NSS Live Immersion NZ September 2023

NSS Live Immersion NZ September 2023

NSS Live Immersion

Well, what a week it has been reflecting upon the Neo Shamanic Society Live Immersion, bringing the first-year aspirants through into their first deep dive Neo-Shamanic Initiation.

I sit on the other side of it, breathless, empty and full simultaneously. It was an extraordinary week where many of the pieces of their journey come together like a jigsaw, where they move from puzzle to picture, come home to themselves and deepen the skill sets required to be a deep healer and transformer of change with individuals and the planet. I was blown away by all the aspirant’s willingness to go deep into their pain, into their vulnerability, through the wound and out the other side into more of their essence.

These incredible beings are being trained in true deep transformation, not dealing with stories and beliefs, but dealing with core wounds and providing the container of support to open that up and to come deeply into the wound to transfigure it so that they may use that as an asset of their embodied wisdom moving forward.

Much of people’s path and purpose reside in the ability to overcome challenges and obstacles in oneself and then pay it forward for others. On that path, you develop the codes, consciousness, and embodied wisdom for deep, profound change in others. What Alaya and I feel that the world desperately needs is more depth, more people willing to navigate the shadows, roll up their sleeves, and dive into the real work, the non-glamorous work of navigating the ego and the shadow rather than just simply chasing the light. Our direct experience over the years has been that the shadow work allows the light to drop in, and you can hold more and more of your own consciousness.

You, stationed in the higher consciousness fields.

You, fully unifying the higher aspects of your consciousness and integrating them into biological form held together by your focus and intent.

I say to the aspirants that the physical body is a window of experimentation for the soul, to create. All the beings here are on the verge of great creations as they have moved through ceilings, blocks and barriers, impeding their progress toward their highest vision of themselves and a better world.

Each and every one of these beings is on the hero’s journey into all that they’re becoming. We salute all those that attended, send them all our unconditional love, and we’re incredibly proud of all the achievements.

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