January Monthly Musings

January Monthly Musings:
Egypt Trinity Tour

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2023

I will share the global repercussions of the recent Egypt Trinity Tour in this issue. (Hint) A significant acceleration just happened in the planet’s evolution.

I also go into some of the significant pieces of Astrology for 2023, and as I have been sharing for some time in the last 18 months, it’s time for Pluto to do some major rinsing out. We will experience personal and collective shadows revealing themselves this year and next.

In the Collective Planetary Weavings, read through the main astrological themes for 2023 and what keywords I am using for the collective for 2023.

Alaya and I are also excited to announce we are ready to work with a very intimate group for our first live, organic, public-facing retreat for a few years.

Crystalline Rising is our organic retreat in the Netherlands between Feb 8 – 12, where we have assembled a world-class team of psychics, seers, and healers, all dedicated to bringing their mastery to assist you in expanding and integrating your consciousness. Crystalline Rising is about infusing your cells with the maximum light to activate your crystalline matrix.

We would love to be with you live and give you our absolute best. Join us.

Grab some space and infuse your consciousness with critical global intel, downloads, temporal time-markers, and planetary consciousness upgrades with our Jan Monthly Musings.

Don’t miss this one; take some space to absorb it properly.

Let’s get into it.


Family and Personal Musings

We had the amazing Crystalline Rising and Root Initiations as the month went on. These were all profound, and it was a pleasure reconnecting with many of you after 2-3 years of online.

Wow! After an amazing Egypt Trinity Tour where Alaya and I (with, of course, the kids who really run the show) have just emerged from a well-deserved Red Sea family holiday to recharge ourselves back up.

The Egypt Trinity Tour was a tightly planned, coordinated, moving codex of consciousness designed to dissolve the Anti-Matter-ladened Temples and revive many of the trapped and split Egyptian consciousness fields.

As such, it was like a spiritual boot camp of regular 3 – 4 am wake-up calls to access the Temples privately in clean energy before the days groups arrived. This highly coordinated movement and holding centre for the group took its toll on us.

After the tour, our first stop was a few days with an old friend, Tara, in her new home and her retreat, The Blue Lotus in Luxor, for some beautiful home-cooked meals at Christmas.

We spent the week between Christmas and just after New Year at a red sea resort in Hurghada. We were super exhausted and needed serious sun loungers, swimming pools, spa treatments and water slides to revive us. Sun, spa and fun were just the ticket. We had loads of laughs, splashing and frolicking with the kids. Tayor, who videographed the Trinity Tour and Dennis from CCC joined in for cameos and frivolity.

Our Core Unit feels refreshed, revitalised and revamped after a great stay at Hurgada. Alaya has picked up a new sport, Kite Surfing which she plans to take up when we return home. And the kids feel happy with a week’s worth of focused family time in a fun environment.

We are now in Alexandria to soak up the Ancient Library of Alexandria codes which I’m really excited about. I always wanted to go there, and we enjoyed the morphogenic field of the ancient records of Alexandria Library.

It’s great travelling with Jonathan, Shera and their boys. Our families are one cohesive pod, with non-stop laughter, banter, processing and planetary interfacing. It’s nice being on the road again, seeing the world giving many of you real-life hugs!


Stories and Sharings

Let’s review the critical pieces of the Egypt Trinity Tour and the associated ripples this sent out.

First, a big thank you to the ‘Boots on the Ground’ community who came to Egypt with us. The Trinity Tour was undoubtedly a truly transformative, life-changing, and timeline-shifting experience for everyone on the Cosmic Bus with us.

You all received significant upgrades in consciousness, well-earned Codes and Healing Tools for your life path and have been involved in something so monumental it is difficult to put down with the limitations of words. However, I will attempt to capture the vital, relevant pieces.

For brevity’s sake, I will summarise the results without going too much into the story or process. If you want more details and to receive the energy of each Temple Activation with full summaries of what happened and the live recordings in real time. Then consider signing up for Remote Egypt, where I would love to offer you a 50% discount seeing the tour is over.

Use the coupon code: HORUS to get 50% off.


One of our most challenging temples was The Temple of Philae, the home of Isis, but where The Dark Mother was also prevalent. Here the Dark Mother could be transmuted out, and all wounds of the sacred feminine repaired and restored. For the first time in thousands of years, the Dark and Light of the Feminine are now in balance.

A special shout out to my beloved Alaya, who has been preparing for this crucial piece since we met and took so much to transmute this through her hologram.

Amazing honey, you rock!


The Temple of Horus is built on top of the Temple of Set. Yet the energy of Set was still very much in play, running through the Temple and the city of Edfu and around the world. This was the unhealthy dominance of the distorted masculine energy, where the ‘soldier’ and ‘slavery’ were the prevalent energies broadcasting from the Temple there.

Set holds one of the three major contracts for anchoring in anti-matter on the planet, so it was important not to remove the energy of Set but more to allow him to continue to absorb anti-matter and then have it contained in a limited space around him, safely protected by the Guardians.

For those of you who are in ‘The Earth Guardians,” you will recall our mission on Saturn, where we resurrected the Cosmic Sacred Masculine. An aspect of Horus’s consciousness was trapped in the Rings of Saturn. The Saturn mission ended up being essential for The Temple of Edfu.

The lost aspect of Horus has been returned to him, and we now have a healthy and in-balance sacred masculine consciousness being broadcast from the Edfu temple. This instantly affected the city of Edfu, creating a broadcast of peace that has rippled worldwide.

If you have been to Edfu before, you will know it had a crazy unbalanced masculine energy. The city now feels peace, rippling out into the collective and building the energy and momentum towards a significant victory we had at the Temple of Karnak.


Luxor Temple had a lot of anti-matter and so many pockets of Sorceric energy contained throughout the Temple of Man. These energies have been present there for thousands of years. The Trinity Tour community can be very proud of themselves and how we collectively navigated all the pockets of darkness and anti-matter.

On a personal note, it was at this Temple the Guardians gifted me Thor’s Hammer, such a beautiful gift. A tool that can break physics and destroy energy and send it out to a Black Hole. Thor’s hammer has proven to be most helpful thus far.

It’s incredible how much mythology is based on reality in the spiritual planes. It’s just that most adults discount myth and folklore and label it as just children’s stories. Thus missing the real possibility that worlds beyond their five senses exist.

Anyway, with Thor’s hammer added to my growing bag of codes and tools looks like I gotta move from Dad Bod to God Bod!

50 is coming close, after all.


There were very few places in the world where you would find so much anti-matter as Karnak Temple before we came there.

Two main issues at The Temple of Karnak were causing so much anti-matter. One was that Sekhmet still felt the pain and anguish of losing her children. Sekhmet is from the Feline Chalamari Star Race and was separated from these consciousness fields.

The Trinity Tour Community performed beautiful healing for Sekhmet and helped move her from grief and the energy of destruction. And through our lineage and membership with the Council of Eldest were able to bring back seeds of consciousness from that Star Race to help her repopulate her species. In effect, reunite her with her children.

The combined healing and reconnection with her lineage enabled her to move off the destructive energy cycle into a constructive one. This is a pivotable shift for peace on the planet, as Sekhmet being in a destructive cycle, powered up a Black Dragon at Karnak (read below) who was responsible for the major war broadcast signal on the planet.

The Black Dragon was a powerful presence under Karnak Temple. It utilised Sekhmet’s destructive energy, sent out war signals, and siphoned all the war energy of pain and anguish on the planet.

The Obelisks of Karnak Temple were the broadcast antennae that have been broadcasting this ‘war’ energy to the Earth’s grids for thousands of years. This has been one of the major war broadcasts that has kept ‘war’ in perpetual motion throughout human history.

In a conversation with the Dragon, we convinced it to leave its body through the process of death and reincarnate into a ‘Christed Dragon’ holding a new energy signature for the new Aeon of time. With Sekhmet’s healing moving her into a creative, energetic cycle, the Dragon could be convinced there was not the same potential for harvesting this energy anymore.

This amazing development shows how globally we are at a tipping point in consciousness. When the consciousness of a Dark Dragon responsible for the war signal and the harvesting of all the pain and suffering of war for several thousands of years. Leaves their ‘body’ because they sense the time of darkness is over, and they might as well join the side of light, as the light will inevitably prevail.

You know that the reign of darkness is nigh!

This is a significant temporal-time marker and signals a flipping from war to peace. It is written in many indigenous prophecies that humanity will experience 1000 years of peace.

If there is a coin that flips and starts the process. This is the one. Keep an eye in the coming months on the Russia – Ukraine situation. When this war dissolves, it is a temporal time-marker that the energy shift is with us physically, and then we should watch the markets start to bounce back.

The obelisk at Karnak Temple has now been reprogrammed and is broadcasting ‘peace infused with love’.

Hooray for that!


One of my highlights is what transpired between the paws of the Sphinx. The Sphinx energy had also been locked down for thousands of years. Above the head of the Sphinx was a stargate that allowed the travel of Reptoid races into the Earth’s consciousness fields. These reptoid races had been responsible for a lot of division and slavery on the planet.

During the ceremony between the paws of the Sphinx, the entire Nephilim Type 3 Indigo contract was agreed to be dissolved by mutual consent by the Nephilim and humanity and the high councils.

This means all beings working the Type 3 Indigo contract and wrestling with two souls, the soul of light – Oraphim, and the soul of dark Nephilim, over one body. Have now had the soul of dark leave.

There will remain an echo for a while, but this, too, will defrag out. This means there will be far fewer polarity shifts for Type 3 Indigo’s who are flipping between dark and light thoughts and behaviours. They will have this significant piece cleared up and need to focus on their childhood, ancestral, and past life shadow work.

I cannot overstate how monumental this is, not only for ALL type 3 indigos. But humanity itself. Congratulations to all Type 3 Indigos struggling with this tough karmic soul contract. You made it through!

There were so many more highlights. However, these were some of the lynchpins moves in consciousness that really moved the needle for humanity. Thanks to the Egypt Trinity Tour Community, it was an absolute pleasure to serve alongside you and experience this extraordinary trip of a lifetime as cherished memories and Golden Akasha upgrades.


If you would like to go deeper and receive all the live ceremonies and missions, and bathe in the consciousness fields of the transmissions, watch and listen to our guides as they translate the ancient story of Egypt. Plus, hear all the puzzle pieces put together as we recount our experience.

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I also want to share a fantastic track we played that Lia Scallion masterfully produced as a galactic transmission from the stars. She allowed me to play this to our Trinity Tour Community just before we went into the King’s Chamber. It was a perfect primer for our consciousness to enter the King’s Chamber. I know you will enjoy listening to it.

This beautiful track takes you on an exquisite journey to the celestial realms. Enjoy this special access to her private pre-release.

CLICK HERE to purchase.


Planetary Weavings

We are at the beginning of the Gregorian calendar, which most people consider the beginning of the year, even if the actual start of the cycle is a few months later. Nonetheless, I can preview some of the key astrological markers of the year and what you can expect from the energies of 2023.

Astrological energies, when taken in context with our recently released Global Forecast Report, which views what the current collective consciousness is creating from this moment of now. While an astrological forecast can predict the energy moving from the planets to Earth. It allows us to look at the planetary archetypes and state the broadcast signal.

While our annual Global Forecast Report looks at human consciousness and its collective combined energy from now on and how this will affect physical reality based upon the most probable timeline.
I like looking at both astrology and readings from the Guardian Host Matrix (channelled through Thomas), which has access to all possible timelines. They can read the most likely outcomes of the collective energy of humanity based on what is happening now.

Reading the future is delicate, for we all have free will and choice. And we are collectively creating our future. There are shadow interferences at play. I’m sure you can remember how our timelines were hijacked during Covid.

In any case, I encourage you to get the Global Forecast Report which took a snapshot of what collective human consciousness was creating for itself as of November 20 2022.

With the Egypt Temple upgrades complete, I will add an addendum that Thomas and I will record in the coming week and send out to everyone who purchased the GFR23. To see how the Egypt Trinity Tour affected the timelines.

We will send you the post-Egypt Trinity Tour update once it is completed.

Onto Astrology for 2023.


This is the year for the beginning of the end of the old.

It reveals the unseen of both personal and collective unconscious energy. It is the year when the shadows are illuminated, and all our creations in the grand kaleidoscope of our collective and individual consciousness can be revealed.

Get ready. It is the year for Shadow Illumination.


As a Shadow Walker, I have been writing about Pluto’s influence for a few years. We are now coming to the zero point where anything not revealed will be wrung out in the final degree as Pluto leaves Capricorn and moves into Aquarius.

Pluto is a liberator. Liberating the new from the bindings of the old by revealing what cannot be seen, forcing it to the surface. We felt this energy during the Pandemic, in which the power of the few suppressed the collective of the many.

This served to wake many up to the hierarchy of our current reality. It allowed people to see clearly that they lived in an inverted system. (An inverted system is when it appears in a particular light, only for the reality to be the opposite of what it is purporting to be.)

2022 was Pluto’s final full year in Capricorn since 2008, when it first entered this sign. Pluto now leaves Capricorn on March 23 and enters Aquarius. This will be the first time for Pluto in Aquarius since 1778.

If you are a follower of history, you will know that it was then that a significant power shift happened as America left Britain and gained its independence. Expect this time round, more old structures to start crumbling.

On July 11 2023, Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn, where it remains until January 20 2024, when it jumps into Aquarius again. Before making a final temporary sojourn in Capricorn again by retrograding from September 1 2024, to November 19 2024. When it finally emerges into Aquarius, for 20 years of incredible evolution, paving the way for the entire 2000-year Aquarian Age.

You may remember I called the zero point marker for the 2000-year Aquarian Age the December 21 Solstice 2020, where Jupiter and Saturn conjunction at zero degrees Aquarius. This was the transition into the Aquarian Age. It also moved us from the element of Earth to Air. From building in the seen to the unseen, from form to the formless, from the structured to the unstructured, and from the material to the spiritual.

This year and next, we have Pluto rinsing out the last hangover energy from that Capricorn influence and, on a more macro-cycle, the 2000-year Piscean era. This rinsing from Pluto will ensure we can usher in the clean new energy of the pure Aquarian age. Thus, Pluto enters the last degree of Capricorn and moves back and forth from Capricorn to Aquarius between now and towards the end of 2024. Expect personal and collective rinsing.

For this reason, I am calling 2023 the year of SHADOW ILLUMINATION.

Because Pluto will bring anything up to the surface that does not belong in the Aquarian energy, It will draw towards you the very experience you need to make you aware that something needs to shift. You would not have what you perceive as a negative experience unless you had an energy inside you that is the resonator pulling the experience towards you.

I often hear, “but I have done so much work on myself”, even from 20 years veterans of personal development. Yes, you may have done a lot of work, but it has not necessarily been in the right areas. Those only working the light and looking for activation might come in for rude shocks as Pluto hands out its final shadow examination cards.

The key for the next couple of years is to do a full sweep of shadows. Doing so is the fastest way to progress your consciousness by going deeper into your spiritual foundations by clearing the density from your system. When you focus on excavating, the light naturally drops in and allows you to expand effortlessly while living and mastering the physical domain.

This is why we are here, not to escape this reality by ascending from it. But rather to master this domain by embodying more deeply into it.

This energy will be very intense for many, and we will see many souls exit Earth. These beings are not ready for the planet’s higher frequency and consciousness birthing. While, of course, this is sad on the human level to see loved ones transition across to the spirit world. In the larger context, it is all part of the process of birthing a new world and part of the Divine Plan.

Earth is going through a rapid increase in frequency, and those souls that cannot keep up and live in the more refined energy of the Aquarian and Air energies will choose to leave.

There is a simple rule; that which does not grow dies. True for nature and humans. The energy coming will be intense, and not everyone is willing or open to change. The change will be inevitable, and there will be much-forced awareness. Many souls will choose to go back to light rather than stay in suffering.

Rapid deterioration of many people’s health will occur as the higher frequencies continue to exaggerate discordances and disturbances in the energy consciousness system. Add in the mRNA vaccination’s deterioration and biological breakdown. And you have the perfect storm for mass exiting in the next 3-5 years.

All-Cause Mortality in the 30 – 60 age range is all you need to track before and after Covid. It’s all there, and the statistics will continue to paint the picture I predicted at the start of the pandemic.

As predicted in 2017, Blockchain technology is the solution to move humanity from hierarchy to synarchy. On a collective level, Pluto will do something very simple, move power structures from ‘the few’ and give it to ‘the many’. The people and the collective will become further empowered. And as predicted in 2017, decentralised blockchain solutions will be the rails of the new system of sovereign networks and communities working together peer to peer. The CCC covers this in detail.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see another engineered crisis, with the usual manufactured problem – media-inspired public reaction and centrally dictated solution. The people rise up together as a collective, showing those in control that we, the people, have the real power.


Considering Pluto is moving through the last degree, you can expect that anything needing to be cleared will show up in the next couple of years. This is not to be feared but to be celebrated. Because this is exactly what you need to grow and evolve.

The full sweep of shadows means you need to explore your shadows:

  • In your childhood conditioning, – Your deep programming from conception to today.
  • Through your Ancestral Karma, – Yes, you need to take responsibility for your whole genetic lines shadows, and yes, you can clear them.
  • Through your Past Life Karma – All of us have had lives where the love of power ruled over the power of love.
  • Through your Soul Level Karma – For Starseeds, Karma collected when you incarnated on other planetary star systems.

The Power of Pluto over the next couple of years will help dredge up deep shadow states through any of these karmic lines and allow you to process the density so you can move through and past the karmic ceilings imposed upon you by natural law due to your Souls on choice points.



Another major transition for 2023 astrologically is that Saturn enters Pisces on March 7, 2023, and through to February 12, 2026. This will assist Pluto in helping to pierce the veil of illusion. Dissolving illusions are crucial to making things happen in the real world. Including dissolving any highly idealised self-image, you may have cultivated about yourself.

Spiritual Ego is a massive upper limiter for so many people. When one thinks they are holier than thou and have a spiritual superiority when comparing themselves to others. Saturn in Pisces can be a fantastic reality check of our perceived spiritual life versus the reality of our spiritual life embodied in the physical domain.

Saturn here can dissolve mental structures you have created that have helped craft your spiritual identity. It will allow you to recognise the honest truth of your childhood suffering, for example, and will enable you to have a more profound compassion for what you endured as a young soul coming into the world. It is going to make you get really real with yourself.

As John Lennon said one day, “The more real you get, the more unreal life gets”.


On May 10, we have Jupiter enter Aries and will be there until October 28 2022, and back in again from December 20 to May 16 2023. Everyone loves a bit of Jupiter energy. It gives us strength, confidence, and expansion in the direction of our life path. We may experience a bounce in our step that can help propel us forward during this time. Use this energy to get things in motion and your ideas and projects moving.


Month in Review

Last month we released our Past Life Karma Clearing

This would be a great transmission to play time and again as you feel you need, and at just $33 it’s an incredible yield for your time and money. Many of the big yields in life come by moving through past life’s karmic imprints. This transition deals with this beautifully in a deep transmission with Arch-Angel Hallaliel.

previous months transmission

Past Life Karmic Clearing

Resolve your karmic records and moving yourself forward on your path of spirit


Also, as mentioned, we released the Global Forecast Report 2023. if you would like to receive what the Guardian Host Matrix (a channelled group of non-physical beings) predicts is coming for 2023.


Month Preview

At the start of this month, we released one of my most loved ‘Live Event Experiential”. The Golden Path Meditation, this meditation takes you on a journey where you access and connect with the Akasha records and download your Pre-birth Soul Agreements.

Then set an intention, create a vision for your highest potential timeline, and build the energy of yourself walking your highest preferred reality. Magnitising to yourself all the opportunities, events, people, and circumstances that can manifest this into reality.

january monthly transmission

The Golden Path Activation

Align to live the most epic life of their dreams


Alaya and I were excited to release our first public-facing retreat in over three years, Crystalline Rising. It will be so amazing to get into a retreat format with those of you who are called to deepen your personal transformation.

We have a fantastic team of healers, musicians, and facilitators to support you in a beautiful alchemical container designed to help activate your Crystalline Matrix.

If you feel called to go on a massive acceleration in your personal and spiritual growth. Then join us live, where Alaya and I, alongside our team, can support you in a beautiful in-person retreat format. Check out some of the topics, modalities and processing we have lined up. We have assembled what I consider a world-class team to support your breakthrough. Click on one of the images to find out more.

Really considering it, but do you need a call?

I’m in one place for a week from the 10th – the 16th of Jan and can jump on a call if you need to talk through what you will get out of it.

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I still believe our best work is organic retreats, where we have deeply committed people in one place giving it their all, being raw, real and vulnerable. Magic happens when we open the Shamanic Container.

​​​​​​​Come and join us live. I promise it will be a quantum leap in your evolution.

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