July Monthly Musings:


July Monthly Musings:
The New Earth is Online

Welcome to another monthly review of life happening locally and globally.

Read on for the lowdown on what’s happening in our family unit and the community and weave in broader planetary perspectives.

This month, Alaya enters a new creative phase in the Core, while our Community section unveils our latest audiovisual Egypt showreel. In the Collective, I discuss the recent activation of a new Planetary Operating System (POS) that, along with the Jupiter-Saturn Sextile, signals a significant global awakening. Keep reading for guidance on harnessing these collective energies.

Let’s dive in. 


Family and Personal Musings

This month has been incredibly transformative for us in our company sphere, as well as within our family and for me. We hosted several live events, a wonderful way to engage with our wider online community and serve our local community again.

One particularly stood out—the Solstice event, where we connected deeply with our new Planetary Operation System (POS). The energy during the event was palpably different, and it was heartwarming to feel the shared enthusiasm from everyone on the call.
Christof will share more details about the new POS in the Planetary Weavings section of this month’s update. Admittedly, the term “Planetary Operating System” is a bit of a mouthful, but we’ve chosen a name that accurately reflects what it does and minimises potential misinterpretations.

The Solstice event was a beautiful experience, and its high-frequency vibrations lingered long after the call ended. It’s always an honour to feel these energies transmitting through our fields. Still, this time felt especially significant, as many beings who have supported us throughout our various missions over the years were also sending some extra love through, celebrating all that has been accomplished in the past years through many embodied committed beings like yourselves!

Additionally, we organised a live event for our local community members, which was equally amazing. Witnessing the transformations people have undergone since their last ceremonial event with us reaffirms why we do what we do. The personal growth, the subtle refinements, and the far-reaching ripples of those committed to their own evolution are truly inspiring.

None of these events would have run so smoothly without our exceptional team, who fully share our vision. Our small Oakura Pod connects daily with our broader Pod, which is currently dispersed globally. The imminent reunion of everyone in Oakura fills us with great excitement.

After so much excitement, upgrades, and a deeper anchoring back home, Christof and the children got run down. This was part of a more profound recalibration process, needing more space for this process and more rest. It’s easy to forget that we recently concluded an extensive six-month tour.

Christof’s absence allowed me to step up within our company sphere. We had a team meeting in his absence, and I made independent decisions, confidently voicing my thoughts and ideas and getting on camera by myself. Don’t get me wrong, Christof and our team have always supported me, encouraging me to share my perspectives. However, this time, I felt a newfound inner empowerment to do so. Since my return, I’ve deepened my connection with myself and tapped into an infinite source of power—an entirely new experience.

I’m thoroughly enjoying this newfound state of being. Nevertheless, I am still finding my balance with the various demands. Balancing family time, grocery shopping, household chores (those never-ending piles of laundry!), and work leaves less time for my womben’s practices. However, I’ve become more productive, and some new womben’s practices have found their way into my daily routines over the past week. I’m eager to share them with you when the time is right.

This is where I currently stand in my creative process for my own offerings. Every day I’m working on this, following my inspiration and remembering the path I have walked. The tools that have assisted me in finding the way back to myself, back into embodying my Authentic Feminine. I’ll create the structure to shape my offerings in the coming months. I’m incredibly excited and can’t wait to share them with you soon!


Stories and Sharings

As many of you are aware, back in December last year, we toured Egypt in the successful Trinity Tour.

This included priming many of the sacred sites with a new frequency and codex that would allow the energy of the trinity (father, mother, and divine child) in this new aeon to be birthed in the sacred sites themselves.

We always felt Egypt to be an essential portal for the world; with so many millions of people visiting every year, people were going there and picking up antimatter and bringing it home with them and then wondering why life would get quite chaotic.

The Trinity Tour aimed to clear out the anti-matter from the Temple spaces and bring this new codex of creation into the Temple spaces. The following showreel is a little walk-through of our experience in Egypt together.

We also intend to go back in 2025 with a group; if you feel Egypt is on your bucket list, then register to be notified first of registrations being open for December 2025.


Planetary Weavings

In our planet’s collective field of energy, we are in the phase of a collective in-breath.

We are in a time where much possibility exists; it all depends on the vibrational state of what you will create. The macro energies provide enormous support for creating something new that can help us and propel humanity forward if we can hold our intention and vibration in the right direction.

Two energetic forces at play provide the energetic matrix for the “in breath” that we find ourselves in energetically at the moment. We have the New Planetary Operating System alongside the Jupiter and Saturn sextile.

Let’s drop into both these energies playing out and what your tactics should be proper not to harness this energy best.

As you may be aware from our previous communications, our planet has a brand new POS; this happened on April 2nd of this year. The equivalent of our whole planet moving from Windows to Mac, except imagine that the IOS has no applications built into it yet.

Since then, everything on our planet is adjusting to this new frequency. The new mainframe is broadcasting its essence through the crystalline core of our planet and outward to every single wave and particle on our planet.

Of course, everything needs to adjust to this new base note signature. The old POS has been responsible for much of our planet’s top-down hierarchical organisational systems. With this frequency shifting, we can expect significant changes in how we structure and organise ourselves as a society.

Also, any idea or project that looked to disrupt the old system was always rejected by the old POS. Not so the new one. The new POS will coherently organise any new idea that looks to align with many of the ideals of the Aquarian Age.

The new frequency set point of the rebooted Planetary Operating System will ensure that not aligned to its blueprint will slowly begin to fall away. This is simply because it is no longer a vibrational match to the core (borrowing from a blockchain term) Protocol or Base Layer.

The Base Layer is what everything else gets built upon. On our planet at the quintessence of its core, from which everything else emanates. It is the Planetary Operating System’s energetic blueprint.

So now our planetary body has new schematics for creation. What comes next is really up to us.

Last month we released a new free audio transmission called the POS Primer. This transmission hoped to help prime the new POS, which needed humanity’s love and care, with focused intent to crystallise and ensure it would flourish just as any new baby needs loving nourishment to thrive. So does the new POS.

You can access that free recording here and contribute to the rebooting of a whole new way our world can live in cooperation and harmony with each other and the natural world, our Mother Earth.

Something very curious happened just after we released this free audio transmission. Two to three days later, there was a massive outlying spike in the planet’s Schumann Resonance. It was something none of the scientists had ever seen before and started a whole host of speculation and theory around the internet about what might be happening.

The Schumann Resonance is generated by the interaction between the Earth’s surface and the lower layers of the ionosphere, resulting in a global electromagnetic resonance. The usual primary frequency of the Schumann Resonance is approximately 7.83 Hz, corresponding to the Earth’s atmospheric cavity between the surface and the ionosphere. This resonance is believed to play a vital role in maintaining the balance and well-being of our planet. It has been linked to various phenomena, including human brainwave activity, weather patterns, and overall environmental equilibrium. It is considered a fundamental natural rhythm that influences both the Earth’s systems and living organisms.

The diagrams below show the Schumann resonance on 21 – 23 December 2022. This is typical Northern Hemisphere winter and considered low season. The middle graph shows May 3 – 5, considered a typical reading. And the bottom, we have June 18 – 19th, two days after releasing the POS Primer.

You do not have to be a scientist to determine that something significant is happening.

All the internet experts did not realise that at least several hundred up to 1000 people were meditating using the above audio that weekend (we had over 1000 downloads on the file), directly focusing their conscious attention on the new POS.

It is ONLY in collective energy fields that this type of thing can happen. Individually we are nothing, but the unified power of collective intent can change the world.

This is not an individual job; that is an old paradigm. The individual power structures, apex corporate power, apex Government power, and, yes, apex spirituality and spiritual groups will all crumble as more and more look to join cohorts and communities who share the passion.

The change that is coming can ONLY be seeded collectively. It is written into the codex of the POS and Aquarian Age itself.

I’ll leave the rest to you to work out.

The Aquarian Age has long been prophesied by many indigenous wisdom keepers and sages of a time of great upheaval, and change and would be the catalyst to usher in what mystics have called the Golden Age.

We are discussing unity and collaboration, equality and social justice, massive technological advancement, humanitarianism and global consciousness, spiritual awakening and personal growth, new paradigms and alternative thinking, signalling the beginning of a new era and inspiring a collective shift towards progress, innovation, and a greater focus on social and humanitarian values.

The Golden Age represents a time of harmony and balance, where humanity lives in perfect alignment with nature and the divine. Abundant resources, prosperity, and spiritual enlightenment characterise it. There is no conflict, suffering, or inequality in this idyllic age.

During the Golden Age, humanity is believed to possess a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. Respect for the natural world and its inhabitants is paramount, and a sense of unity prevails. A profound reverence for life fosters a peaceful coexistence among individuals, societies, and the environment.

In this utopian era, wisdom and knowledge are valued and shared freely. Spiritual enlightenment and self-realisation are pursued by many, leading to a collective expansion of consciousness. Love, compassion, and empathy guide human interactions, creating an atmosphere of mutual support, understanding, and kindness.

The Golden Age is often associated with a state of abundance and prosperity, where there is an abundance of food, resources, and material wealth. However, this abundance is not driven by greed or excess but rather by a balanced and sustainable approach to living in harmony with the Earth’s ecosystems.

It’s what many of us have been holding, visioning, dreaming and longing for since we were old enough to work out that something is seriously wrong with our planet and species.

On 21st December 2020, I spoke about the big Saturn and Jupiter’s conjunction as our first official step in the Aquarian Age, and I also called it the first step into the Golden Age.

The Great Conjunction occurred within the zodiac sign of Aquarius at zero degrees, signifying a notable transition from previous conjunctions occurring in earth signs to an air sign. For me, the zero degrees was important because it brought in the purest aspect of the frequency of the archetype of Aquarius. This alignment shifted towards progress, innovation, and heightened collective awareness.

The energies of Jupiter, associated with expansion, abundance, and wisdom, merged with Saturn’s influence of structure, discipline, and long-term strategising, creating a unique blend of potential for growth and development.

Then Covid came, and in retrospect, we needed Covid to wake up more masses to the hierarchical top-down control structures and power elite that have conspired and dictated our society for aeons of time. It did the trick, and there is a real desire for change in the collective consciousness.

We are now questioning traditional systems and structures, seeking innovative solutions, and embracing unconventional ideas to create a more progressive and inclusive society.

People want change. We all want change.

First, there has to be a desire and need, and only then will people feel motivated to make the efforts required to take the risks that come with being in an unknown and uncharted territory space.

So we have the collective desire but are still waiting to see the physical results. This is because, energetically, we are in the creative phase of contraction. The life pulse of creation moves through distinct phases:

Stasis – Expansion – Stasis – Contraction – Stasis – Expansion – Stasis

And so on.

In the drawing-in phase, all the energy is gathered for the next push-out.

That is where we are right now, a very important phase. The in-breath requires focused intentionality. You are building the energy of what you will create next. However, it is all inside. You cannot see the results because it is not yet expelled into the world.

Your job is simple. Focus on your clear intention, and hold your vibration as high as possible. If you drop into negative thinking, FUD, or other worrying thoughts and emotions, your exhale will only create what you have inside.

Earlier this month, on June 19th, 2023, we found ourselves amidst an auspicious sextile between Jupiter, positioned at 7° Taurus, and Saturn, positioned at 7° Pisces. This opening sextile holds tremendous potential for growth, expansion, and the initiation of new endeavours. And because Jupiter and Saturn are slow-moving planets, this can last a few weeks to a few months.

The Power of Sextiles: Sextiles are harmonious aspects between planets, creating opportunities and facilitating potential manifestation. The Jupiter-Saturn sextile we are currently experiencing acts as an opening sextile reminiscent of the crescent phase of the Moon. Just as the crescent heralds the start of a lunar cycle, this aspect marks the emergence of new possibilities and a call to venture into uncharted territories.

Seeding New Opportunities: During this phase, focusing on taking the first steps towards the unknown is crucial, nurturing the seeds of our spiritually aligned projects. The combination of Jupiter’s expansive energy in Taurus, symbolising material abundance and grounded growth, with Saturn’s stabilising influence in Pisces, fostering intuition and spiritual connection, provides fertile ground for your manifestation processes.

The new POS and sextile energy wants us to start seeing our first steps of getting our ideas down, planning, developing and creating. Things still need to be ready for launching, but you want to be creative and take the necessary steps.

You want to be architecting your vision and putting all your energy into the new blueprints of creation. You need to clarify WHO you will serve, WHY, and HOW. You need to prepare your products, services, and offerings and drill into how this will solve their pain points and problems. Plus, figure out how all this aligns with the energy in the age of Aquarius and how you can contribute to the Golden Age.

We are the bridgers from the old world to the new world. What we do now matters; if we want our great-grandchildren to grow up in a world we are proud to leave, we need to get our big girls’ and boys’ pants on and make it happen.

We cannot leave it to the people at the top. They want more of the same. Real change always starts at the collective grassroots and spreads from there.

We are that change.

Now go out there and be more awesome!


Month Preview

We invite you to join our free master class, titled “The Physics of Manifestation for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs.” In this insightful class, we will unravel the precise pathway to turn your dreams into reality. It’s the perfect introduction to our upcoming release of the Ultimate Alignment Protocol, an enhanced program that harmonises your internal state with your external vision for effortless manifestation.

Coming up later this month, we will be releasing a revived all-time favourite program. Some of you will know and use the Ultimate Clearing Protocol as a regular cleaning technology that lets you work through and energetically clean your energy field centres.

This program was created five to six years ago and has served our community well. However, much has changed and upgraded in that time on a personal level; my consciousness and vibration have dramatically expanded since then. And, of course, on a global level with the emergence of the new Planetary Operating System.

This has given me the motivation and momentum to create a new “Protocol” series that aligns people to the vision they wish to create and bring down into the physical world. Usually, people cannot develop their dharma and dreams due to a vibrational mismatch of their holograms and hopes.

The Ultimate Alignment Protocol is the bridge that aligns vision and reality by ensuring your internal state aligns with your external vision. It sequentially works through your energy centres and layers of the field in a way that cleans your hologram so that it is vibrationally aligned to the outcomes you are looking to achieve and plugs your hologram directly into the new POS.

This will ensure a far easier manifestation process now the mainframe is actually vibrationally attuned to the principles and ideals of the Golden Age.

In this presentation, I will outline the physics of a wave’s pathway to a particle through Source to and through the human hologram to a physically realised state.

Keep an eye out for an announcement on this live training which will be a free wisdom class far more valuable and practical than any other paid manifestation classes you may have purchased.

Watch this space…

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