September Monthly Musings:


September Monthly Musings:
Celebrating 50 Years Around the Sun

Welcome to our September newsletter update.

Read on for the lowdown on what’s happening in the celebration of 50 years around the sun, with many people visiting and enjoying the spaciousness.

This month, as we tune in to family celebrations, a mini-documentary from Egypt in the community section, and a dive into the energetic release of tighter control systems that were incoming on the planet.

Let’s dive in. 


Family and Personal Musings

Last month, on the 8th of August, I celebrated 50 years around the sun. Thank you to all those of you who sent your well wishes. They were gratefully received on social media and emails. As I reflect upon where things are now in my life, I’m internally grateful for the challenges that I went through in my early years and all the foundations they laid in terms of my growth and evolution through them.

To stand on strong foundations and roots here now for what is to come forward in the future. I wish to thank my beautiful wife, Alaya, for providing such a loving, nourishing, supportive container for me to evolve and grow as a man and to provide the gentle reflections of my shortcomings and shadows; my children for giving me such joy and love, appreciation, and mirrors to my internal states of being as I watched them grow and evolve. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing them thrive.

We had a wonderful gathering for my birthday. It was a beautiful ceremony experience on the eighth as we navigated and expanded our consciousness with the sacred elixirs. Following a wonderful dinner, I had some further friends come and gather and enjoy each other’s company over a quiet dinner in a beautiful celebration.

I want to thank everyone who flew in from around the world and New Zealand for spending that time together. It meant a lot to me, and I’ll forever remember my 50th week.

Looking forward, I’ve entered my decade of destiny, as I call it, a beautiful flourishing to come. It feels like we’ve finished growing our deep roots and foundations of life, and now it’s time for our tree to grow and be seen in the world at large. We look forward to all that may come from these roots and the fruits that they may bear.


Stories and Sharings

As many of you are aware, back in December last year, we toured Egypt in the successful Trinity Tour.

This month, we’re happy to release an Egypt mini-documentary from our trip and travels through Egypt. Thanks to Taylor Sol, who cut and put this documentary together. We trust and hope you enjoy a deeper insight into what happened behind the scenes in Egypt. Enjoy the mini-documentary.


Planetary Weavings

The planetary consciousness field continues to grow in vibratory frequency.

Incredible plasma and gamma rays continue to flood the planet, and more and more people who have been previously asleep are waking up from their slumber. People who once would not have considered meditating, detoxing, or going on personal development retreats are moving into these areas and wishing to expand and grow.

I am ever so hopeful of our future when I continue to hear stories from friends and loved ones of people they know who have been asleep for many years, starting to go on the path of evolution. These incoming wavelengths of energy are beginning to seep very deeply into people’s awareness, creating a stirring awakening and a desire to grow and evolve. The only way we begin to steer this planet in the right direction is from the grassroots at the community level.

The community level is where all the great change takes place, and the stirrings are indeed happening inside the hearts and bellies of all who are ready to evolve. We are priming for a great leap in collective consciousness in the second half of this decade. While things may seem upsetting on the surface, do know that we are on an exponential hockey stick curve upward and onward in the collective consciousness. Things will not move linearly. They shall move exponentially.

We have some tests ahead; there are more manoeuvrings for greater control by global elites. Earlier last month, we were starting to pick up the energetics of a red iron dragon encasing itself around the earth. This was the beginning of a tighter control system that would create an iron-fisted lock on freedoms around the planet.

It was being consciously projected out by embodied meditators, creating a tighter morphogenetic field of control. This energetic template would have been used to create more fear as the next phase of the control system, the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) was implemented.

Everything in existence is created twice; the first creation is energetic, and the second is the physical reflection of the energetic template. So the discovery of the energetic Iron Red Dragon of control showed us a path where there is an intention by Global Elites to steer our planet.

The incoming play (a few years away from now) is once the CBDCs are implemented, they will be slowly phased in. At some point a few years down the line, there will be an engineered banking crisis. Don’t worry. It will not be globally systemic but rather more isolated like it was in 2008. This Global elite will push the CBDC solution as “THE” way out of the crisis.

At this point, humanity will have a choice regarding what they will use as global money. The Iron Red Dragon that was found in the collective energy fields of our planet was building energy and momentum to broadcast maximum fear. So, people felt compelled to transition to the central bank’s digital currency solution.

This was also hampering free speech and the perception of being able to speak freely. One of the biggest issues in the world right now is censorship. Censorship suppresses free thought and open discussion on all matters. This was evident to everyone where a worldwide ban on any topic about COVID vaccinations was taking place. People just became cancelled.

Free speech is one of the most important things we need to preserve. Tech platforms have a lot of power with their algorithms that automatically curate and only serve information that is aligned with a certain political narrative that they are aligned with.

Much more needs to be done in this regard. Thankfully, we have emerging political voices speaking into this, such as Robert F. Kennedy, who is setting intentions to open up more free speech, as is Republican hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy, currently polling third in the Republican primaries.

Both candidates are campaigning for free speech and reducing big tech manipulation. This is growing awareness of the need for free speech and intellectual debate rather than the blind acceptance of Government and media positions.

We have Twitter emerging as an uncensored space along with Rumble for video. The trust in mainstream media reporting (if you can call it that) has rapidly declined (since COVID). People do not trust the Government, Media or anything with a top-down feeling.

The Aquarian Age (which we are now in) will not support top-down control systems; people are seeking the truth. And people are recognising that the mainstream media always has an agenda. People who follow the money, will find who is pulling the strings.

I wish to thank The Guardian Collective, who dismantled the iron red dragon, meaning there’s more spaciousness once again for expressing sovereignty. All the energy and momentum for this agenda has collapsed; they will need to find a way to build this up again.

Super job, Guardians. Most of you are on this newsletter, you did it again…

You are more powerful than you realise. Each time, you work through a shadow piece. It immediately gets loaded into the morphogenic field of humanity, making it easier for others working on this piece to punch through.

Keep working on yourself, exploring your shadows, and supporting others around you with kindness and compassion, and collectively, we will evolve and move through into a brighter future.

You have a more significant role than you can imagine. A sincere heart of wishing to evolve, and a willingness to lean into discomfort of your pain and shadow will take you far.

While we must navigate large forces, who wish to keep the status quo, soon enough, the irresistible force will move the immovable object.

We are on the way.



Gratitude to all who continue to journey with us, allowing us to grow and refine our offerings.

For dates and information on how to join the remainder of this years ‘Root Initiations’, please visit our ‘Live Experiences’ page on the website. Also we unveiled our new “Ultimate Alignment Protocol”, designed for those seeking purposeful connection. And, we’ve penned some insights in “50 years around the sun” and “Spiritual Principles for Awakened Leaders”.

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