Achilles Stability Protocol

Stability is the true path to freedom.

Installing the key foundations of stability in your life gives you a much stronger ability to manifest your intentions – you cannot manifest your desires without being stable in your energy field.

The Achilles Protocol is a process given to me by the Guardians that involves working with the Golden Phoenix. It also works with the essence of your feminine energy on your left Achilles heel and the masculine energy on your right. When there is an emotional problem or wound in the past, it relates to the feminine part of your left heel. On the other hand, if there’s a weakness in the right side of the body on the right heel, there’s a problem with control or fear concerning the present or the future. In this transmission, we balance your two Achilles heels – the feminine, and the masculine side. It is to ensure stability and bring this energy through your energy centres and levels of the field and full stability through your Hara dimension. It is a potent protocol that I’m happy to send out to our community to improve your manifestation abilities and general stability in life.

  • Stabilise your feelings about the past
  • Stabilise your fears about the future
  • Balance the feminine and masculine components of yourself
  • Receive the powerful and potent energy of the Golden Phoenix
  • Strengthen your Hara and ability to manifest
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