Past Life Karmic Clearing

As you begin awakening on your life path of spiritual growth.

You start to recognise that quantum entanglements draw towards you certain people and situations that inspire opportunities for growth and healing.

We have all had lifetimes where we have lived in alignment with natural law and served others. While also experiencing times when your shadow or ego ruled more, the love of power was more important than the power of love.

Often triggers, irritations, upsets, and what we perceive to be negative influences that come into our life path have their ‘Cause” in past life experiences. Any time we have broken natural law in a past life, it leaves a Karmic Knot in our nadi’s (spiritual nerves that wrap around our spine and move through the fascia). These Karmic Knots hold the ‘energetically charged consequence’ of that past life choice active in our bio-energy field. That Karmic Knot will continue to draw towards us people and experiences until we clear and balance the Karmic debt from that past life choice point that broke Natural Law.

This powerful Past Life Karma Clearing energy transmission will automatically clear the exact amount of the highest priority past life karma in the highest alignment for your Soul Path. Use this transmission repeatedly to keep chipping away at your past life karma that is creating hidden ceilings on your life path.

  • Use with current triggers and life situations that are up for clearing
  • Access multiple past life karmic debts that are up for resolution
  • Interface with the Higher Self councils to identify which Karma needs clearing
  • Run this code and energy through multiple past life experiences
  • Make giant strides in your karmic records and path of spiritual growth
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