Vaccine Clearing

mRNA. One of the most controversial vaccines in history.

The mRNA technology tells the body’s own system to produce spike proteins. The theory is that the internal production of spike proteins (SP’s are never usually produced internally, they are always introduced to the body from an incoming virus) but producing them internally will help create antibodies.

We have witnessed one of the biggest health tragedies in human history with so many people reporting serious side effects and death. From an energetic standpoint, we saw a dark codex, bound with sorcery energy that creates a downward spiral of health conditions.This energy transmission was gifted to me by the Guardian Alliance as a solution to remove the detrimental energetic effects the vaccine has on human health and consciousness. The transmission has had thousands of people report improved health, and energetic functioning from adverse side effects from taking the new mRNA vaccine technology.

  • Clear and dark energy from your bio-energy field
  • Clear the dark energy from your chakras
  • Clear the sorcerer energy bindings encased in the vaccine
  • Remove the destructive cycle, and activate an active cycle of health
  • Activate the Golden Phoenix to connect, protect and guide your way home
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