January Monthly Musings:

Astrological Insights for 2024

January Monthly Musings:
Astrological Insights for 2024

Welcome to our January newsletter update.

We find ourselves in midsummer in New Zealand. In this Jan 2024 issue, we share some updates from our personal family summer holiday in New Zealand, give you a rundown of the upcoming programs, live events and experiences. And share an astrological forecast of the upcoming 2024.

Let’s dive in. 


Stories and Sharings

We have some fantastic experiences and events for our community in the pipeline. Check out what is coming up below.

The Evolutionary Keys

Alaya and I are pleased to announce our deepest dive personal transformation program, the nine-month Evolutionary Keys is open once again for registration.

We will be kicking off another cohort at the end of Jan, where participants will work closely with a mentor in a small group of 10-12 people who go on an extraordinary journey of healing and transformation.

To help you kickstart 2024, we are offering our community a free mentoring session to help you identify your blind spot and shadow to help you set in motion your best year yet.

Click the button below, where you can learn about the Keys and book your free coaching/mentoring call to ensure you get the best out of 2024.

Alaya’s Online Course

As you may be aware, Alaya has started her offerings to our community with her “Activate Your Divine Feminine Blueprint”. This will be available again in February as she looks to repeat the training for those who couldn’t make the December intake. This is a beautiful opportunity for any woman who feels the resonance to be part of that vibrant community and course.

The Root and The Vine – Service Mission for the Shipibo’s

Last year, on our European tour in the Netherlands, our seer Jonathan provided the most incredible emotional download from El-Shingo, the World Tree at Casa Shipibo in the Amazon. In this transmission, El-Shingo asked us to help heal the land and help heal the people.

We look forward to April, when we plan to lead the shipibos through a root initiation. This promises to be an exciting development as it sets the initiation and grounding for Casa Shibo and the revival of our Ayahuasca camp.

Early April will be a historic occasion and experience, as this well may be the first time the root has done a ceremony so deep in the Amazon jungle during the transmission from El-Shingo, the world tree. El-Shingo shared that Ayahuasca and Iboga were sisters: Aya represents the DNA helix going up, and Iboga represents the DNA helix going down.

My personal journey has seen me deeply commune and work with both equally over many years. I owe these plants so much to my healing and transformation. Alaya and I are truly excited to unite them in a service mission.

We look forward to serving the whole village and the shamans of Casa Shipibo with the root initiation.

Mexico Neo Shamanic Society Immersion

Early April then sees us move to Mexico to run the Neo-Shamanic Society Level One and Level Two immersions, followed by the Root Initiation for the students who feel the call.

The live immersions are a core component of the Neo Shamanic society curriculum. Alaya and I envision creating deeply centred and embodied masters of healing. The Neo-Shamanic Society is where we can share all our embodied wisdom and years of personal transformation, healing, personal process, and spiritual growth.

It is the deepest program we run (going for over three years), and we are collecting an incredible group of talented and deeply committed healers who are transforming people’s lives.

Check out the show reel from the last event in New Zealand.

Amazon Morphogenesis

Mid May, we then head back to Peru for the Amazon Morphogenesis Program. We were overwhelmed with so many applications for this deep dive, and we are pleased to announce an opening for October where our lead facilitators will be taking the group through the full program as we’ve designed it.

Taylor Sol’s Ancestry Album

Finally, I’m happy to announce that my dear brother Taylor Sol has released an album that we are proud to share with you here in this community.

Taylor is a Neoshamanic Society Year Two, Root Initiate, Egypt Initiate, soon-to-be Amazon Initiate, and our amazing videographer.

As some of you may know, Taylor is an amazing sound healer, and it’s our great pleasure to introduce you to his new offering.

‘Ancestry’ is an experiential weaving of indigenous & contemporary sound healing soundscapes by Taylor Sol. Experience an immersive sound journey of 22 songs with the Native American flute, handpan, shamanic drum, taonga puoro, djembe and more.

‘Ancestry’ intends to acknowledge and share the ancient and contemporary art of sound vibrational healing.

With deep reverence, the soundscape journey of ‘Ancestry’ is an experiential weaving of indigenous & contemporary sound healing transmissions. Ancestry also reflects a story of the soul’s journey from source consciousness to stepping down the layers and levels of the 12-dimensional tree of life to incarnating into the earth as a human in this reality.


Planetary Weavings

Being the beginning of the year, many people like to find out the astrological and energetic forecasts for the year ahead. So here is my take on 2024

2024 will be marked by significant planetary movements that astrologers believe could profoundly affect global events and human consciousness. The rare alignments and transitions of planets like Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are expected to bring challenges and opportunities.

The main takeaway is that 2024 is a year of stasis. We are not quite into spring yet, but winter is thawing, and in 2-3 years, we will feel spring in the air and our steps.

Our planet should go from the corrupted, polluted, controlled mess it is currently in to completely sovereign and free, with a common unity of goodness for all humankind; using clean energy and pollution-free is 30 – 40 years away.

However, the turning point from maximum winter to easing all conditions will begin in the next two to three years. Massive amounts of anti-matter have left our planet, and the energetics are entirely different. There is an incredible amount of high crystalline spiritual frequency flooding our planet. More and more people are waking up (refer to my recent humanity’s scorecard post).

However, it will take a few years to see positive momentum. 2024 is not the year for expansion and growth for humanity. However, energetically, we are in the all-important moment of stasis. There can be no exhilation without the stillness that proceeds it.

So congratulations, everyone, for making it thus far and through the other side of maximum winter in our planet’s great evolutionary journey of unconsciousness.


Here are some key astrological markers for 2024:

  • Jupiter in Aries/Taurus: Jupiter’s transit from Aries to Taurus suggests a shift from pioneering initiatives to focusing on practical and sustainable growth. This might encourage nations to collaborate on environmental issues and economic stability.
  • Saturn in Pisces: Saturn’s movement into Pisces indicates a period of introspection and reevaluation of global ethics and values. It could bring heightened awareness around humanitarian issues and lead to more empathetic international policies.
  • Pluto’s Transit: Pluto will enter Aquarius in 2024, a significant shift occurring approximately every 248 years. This transition is believed to catalyse major changes in societal structures, possibly disrupting traditional power dynamics and leading to innovative technological advancements.

Human Consciousness

  • Neptune in Pisces: Continuing its stay in Pisces, Neptune’s influence may enhance global spiritual awakening and interest in psychic phenomena. There’s a potential for a collective desire to transcend materialism in search of deeper meaning.
  • Uranus in Taurus: Uranus continues its journey through Taurus, which could spark revolutionary changes in how we value resources, money, and the environment, leading to innovative approaches in these areas.

2024 Presidential Election

  • Astrological Aspects: Key planetary aspects during the election period suggest a climate of intense political change and unexpected events. The Pluto return of the United States, which started in 2022, reaches its final phase in 2024, indicating transformative changes in leadership and government structures.
  • Impact on Candidates: The candidates may face challenges that test their adaptability and resilience. Those with strong air and earth signs in their charts may have an advantage in navigating the complexities of this period.
  • Voter Consciousness: The astrological climate suggests voters may seek candidates representing transformative and progressive ideals. Issues around technology, freedom, and societal reforms will be at the forefront.

My honest appraisal of the US election is that now RFK is running as an independent, this will split take a decent chunk of Democratic party votes away, and with enough Republican voters, also move to RFK to create an independent President.

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, live in the heart, be kind to those around you, and every day, make someone’s day.

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