May Monthly Musings:


Welcome to another monthly review of life happening locally and globally.

This month I am happy to review a major life initiation that Alaya and I went through in Africa.

This was one of the missing initiations left on our Shamanic CV, so we were super happy to cross this one off the bucket list. This month we introduce some of our community and what they are up to in the world, how they assist evolving humanity, and a macro update.

Let’s dive in. 


Family and Personal Musings

In my path as a Shamanic facilitator, I have been actively exploring Shamanic initiations as a rite of passage for myself.

This started in 2012 with an initiation into the Peruvian Shapibo lineage, working with the sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca. From 2013 to 2017, I then took groups to the Amazon Jungle for this deep dive Peruvian Shamanic initiation.

This period taught me much about Shamanism and took me very far in expanding my consciousness and supporting others through this process.

Also, in 2012, I was initiated into another line of Shamanism by a Western facilitator who was initiated from a lineage in Gabon, Africa, working with a plant medicine called Iboga. For several years I travelled Europe with a medicine family, held space, and performed healing in this ceremonial container.

One of the Shamanic Initiations missing from Alaya and my CV, was visiting Gabon and being initiated into the Fang, Bwiti of Gabon. Last month we were privileged to be taken through our deep shamanic initiation through the Fang Bwiti lineage. Bwiti is an integral part of the Fang spiritual and cultural identity. The initiation process involves a transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and connection with ancestral wisdom guided by experienced shamans.

It was intense, deep, profound and prophetic.

Listen now

It’s been an intense six months on the road, with multiple tours, retreats and events that have taken us to Egypt, Cyprus, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Gabon. Finally, we find ourselves integrating everything on a family holiday in Thailand.

The last several months have been some of the most intense of our lives. With that intensity has come enormous growth and personal evolution. We are enjoying a few weeks of a slower pace in Thailand before returning home on the 18th to ground and anchor everything in.

We enjoy some precious space and time together in nice weather and beach vibes. We are all looking forward to returning home and establishing our routines in a more regular rhythm of life.

Here are some fun pics from our Thailand adventures.


Stories and Sharings

This month, we would love to introduce you to one of our community members doing their part in the evolution of our planet and species.

Witnessing people’s journey after moving through our programs, especially our live immersions, is always a privilege. It offers the most incredible leap for people in their consciousness and impacts the planet.

This month it is our honour to introduce you to Kimberly Sherry

Kimberly was with us through Egypt, the Netherlands, Rome and the UK, contributing to our successful tours and missions. She is an accomplished inspirational speaker, #1 best-selling author, and creator of the Infinity System™ and Infinity Scale™. She shares her wisdom and knowledge through weekly LIVE broadcasts and has over 11 years of video production experience. Kimberly has completed several live experiences with the organisation and achieved significant success in her healership, including writing a book outlining the Infinity System™ and Infinity Scale™. Kimberly generously offered free resources such as a 20-min MediClearing Practice and her book to help individuals realise their highest potential.

We appreciate Kimberly’s dedication to helping advanced healers and lightworkers step into their next level of ascension and embody their greatest measurable light quotient.

You can connect with Kimberly and check out her latest offerings.

Thank you, Kimberly, for being an inspiration and a valued community member.

Some of you may know our close friendship and affiliation with Thrive founders Foster and Kimberly Gamble. They have dedicated 20 years to producing high-quality documentaries highlighting some of the challenges and opportunities facing our world.

Having produced ‘Thrive – What on Earth will it Take”, which had over 92 million views. They produced “Thrive 2 this is what it takes.” I wanted to mention this month that Foster and Kimberly recently closed the operations of their company ThriveOn, after 20 years of focused, dedicated service to humanity.

I want to thank these incredible Evolutionaries for their incredible contribution to humanity. They have done so much to raise awareness of humanity’s complex issues. Foster and Kimberly, we salute you!

As a result, Thrive 2 is now playing for free.

THRIVE II is a documentary that explores various breakthrough innovations worldwide, unpacks their common principles, and offers insights, tools, and strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

The creators of the documentary vouch for the efficacy of the technology they have vetted but do not claim responsibility for any contractual outcomes or the ongoing technical efficacy or business reliability of Saith Group or any other inventors.

As of mid-June 2021, Saith Group is seriously delinquent on the delivery of devices internationally, and potential customers and licensees are advised to wait until prior orders are fulfilled before committing any resources.

Foster Gamble’s website,, provides more information on the subject.


Planetary Weavings

Human consciousness is a fascinating and complex topic that has captivated scientists, philosophers, and spiritual seekers for centuries. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the role of consciousness in our lives and how it affects our well-being, relationships, and even the environment.

Indeed most of my focus in the last 15 years has been based upon the epiphany that if humanity is to survive as a species and live in harmony with our planet and each other. The only thing we need to focus on is expanding our consciousness.

When consciousness is expanded to see past the illusion of separation and how in reality, all are part of the one. You cannot help but take better care of our planet and each other. As a species, we had a straightforward solution. We needed to expand our collective consciousness or face the prospect of not making the critical leap of living in harmony with the planet.

Make no mistake; the Earth will shake us humans off if we do not look after each other, and begin to appreciate we are living on a sentient being, not some kind of inert rock.

Thus as we continue to evolve as a species, there is a growing need to understand the current state of human consciousness and how we can cultivate a more spiritually evolved and interconnected world.

The impact of interconnectedness on human consciousness can be profound. We begin to see the world in a new light when we recognise that we are all interconnected and part of a larger whole. We become more compassionate and empathetic towards others, and we start to see how our actions and decisions can have a ripple effect on those around us. This can lead to a greater sense of purpose and meaning in our lives and a deeper connection to our world.

Regarding humanity becoming more unified, there are positive and negative trends to consider. On the one hand, technological advances and globalisation have made it easier to connect with people from all over the world.

Social media, for example, allows us to communicate and share ideas with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This can help to break down barriers and foster a sense of unity and interconnectedness.

On the other hand, many forces at work seek to divide us. Nationalism, tribalism, and other forms of identity politics can lead to a sense of us vs them and create divisions between groups of people.

This can lead to a lack of empathy and understanding towards those different from us and ultimately undermine the interconnectedness essential to spiritual growth.

Humanity must cultivate greater compassion, empathy, and understanding towards others to become more unified. This means recognising our interconnectedness and working towards the greater good rather than focusing solely on our individual needs and desires. It also means recognising how we are divided and working to bridge those separations through dialogue, cooperation, and understanding.

Individually we need to continue to go deeper in our personal process. The oxymoron of expanding consciousness is that to expand, you do not go outward truly. The fastest way to expand is by going inward and down to the basement of shadows, wounds, imprints, patterns and programs.

When the density of our conditioning dissolves, we automatically expand to a new level of consciousness because we have deeper foundations. A simple metaphor is that taller skyscrapers have deeper foundations. To build something higher, you need to go deeper.

With this in mind, we will soon release our Evolutionary programming designed to assist people in gaining more depth and expansion. Alaya and I are excited to support those of you who are deeply committed to their own evolution and see themselves as an Evolutionary. Someone here to help push their family, community, and planet forward by evolving themselves and inspiring others from their state of being.

It is the most important thing we all must focus on right now. Clearing our shadows and evolving to the highest frequency set point we can hold. When we do that, our presence automatically liberates others.

Watch this space.


It’s Eclipse Season

As we have navigated through the 2023 spring (northern hemisphere) eclipse season, we witness a profound transformation and growth. The Spring eclipse season commenced on April 20 with an intense Aries solar eclipse and concluded with an emotional Scorpio lunar eclipse on May 5.

Eclipse season is when these celestial events arrive in pairs and unfold two weeks apart, marking a powerful time for spiritual evolution. During this season, eclipses create unexpected changes and upheavals, making these few weeks feel like an era of transformation. Symbolically, eclipses can spark sudden shifts in our lives, urging us to respond quickly. Although these events may seem disorienting, they often redirect our life path meaningfully and miraculously, guiding us towards necessary changes we may have been reluctant to make.

So if you have found the last couple of weeks intense, don’t worry. You are not crazy; the universe is simply wringing out old stuff that has no place in your brighter future.

Lunar eclipses occur when the full Moon opposes the Sun at the same degree on the zodiac ecliptic, with Earth positioned between these celestial bodies. The Sun’s shadow is cast upon the Moon’s surface, prompting us to confront our inner shadows and unresolved emotions. Perhaps you experienced a rollercoaster ride these last couple of weeks, as your circumstances could have shifted dramatically or ended abruptly.

If you experience something vanishing from your life during this period, our advice is to let go and allow space for growth. You may manifest a better option or revisit the situation later once you have processed the lesson and evolved.

On May 5, the total lunar eclipse in Scorpio brought forth powerful emotional undercurrents and potential power struggles. Picking up the pieces and recovering from this upheaval could take some time. The intense energy of the eclipses provides an opportunity for deep introspection and transformation. Embrace the unexpected changes and trust the cosmic forces guiding your journey, knowing these shifts will redirect you towards a more authentic and purposeful existence.

Remember, eclipses are designed to support our growth by illuminating our shadows. It is in the shadows that we find our authentic selves, and it is in this space that the magic happens.

“Be original, fully authentic; everyone else is already taken anyway.”


Month in Review

Last month April saw us release the very popular Physical Vessel and Immune System Builder.

This has proven to be one of our most popular transmissions in terms of sheer numbers sold. Its focus is to activate your cellular intelligence and immune system response. Always handy in times of stress. If you have not got it, you can grab it below.

previous months transmission

Physical Vessel and Immune System Builder

Nourish and support your body

April’s primary focus for Alaya and I was heading to Gabon and completing our deep shamanic initiation with the Sacred Wood. We trust that you, our community, will see the benefits of this deep dive through our work and offerings in the coming months.

We plan on doing a more profound dialogue in a podcast, explicitly commenting on the Sacred Wood and its role and impact on the planet—much more to share on this topic when we release our podcast channel later this year. For now, April was all about our own internal deep dive.


Month Preview

In May, our primary focus is grounding in back home; we arrive May 18th and settle into the normal rhythm of life. It’s been an intense six months, and we look forward to some sense of normality back home in New Zealand.

This month we released I Am a Logos Transmission. An audio transmission that is designed to help bring you into Unity Consciousness. One of the fundamental Natural Laws that bind and govern our universe is that everything is connected and unified in consciousness.

may monthly transmission

I Am a Logos

You are one with source

At the heart of the Law of One is that everything in the universe is interconnected and that all is essentially One. This principle, “unity,” suggests that every individual, species, and planet expresses a single, infinite consciousness. By recognising the interconnectedness of all things, we can cultivate compassion, understanding, and empathy, essential qualities for personal and collective evolution.

This transmission entrains your consciousness to “Know’ you are at one with God, and God is at one with you. It is a fantastic journey to deeper knowing yourself as Prime Creator.

You may have noticed a new format of this newsletter with links to our website. We have been releasing my website quietly in stages and will continue to do so over the coming weeks.

We want to make getting essential information and intel across to you as streamlined as possible. Some of you like to scan briefing, while others like to go deeper. We trust this format of writing summaries of each section, allowing a click-through to get the full deeper valuable article for you and a better consumer experience.

Let us know what you think of the new format and any other suggestions on how we can make this content better and more enjoyable for you to read.

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