June Monthly Musings:


June Monthly Musings:
The Real Great Reset

Welcome to another monthly review of life happening locally and globally.

Tune in to another heart sharing of life back in aotearoa after our six month soiree overseas, and big insights and intel on the real great reset.

It’s great being home and integrating back into the rhythms and flow of life here in Taranaki. I hand over to Alaya for the ‘Core’ as she shares her perspectives of being back home. We introduce you to some behind the scenes footage of our Neo-Shamanic Society live immersion event show reel. And offer some revolutionary insights into what just may be the Real Great Reset in the “Collective”.

Let’s dive in. 


Family and Personal Musings

Hi, Alaya here. This month, Christof asked if I could write a piece for our community, which I’m deeply honoured and excited to do.

It’s been almost three weeks since we returned home, and we’ve hit the ground running. We were all eager to return to our homeland, and amazingly, the kids seemed unphased by jet lag, making the transition seamless.

However, what struck me as extraordinary was that I missed our home while we were away for the first time in my life. I never felt a strong sense of belonging to a specific place before. Of course, when I’m with Christof and our children, I feel at home because they are my home.

This time was different; I realised how much I love our little village, the wonderful community we’re a part of, and how I’ve truly rooted myself in this geographic location. It was a deeply meaningful realisation.

The kids quickly settled back into their daily routines, school, playdates, and after-school activities—all of it flowed effortlessly. Although, I must admit, after the first two weeks, I felt like I had run a marathon, ensuring that the entire family found stability and established routines from the beginning. In our family, I have been responsible for setting the container for our family life.
Christof always says that the whole family is happy and relaxed when “mama bear” is happy and relaxed. I’m not saying that I have been happy and relaxed all the time! But we’ve learned that when I’m overwhelmed and don’t have enough time for myself, I become grumpy, creating a less joyful atmosphere for the family. The past three weeks were a mixture of grumpy, happy, and relaxed!

During our six months of travel, Noa and Aurora have been amazing! They have joined in with us as much as they could, and for the most part, they felt settled and content. I believe this has much to do with our parenting approach — we still sleep together most nights, fostering a deep emotional connection. We also strive to be as present as possible when we’re all together. Thus, we have enjoyed being home again!

We’ve had the chance to reconnect with our dear family friends we missed during our time away. Saturdays have been filled with activity, with Noa playing football (which Christof coaches) and Aurora starting Jetball (Junior netball). Sundays, on the other hand, have been blissfully lazy and cosy. We play board and card games and share plenty of snuggles and laughter. Those moments are undeniably when I feel the most content.

Our family cherishes to be in each other’s presence, even when we’re engrossed in our individual activities — Noa immersed in his book, Aurora engrossed in clay or drawings, Christof lost in his reading, and me pottering around in the kitchen. We always stay connected, whether through small conversations about what’s on our minds or snuggling. I never imagined this level of connection was possible, and it fills me with awe.

This month marked a significant milestone for Christof and I. Nine years ago, we officially started our journey together and immediately moved in with each other. These past nine years have flown by, filled with countless adventures, joyful moments, and profound intensity.

I vividly remember how we first met, fell in love and the whirlwind of those initial months—especially with Noa joining our lives so quickly. It was an exciting and intense period. Reflecting on where we are today, I feel a more profound sense of unity that has grown over the past six months. There’s a high harmony in every aspect of our lives, and our love has reached an even deeper level, particularly after our transformative experience in Gabon.

Additionally, I’ve recently joined Christof and our team at the office four days a week, which has been an exciting and significant shift for me and our family. It feels incredibly rewarding to embrace this opportunity fully.

So, keep an eye on this space because I am excited to share my offerings with you first! The past months have been incredibly inspiring for me, and after teaching at our NSS live event in the Netherlands, I finally feel “ready” to step out and share my gifts with the world.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the fantastic students present that day; their love and support have given me the courage to teach. And, of course, a special thank you goes to my beloved Christof. He believed in me, held space for me, and patiently waited for me, for many years, to evolve into the woman I am today— ready to share my embodied wisdom.


Stories and Sharings

This month, we introduce you to the Neo Shamanic Society Live Immersion, vital for our students’ spiritual evolution, and a community member contributing to our planet’s progression.

Below is a behind-the-scenes video shot from one of our events on our recent tour. The Neo Shamanic Society Live Immersion. The live immersion is a key marker in our student’s healing and spiritual evolution.

A big thank you to all the aspirants who gave their all during this amazing experience.

Also this month, we would love to introduce you to one of our community members doing their part in the evolution of our planet and species. We love witnessing people’s journeys and supporting them as they move through our programs.

This month it is our honour to introduce you to Pavla Edmunds

Pavla is a dedicated healer and Pure Heart Alchemyst based in Melbourne, Australia. With a holistic approach to healing, she incorporates the gifts of Mother Nature, our physical bodies, and our energetics. Pavla’s expertise includes Iridology, Sclerology, and is currently enrolled in Level 1 training in the Neo-Shamanic Society. She is known for her passion for herbs and belief in food as medicine, which inspired her to create a line of Chakra-supporting teas. Pavla has established herself as a reputable healer in Melbourne, offering services such as trauma release, pain management, and support after vaccinations. She also provides Family Tree healing and operates a Kids Clinic. Pavla is launching her tea range this month and offers a 15% discount on her services.

You can connect with Pavla and check out her latest offerings.

Thank you, Pavla, for being an inspiration and a valued community member.


Planetary Weavings

Perceiving with a wider lens – the sociological imagination.

The last several months, members of our community have been piecing together some key pieces of intel that led us to a profound shift in perspective that account for much of the world’s inability to distribute resources fairly and equitably across people and the planet.

Any well-read person would most likely agree that we do not have a resource issue on our planet. We have a resource allocation issue. When one explores our society using the framework of the Sociological Imagination, we can see a major mismanagement of resources and suppression of new technologies that would provide all the needs of our growing world population.

The Sociological imagination is a concept developed by sociologist C. Wright Mills, which refers to the ability to perceive and analyse the interplay between personal troubles and larger social forces. It involves understanding how individual experiences and choices are shaped by societal factors such as culture, institutions, and historical context.

I have always believed in cultivating a broad sociological imagination, individuals can gain a broader perspective, recognising that personal struggles are often influenced by broader social structures, inequalities, and historical processes, leading to a deeper understanding of society and its impact on individual lives. I use this model to explore and interpret large global and galactic events and how they create and shape our reality.

One of the key issues more people have recently come into perceiving is the Power Elite structures that C. Wright Mills spoke about when analysing society in the late 1960s. Power elite structures refer to the concentration of power and influence in the hands of a small, interconnected group of individuals who occupy key positions in society.

This concept, popularised by sociologist C. Wright Mills suggests that power is not evenly distributed but rather consolidated among a ruling class consisting of political, commercial, religious, economic, media and military elites. These power elites often collaborate and share common interests, exercising significant control over important decisions that shape social, economic, and political systems. For the purpose of gathering further money, power and control.

Their influence extends beyond formal institutions, permeating various sectors and influencing policy-making, resource allocation, and societal outcomes. Power elite structures raise questions about democracy, social inequality, and the potential for systemic change, as the concentration of power can limit the voices and agency of the wider population.

Remember the pandemic, anyone?

You just need to remember the amount of censorship that occurred during the recent pandemic, where any voice that countered the narrative of the Power Elite was silenced through the various arms of the existing interconnected and networked system.

The problem with the existing system and network is that it protects the hierarchy and accumulation of power and wealth of those at the top. Inherent to the design of the system is its self-protection mechanism that ensures the system adjusts to keep the status quo.

We saw this in action through the blatant mass censorship program during the pandemic, which looked to delete any narrative counter to the mainframe narrative.

In the words of George Washington:
If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

Or Benjamin Franklin:
Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.

Or even the horse’s mouth:
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
United Nations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

As many in this community are aware, anything that has a physical form, has a corresponding energetic architecture. The energetic structure creates the form-holding blueprint. It sets the direction of manifested reality.

Thus I will surprise no one with the revelation that the old POS (previous to March 2023) was a morphogenetic field that held in its instruction set the encryption codes of hierarchy and control. Thus the only way for our species and society to develop and evolve was through the creation of structures and systems of top-down control. As this is what was already built into the POS as a morphogenetic field and blueprint of creation.

Form always follows the frequency.

Thus the only direction that society and its systems could follow was that of pyramids of control or hierarchy. From this energetic template, we saw the rise of the hierarchical nature of all societal systems reflecting the presence of structured levels of authority, power, and control within those systems.

Whether it is political, economic, educational, or organisational systems, hierarchies exist to establish order, decision-making processes, and distribution of resources. At the top of the hierarchy are individuals or groups who possess greater authority and influence, while those lower in the hierarchy have less power and autonomy.

Hierarchies serve various functions, such as facilitating coordination, ensuring accountability, and promoting specialisation. However, as we now witness in the world, they can also perpetuate social inequalities, limit opportunities for upward mobility, and reinforce entrenched power dynamics.

In March of this year, something truly remarkable happened. For the first time in human history, an upgrade happened to the POS. The system has evolved from an energy of hierarchy and top-down control. To one of synarchy, sovereignty and distributed power.

This is a most incredible energetic upgrade that is probably the most important energetic shift on our planet since humans have been inhabiting it. It has been a most remarkable upgrade, and one that we have not yet seen yield its effects on the physical plane.

But my oh my, they are going to be coming…..

The POS is very much like a computer operating system in its ability to organise, process, and share information among living beings. It serves as a framework for collective awareness, intelligence, and learning, supporting the sustainability and well-being of all organisms within the planet’s ecosystem. This metaphor helps us appreciate the intricate nature of consciousness and its fundamental role in shaping life on Earth.

Just like an operating system on a computer, the consciousness of a planet provides a framework for organising and processing information. It enables the formation of complex societies, cultures, and knowledge systems, shaping the collective behaviour and decision-making processes of individuals.

Similar to how an operating system facilitates communication and coordination among various software applications, the consciousness of a planet allows for the exchange of information and experiences among different conscious entities. It promotes learning, adaptation, and evolution by enabling the sharing of insights and knowledge across individuals and society.

When you install a new computer operating system, you also need to install new applications and various software that you can use on the operating system. The first thing you will recognise is that if you install or use a new operating system on your computer. For example, moving from PC to Apple. You will need a whole new set of applications to use. The old software applications you used on your PC will not work on your Mac.

Thus with a whole new Planetary Operating System recently installed. You can be assured we will be seeing a whole new host of upgraded applications be developed to better fit the new instruction sets encoded into the morphogenetic field.

It does not mean we will witness a collapse of the old straight away. But rather the development of new ideas, systems, realities and paradigms that support sovereignty and freedom, will be far more easily accepted into society.

These will soon all of a sudden get far more traction and acceleration than ever before. It will be like people have just been switched onto the same bandwidth of perception and suddenly the lights go on across the mainstream of new ways of organising ourselves based around the principles of liberty and freedom.

Thus, I am going to use a term that is rather ironic. The Real Great Reset. If you have been following a recent top-down narrative, may find it rather funny and ironic.

Yes, this is the real reset that many of us have been waiting for….

It is from this new POS that humanity has a real opportunity to Thrive collectively.

With that being said, we have two pieces coming up for you that you may wish to be a part of, check out the month preview to see how we can collectively support the new POL, and how we can move our personal holograms across to be attuned to the new POS, and thus be part of the first wave of humans vibrationally attuned to its quintessence. Check out the live solstice intention ceremony coming up on June 21st 2023.


Month in Review

May has seen our main focus come back home and integrate into the flow of life.

The kids are back in school and playing sports. Alaya has entered our office culture and team four days a week. So expect more weavings and offerings from her, and she finally starts to share some of that sacred womb and birthing wisdom that those of you who were at the NSS live immersion received from her.

Yeah honey, great to have you in the office, and most likely, she will be way better than me at pretty much everything. So hopefully, you can all expect some nice improvements coming forth in how we turn up.


Month Preview

June features a new energy transmission for relationship cord healing, a free POS stabilization energy transmission in collaboration with Earth Guardians, and a June Solstice ceremony aligning with the POS launch. We’re also releasing an upgraded Ultimate Clearing Protocol that syncs chakras with the new POS.

Join us in a momentous occasion as we commemorate our return to our sacred abode and the advent of the new Planetary Operating System (POS). After months of anticipation, we are thrilled to present our very first live online ceremony. This extraordinary event coincides with the June solstice, a time of immense significance, especially in the Northern Hemisphere where it heralds the arrival of summer.

The June solstice is not merely a celestial phenomenon; it represents a powerful convergence of growth, abundance, and expansion. It presents an opportune moment to gather in a ceremonial setting and establish a crystal-clear intention, tapping into the abundant energy of the solstice. However, what makes this occasion truly exceptional is that it coincides with the inauguration of the new POS, a system that aligns harmoniously with the grand ideals and visions of the Golden Age.

By participating in this solstice celebration with the new POS, you position yourself at the pinnacle of influence, ready to co-create your visions and intentions, thus laying the foundation for the emergence of our New Earth—the official commencement of Earth’s Golden Age.

Embrace this solstice as a profound temporal marker, an acknowledgment of your innate creative power and your ability to manifest your reality. Through heightened awareness and alignment with divine principles, you possess the ability to manifest your desires in harmony with the greater good, making positive contributions to the collective human experience.

Not only have we transitioned into the Age of Aquarius, a cosmic era characterised by innovation, progress, humanitarianism, and a deepened collective consciousness, but it also signifies a paradigm shift towards individual liberation, social equality, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge and truth. This period is widely regarded as a time of spiritual awakening, marked by technological advancements and the emergence of new social structures that foster unity, cooperation, and global transformation. Furthermore, our internal POS now aligns seamlessly with principles of unity, harmony, enlightenment, spiritual awakening, and the establishment of new social structures that pave the way for global transformation.

At long last, the external energetic broadcasts from the stars and the internal energetic architecture of our planet converge, resulting in a magnificent alignment. This solstice presents the first occasion where we can harness this unique configuration to augment our manifestation processes. We invite you to join us in an elevated group ceremony, where together, we shall skillfully channel these energies to program our future and shape our collective destiny.

During this live solstice ceremony, we shall provide a comprehensive overview of the new POS—its origins, the captivating journey of its rediscovery, and how it was reinstated to its rightful place. In addition, a special ritual will be conducted to help you set your intentions and infuse them as the primary programs into the new Planetary Operating System. This transformative experience will serve as a profound teaching and transmission, facilitating a profound connection between your personal intentions and the limitless potential of the new POS.

New Zealand | Thursday, 22 Jun 2023 | 08:30
Pacific Time | Wednesday, 21 Jun 2023 | 13:30
Central European Summer Time | Wednesday, 21 Jun 2023 | 22:30
Eastern Time | Wednesday, 21 Jun 2023 | 16:30

Last week we opened our Root Initiation schedule for 2023, we had loads of applications for November, thank you to those who sent them in.

Our ceremonial initiations revolve around the archetypes of death and rebirth, visioning and conscious life design. They are explicitly designed to help accelerate the expansion of your consciousness, help retrieve lost soul aspects, and integrate higher dimensional pieces of yourself.

We still have two places left for the July Root Initiation.

Yesterday, with the support of the Earth Guardians, we are producing an audio transmission that we will send free out to you, that is designed to help you send positive loving energy into the new POS.

We feel this is an important step in helping to stabilise and anchor the new mainframe that we now reside inside. Like a new baby, it is young and vulnerable, and the more love, energy and consciousness can be focused upon it. The more it will mature, grow and be able to support the highest evolution of our species.

Watch this space in the next 7-10 days.

Towards the end of this month we will be releasing a deeper dive healing protocol that will be an upgraded version of the current Ultimate Clearing Protocol (UCP).

I created the UCP over five years ago, and it has remained super popular through many of our offerings and programs. We have had so much great feedback over the years on just how the UCP transformed and changed so many lives.

However, that was five years ago. And my own consciousness is quantum leaps ahead of where it was compared to then. So the energy coming through me in transmissions is greatly amplified.

Our team is currently in production to create a healing series that is my new Ultimate Alignment Protocol. Because not only does it clear out the misaligned frequencies, programs, blocks, and beliefs through each of the chakras. It also serves to integrate each chakra through the core of the new Planetary Operating System.

It will be the first healing series on the planet that takes each chakra not only through the Krystal Spiral recodement, but fully plug them into the new POS. Meaning that your personal hologram will be vibrationally attuned to all the new opportunities that will evolve from the womb of creation out of the new POS architecture.

This will ensure you will be on the right wavelength for all the new opportunities that materialise for you from the new POS.

Until Saturday 17th June using coupon code ‘EarlyBird‘, you can pre-purchase the new Ultimate Alignment Protocol for $100 off.

You may have noticed a new format of this newsletter with links to our website. We have been releasing my website quietly in stages and will continue to do so over the coming weeks.

We want to make getting essential information and intel across to you as streamlined as possible. Some of you like to scan briefing, while others like to go deeper. We trust this format of writing summaries of each section, allowing a click-through to get the full deeper valuable article for you and a better consumer experience.

Let us know what you think of the new format and any other suggestions on how we can make this content better and more enjoyable for you to read.

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