I am a Logos

A Logos is the universal hosting consciousness for the entire time-space matrix.

This means that a sentient consciousness is responsible for all the hosting of everything that transpires in the entire universe. This includes multiple galaxies, suns, solar systems, and planetary bodies. The totality of all that exists within the time-space matrix.

Humans live in the illusion of being separate from source. This illusion of separation prevents us from manifesting our highest reality. When you know you’re at one with God, all is possible for you in the realms of creation.

The I Am A Logos meditation entrains your consciousness to know it is at one with source to know it is indeed a logos. From this expanded and exalted space and state, you can see clearly the root cause of issues playing out, as well as manifest your desires.
It is a beautifully mastered meditation and audio transmission desired to greatly expand your consciousness and subliminally layer in the principle of the law of one deeply into your unconscious mind so that you know you’re at one with source.

  • Expand and unify your consciousness into the limitless fields of pure potentiality
  • Become deeply connected to the Earth
  • Become deeply connected with the Universe
  • Experience unification between every living thing on Earth and in the Cosmos
  • Know you are at one with God, and God is at one with you.
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