Golden Path Meditation

Before we are born our soul enters into pre-birth soul agreements.

These agreements are conscious agreements made by our Soul with the Higher Self Councils that provide the ideal blueprint for our life for this incarnation.

Every life comes with special agreements that shape and guide our incarnation in the highest way possible to utilise that lifetime best to enhance our Soul and Akasha records.

The closer we align to our pre-birth Soul agreements, the easier and more flowing life becomes. The further we depart from these, the more bumpy and challenging life becomes as our Soul and the Universe looks to autocorrect our embodied choices. This audio transmission opens up the Akasha records for meditation to allow you to contemplate your pre-birth Soul agreements. Then takes you through a process of embodying these and aligning your life to your Golden Path, where your Soul, Service, and Sweetness for life all come together and magically align.

Spend time visualising and imprinting your consciousness and bio-energy field with the energy and frequencies of your creation. Witness and experience them materialising into this NOW moment. Imprint your intent on existence, don’t let existence imprint it’s intent on you.

  • Access your Golden Akasha pre-birth Soul Agreements
  • Anchor in a clearly aligned, positive, effortless, surrendered intention
  • Build the highest vision for your life in your bio-energy field
  • Activate your personal coherence and magnetism to attract the life you desire
  • Walk your Golden path to self-actualisation
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