The Root Initiation

Where you learn the reality of life, meet your soul, and learn who you truly are.

The starting point for your pathway of initiation with us resides in a Shamanic facilitated experience of an African rites of passage initiation. It is one of the most potent spiritual ceremonies in the world and is a way to step into life, free of the core conditioning that shaped you as a child.


New Zealand

29 August – 1 September

New Zealand

21 – 24 November

It is a true Rite of Passage, a “coming of age” ritual for women and men of all ages.

It offers without exception a true physical and spiritual test delivering completely changed people on the other side. Your life will always be compared to your life ‘before’ the Root, and your life ‘after’ the Root.

The initiation works as a way to ensure integrity, alignment, and connection. It is a cleaning and clearing of your core wounds and biggest egoic deficiencies that have moved you away from your true self, and the quintessence of who you truly are at a soul level. It is this initiation where you learn the reality of life, meet your soul, and learn who you truly are.

We work with the spirit of a plant from Africa. It has profound mystical properties that allow direct connection to your own source consciousness without intermediaries. It has been called the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ in the bible and gives profound access to all sorts of pockets and places of consciousness. It grounds you deeply into this reality while giving you access all the way to the Godhead.

It allows your conscious mind to navigate your subconscious and unconscious minds. You can become the cosmonaut of your Innerspace and have revealed to you many things from your childhood that have been deeply buried and forgotten that have shaped your reality to this day. You will be able to access deeply buried unconscious and long-suppressed fears, and negative emotions you didn’t know existed but are affecting your life to this day.

The initiation takes you back to your formative years and deals with the childhood and ancestral conditioning you experienced growing up. It gives you the opportunity to reprogramme your childhood and elevate the conditions of your life.

Upon acceptance of your application your journey begins.

Please note that not every application gets accepted as we have a very limited 10 to 16 spaces per intake, so please take the time to craft your application.

The whole process takes 6 months including the pre-initiation intake and integration aftercare.

Once accepted and place secured, you will receive an detailed questionnaire plus an invitation to conduct your life essay. This will guide you into much deeper contact with your personal life story, the factors that shaped your upbringing, and the programming and conditioning you received growing up.

From the moment you accept a place, the morphogenetic field of the Root Initiation begins working on you straight away. Do not be surprised if life presents you with all sorts of tests and internal triggers as the initiation brings to the surface things that you have been deeply burying over the years.

Just know that the initiation begins from the moment you say yes!

The initiation itself will last over four days with us, with one day extra on your own contemplating and integrating before you return home. The initiation itself is in retreat format where we are altogether very focused on the initiation. We do not give any details of the ritual itself in a public setting, this is for initiates only and you will be fully briefed before you come to the beginning of the initiation.

The next three months are a crucial time for your integration and application of what you have learned in the deeply transformational experience. You will have a unique opportunity to consciously rewire your brains neural nets and patterns. Because the strong electrical charge of the wound has been taken out. This gives you the space to consciously craft a response, rather than simply coming from a reaction which was automatic and unconscious up until this point.

Integration is all about embodying the changes in your real-world life. The depth of healing that is completed on the root initiation allows you to have a fresh start in life so you can formulate new perceptions and beliefs about the world and people around you. Without the lens of the wound that has clouded your perception and ability to move past the self limiting blocks and barriers you have created up until this point.

As we like to say, the real ceremony is the ‘ceremony of your life’ after the initiation.

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