Nadial System And Bio-circuitry Upgrade

Healing the Nadial Complex can help restore our natural energy flow and improve our overall well-being.

Our chakras, which are energy centers in the body, send their energy through these Nadis. The Nadial Complex helps organize this energy so it can be used by our DNA and RNA in our cells. This process is essential for the functioning of our brain and nervous system.

The Nadial System is like the energetic blueprint for our body’s central nervous system (CNS). It’s made up of energy receivers and transmitters, all held together in a kind of tissue called the Nadial Capsule. This is part of our soul’s structure and is linked to our heart’s functions. It’s controlled from a higher dimension (the astral body).

Your Nadia’s system is the instruction set for our CNS, and is responsible for the bio-circuitry of energy through your system and together with the Nadi Capsule step down the consciousness from your Soul to your physical vessel.

Like other parts of your energetic anatomy the Nadi’s can become blocked, stagnant, or congested. Since the Nadi’s are the energetic blueprint for your central nervous system. Blockages in your Nadi’s can create nervous system glitches that can mean you lose your ability to feel and sense things deeply.

The Nadial Capsule is the membrane that holds all the parts of the Nadial Body together. If it gets damaged, the Nadial functions can be affected. Our energy centres, called Chakras, send energy into the Nadial Capsule, which then helps organise our consciousness into our physical form.

This healing transmission is designed to smooth and support the Nadial system, into higher functioning, it will assist in stepping down your soul intelligence into your physical vessel and improve the flow of frequency and energy through your body, thus enhancing and impacting your nervous system.

You will receive:

  • Heightened emotional awareness and depth of feeling
  • Enhanced intuition and spiritual connection
  • Improved brain function and nervous system performance
  • Increased resilience to negative energies and influences
  • Greater overall sense of balance, harmony, and well-being
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