Brain Neurological Upgrade

Optimal brain function and balance.

One of the issues in modern society is the fragmentation of consciousness when we’re young, but also the overstimulation of the modern world.

With screens permeating our minefield, we end up with a data deluge and this places an overload on the neurological system with its highly stimulating nature, causing us to be on high alert. The overstimulation from screens creates a heightened electrical activity through the delicate balance in our brain’s optimal functioning and balance. The Neurological Upgrade Transmission is an antidote for the amount of over-electrical stimulation we receive in our lives. It’s a great component to potentially go to sleep with.

  • Reduce mental overstimulation
  • Reduce harmful and toxic effects of digital devices and screens
  • Clear pesky neural nets that keep you stuck in looping patterns
  • Decrease stress, worry and anxiety
  • Release locked and looping patterns of thinking
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