Our signature programme for enhancing the consciousness and energetic intelligence of people serving their personal evolution. We serve people who are committed to growing and accelerating their contribution; to their families, their businesses, and projects, because they’re passionate about propelling humanity forward.

Who are the Evolutionaries?

An Evolutionary is someone who knows they are inspired by a mission to help evolve and improve the quality of their life, put their family first, live in alignment with their spiritual purpose, and in doing so assist in the greater evolution of our planet and species.

Their purpose can take many shapes and forms but they know they are here to serve, and they know in order to be of the greatest level of service to others, they need to fulfil their potential.

They recognise that the path of self-actualisation is an internal path that evolves and expands their consciousness in an embodied and practical way. And it’s this body-based inner knowing that helps them know they’re fulfilling their life’s purpose, legacy and ultimately making the biggest difference in the lives of those they love most.

In particular, Evolutionaries are concerned with the current state of themselves, their families, society, their community, and the wider planet as a whole.

They are committed to being the change they wish to see in the world, because they know the next phase for humanity will be driven consciously and intentionally from the bottom up. They have witnessed the failures of top-down Leadership, and the trajectory society is on is no longer practically sustainable.

Evolutionaries realise that the move to intentional evolution for humanity is no longer optional, but a globally needed imperative. When adopted by enough people it will change the fabric of how we live together, and what it means to be human.

They recognise that the underlying key that will create this shift is the Key of consciousness.

A Key is something that unlocks a perception, establishes a new belief, and allows you to attract and create a new reality.

A Key once realised liberates you from your existing paradigm and propels you to a higher level of living and being in alignment with Natural Law.

What are the Evolutionary Keys?

The Evolutionary Keys are the programming that enables you to raise your vibration and expand your consciousness.

It’s the training you should have received at school to prepare you for life. It teaches you how to re-programme your patterns, and expand, harness, and drive your consciousness. It teaches you how the nature of reality works by expanding your energetic intelligence, and in doing so, learning that life happens through you, not to you.

We teach you to take personal responsibility to transcend your life’s challenges so that your pain becomes your medicine, and your wounds become your wisdom.

The Evolutionary Keys is a hybrid training/coaching/community model, where you not only receive high-quality training, but also in-depth support that will enable you to apply and integrate what you have learned into your day-to-day life and the lives of others.

The two journeys of an Evolutionary

If you have a vision for yourself living a life on purpose, serving your community, and assisting in changing the world, then you have to acknowledge the two journeys you need to go on.

The external journey is the external steps you need to take in order to make that vision a reality. This is WHAT you need to do, in order to be successful. The steps, tolls, and processes you need to move through in order to make it happen. The internal journey is often forgotten, and yet it’s the most important piece of WHO you must become in order to be successful.

The WHO and the WHAT need to be simultaneously worked on together in order for you to fulfil your potential in this lifetime. The Evolutionary Keys is that training and preparation container that assists you in reaching your highest potential by assisting you to pull back the layers of conditioning, and reveal who you truly are.

“The real question in life is not what to do,
but who I need to become.”

The Evolutionary Keys move you through both the internal journey and external journey on your Golden Path of all that you are becoming. And it’s through this process that you will develop the consciousness and frequency to serve in the new zeitgeist of being an Evolutionary.

The internal journey

The Evolutionary Keys is the programming which is a living library of personal experiences, of how your Mind-Body-Energy fields interact with Source intelligence to create and shape your reality. It is a complete overhaul of your entire Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Operating Systems.

By following the internal journey through The Keys, you will go back in time and track the development of your energy centres, you will begin to rewrite and recalibrate your vibrational frequency systematically. You will dive deep into your soul psychology, and as a result, will increase your intentionality, coherence, magnetism, and flow.

Alaya and I have spent our lives committed to our own spiritual growth. Drawing on our own experiences and teachings in psychology, energetics and healing science we designed our own unique methodology – The Evolutionary Keys. We use this programme ourselves to support our own path of awakening and energetic and emotional processing. We knew we were onto something when we realised that the more we went inward and committed to the teachings in this programme, the more vibrant, flowing, coherent, harmonious, and abundant our life became.

That ignited the burning desire to share this powerful programme with the world and here we are today with hundreds of people experiencing The Evolutionary Keys and making a difference.

Explore your life with the depth required to live life at the highest level through contemplating and re-programming your bio-energy field, DNA, and consciousness. We’re here to show you how.

The external journey

You will explore the new model and map of becoming an Evolutionary. It’s someone who awakens, aligns, and empowers themselves, and others, and distributes leadership and self-directed action for a cause that inspires them. Thus creating their family and team of self-motivated beings aligned to a purpose that becomes an unstoppable force for good.

The new model of influence lies not in managing people, but in creating spheres of energetic containers. Be it in families, in communities, organisations, or companies. It assumes every being has within them the power to connect to a purpose that inspires them, and can lead themselves from the point of inspiration that is aligned to the intention of following their soul purpose.

You are supported in walking the journey of empowering others by holding the consciousness that inspires others and distributing leadership among everyone. Be it across your family, your community, a project you are leading, or a company that you are a part of. In this new way, we are called to come together in co-creation through a process of synarchy rather than hierarchy.

And as an awakened Evolutionary you are called to seed this consciousness by role modelling the virtues of love, integrity, vision, truth, service, humbleness, acceptance, kindness, detachment, and compassion. Inside the containers and spheres of influence, you are building so that leadership becomes distributed among everyone.

Evolutionary Leadership

Learn about the energetic Intelligence behind the teams that change the world.

Evolutionary Leadership

Learn about the energetic Intelligence behind the teams that change the world.

Evolutionaries are people who are called to this consciousness and new way of operating or organising themselves and their families, communities, projects and / or companies. If you are ready to walk the path of being the change you wish to see in the world, and implement it in your immediate sphere of influence, join us. The Evolutionary Keys is the programming that will unlock your energetic intelligence, so that you can fulfil your potential in service of your life’s purpose.

This is your training ground for fulfilling your highest potential in the area that you are most called to serve in.

Live integration calls

The Evolutionary Keys comes with integration calls where Alaya and I connect as a community and lead a topic of conversation, inquiry, and energy transmission.

These calls allow interaction with opportunities for processing on the throne of truth, break-out rooms, mentoring support, as well as healing and breakthroughs. This is our opportunity to connect with you and assist with your personal process. It does not matter when you join The Evolutionary Keys programme as you can join the monthly calls at any time.

Our live calls aim to keep you engaged in the Keys journey and offer you the chance to connect with your community, Christof and/or Alaya depending upon the theme.

The Evolutionary Keys retreat


EMBODIED is the Evolutionary Keys highlight of our annual calendar, where we get together LIVE and in-person to go through an accelerated metamorphosis.

The live experiences are where we are able to go through greater depth through direct experience of working with and enhancing your energetic intelligence.

During this process you will learn to come into greater mastery of your personal energy field, and greater mastery of your containers of intentionality that you are setting for your family, community, projects, and companies. It is a retreat like no other where you will directly experience the codes and consciousness of higher fields of vibratory frequency, so that you can peel back the layers, step into greater authenticity and feel the fluidity of the more refined vibrations of Embodied Evolutionaries.

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