Create transformational breakthroughs and grow an online practice.

Remote Healing Mastery (RHM) is the first step in the Neo-Shamanic Society certification journey.

It provides aspirants with the key starting tools to create transformational breakthroughs and grow an online practice.

When you know how to precisely deal with some of the core issues that people have in their energy fields, you can evolve people rather quickly through to their highest alignments and assist people with health challenges by addressing the issue at the level of frequency and vibration.

The world needs more highly skilled practitioners who know how to perform precise energetic surgeries that deal with the causal level of health and performance and assist people through shifting through patterns that were established in childhood.

RHM is a wonderful entry point into the Neo Shamanic Society world of healing and transformation, and will sing to anyone who is dedicated to their own and others’ evolution.

It’s a 6-8 week journey in understanding how the bio-energy system is structured and organised, alongside dealing with some of the key and primary issues playing out in the bio-energy field including:

  • Assessing the bio-energy field and chakras
  • Clearing clouds, mucus, and miasma
  • Clearing energetic stress from the body
  • Restructuring blocked and faulty chakras
  • Healing blocked and overloaded organs
  • Healing blocked meridians

In addition, you will receive bonuses designed to fast track your spiritual journey and your healing practice.

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