March Monthly Musings

March Monthly Musings:
The Netherlands and Crystalline Rising

Welcome to another monthly update where we review our goings-on individually and collectively throughout the community.

This month we will be reviewing our time in the Netherlands with further retreats, including Crystalline Rising and two Root Initiations where so much transpired both on the individual and collective field levels Plus, we give you an Astrological Forecast for the next couple of months.

With all the travels, retreats and initiations, it’s been an intense time in our family field. Not only have we been experiencing external pressures and karmic entanglements, but we have also been working on polarity integrating shadow past lives. These combined have been quite the portal to navigate while moving around Europe.

Luckily we have a solid Core Unit with Jonathan, Shera, Alaya, and myself able to navigate through these deep tests with regular troubleshooting sessions, which required a lot of focus healing on multiple planes and dimensions.

But through all, Alaya and I got some core pieces of our Soul’s journey. Some of these imprints and wounds have been ancient shadow past life experiences that we are thankful to be able to find a resolution. We have cleared the core wounds that have held us back for a long time and experienced a major shift in our consciousness, with the dissolving of a lot of personal karma from the Akasha records.

Through this process and supporting others in Polarity Integrating shadow past lives, we believe we have found a cheat code in speeding up the karmic repercussions of dark past lives.

All of us have shadows in our past lives that have created Karma. Anyone who says they do not, is simply kidding themselves. It is the nature of our universal reality. What we have uncovered through doing a lot of deep dives in the Root Initiation. Is that if you can find a dark past life and get clarity the details You can go through a sincere forgiveness process, and then Polarity Integrate your past self with your current self. The process dissolves all the Karmic repercussions from that past life.

This has been a major revelation and provides a much faster path to redemption. Than simply trying to behave one’s way out of Karmic Debt by doing untold good deeds, often lifetime after lifetime.

As we keep telling people, you do not have to worry about the activations if you focus on clearing the shadows. The higher light simply drops in when you do the deeper shadow work.

This is why we love the Root Initiation so much because it is the Ritual and retreat that takes everyone down to the basement to clear up those streams you would otherwise be unable to access.

Our sweet daughters solar return

The other major piece to share from our family is that it was our sweet daughter’s birthday on the 28th of February when she turned six years old. Wow, doesn’t time fly when you are a parent?

Anyone who attended our retreats in February will agree she is an embodied master so wise, centred and together. She is in her Shamanic Apprenticeship already, joining us in the ceremonies, helping to set up the field and performing healings.

I am a very proud Father as I watch her moving around the ceremony, doing healing and imparting the wisdom she came down with. Our world will be just fine if the children coming in now are like her. We just need to get out of their way.

Here are a couple of pictures of Aurora as she takes life by the horns and makes it happen.


Stories and Sharings

Since our last newsletter, we have had three or four other community events, including Crystalline Rising and a couple of Root Initiations.

It has been amazing getting everyone together in a sacred ceremony ritual. Witnessing the healing and the profound transformation we have all been experiencing together has left my heart bursting with excitement and love as we reflect upon all the achievements that everyone has made.

Nothing is more potent than committed people coming together in a unified field with skilled practitioners for healing and integration.

Time and again, I am left marvelling at our live experiences and the increasing power potency of the unified field of our group containers. Individuals can leave significant parts of their wounds and pain behind and leave them whole and healed.

Nothing can describe people’s experiences or something you have to experience yourself directly. To put it into words, it can never really do justice to the types of miracles and magic repeatedly happening in these live containers.

Our Core team is learning so much about how to fast-track results in people’s lives. With the extraordinary precision, Jonathan has added to our team, we can pick up and track working with incredible detail, the exact pieces that I needed to work on for an individual to change their life trajectory dramatically.

One of the most incredible cheat codes we have uncovered in the last few months has been the revelation of the polarity integration of past lives. When done properly, this also includes clearing Karmic and Akasha records.

We’ve been uncovering that once you can track and trace a dark past life and move through the appropriate levels of remorse and forgiveness. You can polarity integrate that lifetime through emerging with that consciousness that is another aspect of yourself.

And thus, clearing the Akasha records from the karma, you picked up from that lifetime. This is so amazing, and it’s hard to describe how extraordinary this revelation is. This means you can progress faster than ever using this technique to move past blockages in your current life quickly.

We are genuinely excited about our ‘live’ experiences. The team we have collected, in my opinion, is world-class. Outside our core team, we have assembled a fantastic group of psychics, trance mediums, sound healers, and healers. What we are achieving together is incredible.

Together we can identify the root cause of issues in the multidimensional consciousness fields and clear them at the root cause level. Thus saving people lifetimes of navigation attempting to resolve karmic records still marked against their souls.

We are working at the level of the soul, and it’s a great privilege to assist people through their karmic records and make their way back to the light.

Our next step as a team is to expand our live event templates to serve and support more people at once. We look forward to this opportunity and challenge to be of great service and unfolding of the divine plan.


Month in Review

We had the amazing Crystalline Rising and Root Initiations as the month went on. These were all profound, and it was a pleasure reconnecting with many of you after 2-3 years of online.

Last month we provided you with a resource to clear your non-Earth-bound Karma. For those of you who are star seeds, this will be particularly valuable to clean up those galactic timelines.

previous months transmission

Soul Karma and Soul Retrieval

Curated for star seeds to assist with karmic alignment clearings


Month Preview

This month we release Interference and Entity Removal

The interference and entity-clearing transmission is a beautiful healing to run whenever you feel something has shifted in your being, and you suspect there could be external inference a foot in your field. Use this timeless classic again and again as required to keep you empowered, sovereign and free.

march monthly transmission

Interference and Entity Removal

Keep yourself empowered, sovereign and free

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