One of the keys to moving forward in life and evolving is being able to push through self-imposed limitations that you inherited in your conditioning.

If you do not evolve, you will be forever constrained by the programming and ceilings of your parents.

Every time you wish to create something from your heart, you wish to offer to the world, your internal programming plays a significant role in determining how far and wide it will reach. Living without limits is about stretching yourself and pushing through self-imposed blocks, barriers and limiting beliefs.

The Limitless Transmission will work on clearing your core fears and synthesising your four bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You will experience profound healing through the Holy Trinity of the Scared Masculine, Sacred Feminine, and Divine Child through an ancient Waitaha Blessing.

You will visualise your future in the Golden Chamber of Creation, a sacred space where you can anchor your highest potential timeline. Before witnessing the fence of your limiting beliefs begin to crumble. Bring your highest vision into your DNA template and Hara so you can access the primordial energy of creation.

  • Liberate yourself from core fears and limiting beliefs, and step into a life where every decision is made from a place of power and clarity
  • Experience a soul-deep healing and alignment of the Sacred Feminine, Sacred Masculine, and Divine Child, achieving inner harmony and balanced energy flow
  • Code your DNA to elevate your consciousness, offering enhanced intuition, awareness, and connectivity with the universe
  • Release deep-seated fears and experience emotional liberation, leading to enhanced emotional intelligence, stability, and resilience
  • Witness a radical transformation in your self-perception, attitude, and outlook. Step into a version of yourself that’s boundless, empowered, and unequivocally free
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