with the universe. Above all, it allows us to step into our innate power as co-creators of our reality, harnessing these laws to build a life of purpose, fulfilment, and love.

Getting Started

I will start sending out some of these Natural Laws on our various social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook and on my blog over the coming weeks and set things up for a book launch at some point. So I look forward to organically sharing some of these with you in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, here is The Golden Rule for you to contemplate:

Chapter Twenty-Three:
The Law of the Golden Rule: Living Through Empathy and Respect

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Biblical Proverb

The Law of the Golden Rule is a timeless principle that urges us to treat others as we want. This law emphasises empathy, respect, and mutual understanding as cornerstones of harmonious coexistence. The Golden Rule beckons us to extend kindness, fairness, and understanding, mirroring the behaviour we wish to receive from others.

Understanding the Law of the Golden Rule

The Law of the Golden Rule is a moral tenet present in many cultural, religious, and ethical traditions worldwide. It asserts that our actions towards others should reflect how we would like to be treated in a similar situation. Essentially, it urges us to put ourselves in another’s shoes before we act, fostering empathy, respect, and mutual understanding.

Whenever I face a test or challenge, which often happens on my path, I always return to the Golden Rule straight from the mouth of master Jesus.

Do unto others as you would want done unto you.

This has helped me enormously when I am pressured to make the highest decision. What would I want if the roles were reversed? Then that is the path I take. It is not always the easiest path, and has tested me many times. But it is always the best outcome for all parties involved.

The Golden Rule: A Mirror of Our Actions

The Law of the Golden Rule serves as a mirror, reflecting our actions and attitudes towards others. It is a reminder that our treatment of others often mirrors back to us, influencing how we are treated in return. If we wish to be treated with kindness, respect, and understanding, we should strive to treat others the same way.

For instance, imagine you are at the airport and see a handbag left somewhere; in it, you notice passports and the like. The Golden Rule invites us to make the right decision and take the handbag to information where they can make an announcement.

Incorporating the Golden Rule into Everyday Life

Embracing the Law of the Golden Rule involves fostering empathy, practising respect, and promoting mutual understanding in your daily life. Here’s how to incorporate this principle into your everyday existence:

Foster Empathy:
Make an effort to understand the feelings and perspectives of others. Before you act, consider how you would feel if you were in their place.

Practice Respect:
Treat everyone with respect, regardless of their background, beliefs, or behaviour. Remember that everyone is fighting their own battles and deserves understanding and kindness.

Promote Mutual Understanding:
Encourage open dialogue and understanding among the people around you. Communicate your thoughts and feelings clearly and listen attentively when others do the same.

Reflect on Your Actions:
Regularly evaluate your behaviour towards others. Are you treating them the way you want to be treated? If not, identify areas for improvement and make a conscious effort to change.

The Reflection of Our Actions

When implemented consciously, the Law of the Golden Rule is a guiding principle, directing us towards a life marked by empathy, respect, and mutual understanding. It reminds us that our treatment of others is often reflected in us, shaping the way we are treated in return.

The Golden Rule prompts us to stop before we act, to consider how we would feel if we were on the receiving end of our actions. By fostering this level of empathy and understanding, we contribute to a more compassionate, respectful, and harmonious world.

In essence, the Law of the Golden Rule serves as a compass on our life’s journey, guiding us towards empathy, respect, and mutual understanding. By adhering to this principle, we can contribute to a more harmonious world and experience the joy and fulfilment that comes from treating others as we would like to be treated.

I hope opening up the dialogues on Natural Law is valuable and helpful for you, and I look forward to sharing more on the various media.

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