Solomon’s Temple

Solomon’s Temple has long been a prophecy through many spiritual lineages.

It represents the highest spiritual blueprint available for humanity. It has been here in ancient times, and it has been prophesied that it shall return at some point in the future. That future is here and now.

Solomon’s Temple has been resurrected in liaison with the Guardian Alliance, the Earth Guardians. It now stands as a beacon of light for humanity and many star races and beings.

It represents the twelve-dimensional current of Christ-Consciousness with the uncorrupted spiritual templates and blueprints for the Earth’s Golden Aeon. It has been thousands of years since Solomon’sTemple last shone as a beacon on Earth. It now stands resurrected in all its full glory as a spiritual lighthouse and beacon for the accelerated evolving consciousness of our species. There is much to celebrate as Solomon’s Temple is humanity’s Spiritual Lighthouse. It guides and illuminates our path and way home back to Source.

This audio transmission takes you on a sacred pilgrimage to the hallowed halls of Solomon’s Temple. Here you will bathe in the Christed consciousness fields of the sacred, feminine, masculine and divine child, along with the founder races to support your accelerated expansion in consciousness as we bathe in these crystalline frequencies. It is an opportunity for you to enter the Highest Spiritual Temple available on Planet Earth. In this transmission, you will be guided into a Crystal Elevator and taken to Solomon’s Temple to receive all the highest frequency and energy possible to accelerate your spiritual growth.

While there, you will receive telepathic downloads, activations, and revelations regarding your spiritual path and purpose. You will use the energy of Solomon’s Temple to help construct your highest vision of life.

  • Take a crystal elevator up to the hallowed halls of Solomon’s Temple
  • Bathe in the crystalline Christed frequencies and talisman amplifiers
  • Commune with the angelic realms and founder races.
  • Open yourself to telepathic downloads and revelation from the Holy of Holies
  • Get clarity and perspective on your Life Path and Soul journey.
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