Why chakras are capping your potential

Why chakras are capping your potential

Have you ever wondered why you keep repeating the same issues in your life over and over again?

Do you find yourself capped at a certain level of achievement, or success that prevents you from fulfilling the highest potential of your PURPOSE for being here on Earth?

Many of the answers to WHY this capping happens to you can be found in the function and form of your Chakras or energy centres. When you inner-stand how your chakras interact with your actual physiology and create the interface between the energetic world and the physical world you can begin to actually change how they are metabolising the energy from ‘the field’ into your own hologram.

When you can consciously change the way your chakras are integrating this energy into your physiology, suddenly this puts you in control of your life path, it gives dominion over your responses and allows you to move past the parental, ancestral, and cultural programming and imprinting you received as part of your experience growing up.

As long as you are not consciously aware of HOW your chakras are behaving, you are always going to be catching up with your unconscious reactions to external stimuli that still trigger reactions in your chakras.

So let’s explore first up the energetic – physical interface and inner-stand why this is critical to changing and shaping your reality. The first thing to realise is that all things in the physical world are built from templates held in the energetic. These templates for your life are held in place through the programming language of this time-space matrix: SOUND – VIBRATION – LIGHT.

These constructs or building blocks go on to create form and geometry, colour and wavelength. These are the information providers that integrate with your own energetic anatomy to build out your experience in the world.

Now ‘The Field’ is constantly sending information in the form of particles of light intelligence around us all the time. Caught up in this intelligence are the form holding templates that your entire hologram is processing on a constant basis. Your chakras formulate the energetic intake organs for this information and light intelligence.

Ideally, your chakras create a clockwise rotational spin to accrete this incoming light intelligence and spiral it down the chakra which is shaped like a funnel (picture a traffic cone) with the tip inserting into your vertical power column which runs through your spine and into the corresponding endocrine gland.

Each chakra will send energy into that endocrine gland and this is the energetic – physical interface that takes place in your physiology. This energy once processed through the endocrine gland is distributed through your body via your meridian and Nadi network. The meridians are the highways of energetic flow through your system while the Nadi’s are like the small backcountry lanes allowing access through your entire system.

Now your chakras from moment to moment have varying amounts of flow through them according to how you are processing the information presented in “The Field” around you and/or the patterns established due to the psychological, emotional, energetic, and spiritual programming that took place in your formative years.

This is important to realise because your chakras adjust the amount of light they are accreting into your cells and personal hologram according to your past, and what is here now. Thus depending what is playing out your chakras can increase or decrease the amount of energetic flow into your system, they can become tangled and unstructured meaning they won’t spin and hold energy properly, they can have clouds, and mucus which increases the density of the chakras, thus slowing down the pulsation rates of the particles meaning your vibration starts to decrease. You can have cords attached into the chakras from other people or beings syphoning the life force and energy from you. You can have an entity, discarnate or demon hosted as a portal into your hologram through a particular chakra further syphoning energy from your hologram. If you have any of these issues playing out in any of your chakras this will undoubtedly be CAPPING YOUR POTENTIAL.

Thus having CLEAR, CHARGED, BALANCED chakras is important to ensure your hologram is operating at optimum. In the acceleration of your personal development, and to enhance the unfolding of your life path and PURPOSE focusing on developing the energetic strength, form, and function of your chakra is a highly intelligent personal directive to ensure you are playing out at your full potential.

In this article I’ll share with you the psychological function of each chakra, the important years when the imprinting and development of these are formulated, and what the key lessons are for your life with each chakra and what you can do to enhance their function on a daily basis to actually start your day CLEAR, CHARGED, BALANCED to ensure you are operating at your highest potentials.

Read on below:

Healing the first chakra

This article will help you understand how your chakras function, and how they shape and create your reality and life, and the critical role they play in having your personal hologram accrete energy and light from the zero point field. Let’s turn our attention to issues that are held in specific chakras starting with the first or root chakra and how these play out in your life.

The first chakra which points down towards the Earth and when functioning correctly will metabolise energy from the Earth and allows you to connect into the Schumann resonance which is the Earth’s pulse. The psychological role of this chakra is all about feeling SAFE, and ensuring you’re SURVIVAL physically; it’s all about self-preservation.

When this chakra does not metabolise energy suitably, this ensures there is not enough energetic feed coming from the Earth into your system. Thus you are always going to be on high alert, never feeling truly connected to either being in your body or safe here on Earth.

This includes not feeling safe in the unknown future. You can tell if this is playing out in your life when you are worried about the future, projecting lots of ‘what if’s’ with negative scenarios playing out in your mind. This scenario creates an issue when these negative ‘what if’s’ end up freezing your actions and you do not follow through on plans that are aligned with your highest potential because they are taking you out of your comfort zone.

Being out of your comfort zone can trigger any unmet needs or deficiency in the first chakra which were developed in the first chakra in the womb, and in the first year of life. If during this period of development there was anger, aggression, or a general lack of harmony in your family environment this chakra will not develop to be strong and stable.

In the Western world, the way babies are met and integrated into the world also naturally creates distortion in the first chakra. For example in the modern medical world, one of the first things that happen when a new baby is born is that the umbilical cord is cut, severing the physical and energetic connection to the placenta.

This immediately creates a major wounding of separation, abandonment, and isolation. Consider that the only companion you as a baby had in that time was the placenta and to have this forcibly removed at birth creates a major shock and trauma and creates imprinting on the first chakra perception of safety and survival.

Then very early on babies are separated from their parents for periods both during the day and night. In the western world, it is a relatively common practice for parents to put their baby in a different bed or room, further separating the baby from the only physical and energetic container the baby knows. This practice heightens the first chakra distortion which plays out as an egoic deficiency later in life.

Thus as you can see even though we may indeed come from loving parents just the parenting culture of the western world can create issues in the healthy development of the first chakra. Now add conflict and drama into the equation during a baby’s development then you have consequences later in life regarding not feeling truly safe in the body, in the world, or in an unknown future.

This developmental process creates a pattern of fear and prevents the baby from having emerged into adulthood with a deficiency need for safety and survival not established. This creates a fear-based belief that the world is not a safe place, and all interactions in adulthood will be through this lens of ‘I am not safe.’ The ‘I am not safe belief significantly limits the likely hood of healthy risk-taking in pursuing one’s personal growth, ambitions, and soul plan.


Very often, many issues can reside through the First Chakra because really, it’s the life force energy which then correspondingly affects all Endocrine glands. And so, in this way, the First Chakra really is the ‘master’ and ‘driver’ of our health and vitality, and when energy is either holding down or not receiving/absorbing frequency from our life force, from our connection to the planet, it does have an enormous crossover effect to all other operating systems within the vessel. Physiology and frequency move together and so when the frequency is not innovating the physiology, we lack that kind of charge. And so, what’s important is to be able to ensure that that vitality and life force does make its way through the system by having a very nicely active First Chakra.


So, a very large and open First Chakra can be a sign that you’re a little bit overactivated in survival – whether it be financial survival, emotional or physical survival; it doesn’t matter. But usually, you’re right in the middle of some sort of life urgency or emergency. And very often, some people can be phase-locked and stuck in this energy, in this frequency; rushing around, trying to get everything done. And so, when this Chakra is over-activated, it’s great in helping you survive. It’s great in helping you to kind of survive through this emergency of life. But if this is constantly open all the time, you’re overly physical, you’re overly focused on survival and you’re overly focused on protecting one’s self.


Whereas, on the opposite side of the coin, a closed First Chakra is almost like you’re shutting down your lifeforce energy; or ignoring it, or moving it to one side. And so, quite often we will see a closed First Chakra appear with people who are in a lot of emotional or physical pain. Or not from necessarily being in survival per se, but in denial of their own life lessons, this can be shut down. And it’s the denial of the necessity of this unemotional kind of lifeforce that can flow through them.

So ask yourself these simple questions:

Do I feel safe going for my goals and dreams?

If I had to give up my job, or guaranteed income to get ALIGNED with my desires and purpose would I do it?

The feeling of being able to meet your physical and psychological needs is the first critical step to being able to build a life based on solid foundations. From this space you are able to move into your future, feeling safe in the unknown. Feeling safe in the unknown is the absolute KEY to living an incredible life. Because all of your dreams and visions of life are linked to your ability to step boldly out into uncharted territory, into uncertainty, into the unknown.

If you are locked and blocked from taking action to change a situation you do not like, then this is due to fear that has been conditioned into you from the moment of your conception. As soon as you were conceived all the thought processes, emotions, and fears of your Mother were imprinted into the cellular fluid that you were forming in. Creating the first level of the unconscious mind conditioning now playing out as your reality.

This FEAR has been holographically programmed into your system from conception into the first year of your life. As a sensitive soul and consciousness did you feel safe enough to be able to come down and ground into the physical dimension.

Did your consciousness feel safe enough to be able to arc it’s energy and consciousness and root into the Earth, or like most humans in western society, was it a safer bet to stay up in the higher realms and avoid grounding into the physical.

Even if your parents were in total harmony, chances are you were born inside a hospital, your umbilical cord was cut from the placenta at birth (First trauma of separation and abandonment right there, the placenta is the organic tree of life and was your energetic twin at birth.).

Then you were placed at night time in a separate room from your Mother. You then went home and slept in a separate bed than your parents, out of their protective and loving energy field feeling all alone. You were carried around in a pushchair rather than on your Mother belly being further out of their field.

Just these alone can create first chakra imprints around safety and survival that formulate into not feeling safe in the unknown as an adult. Add on top of this stress, the anxiety of your Mother, all of her conditioning, all of your Father conditioning plus any arguing and fighting from your parents at this time. You quickly get the picture of how the first chakra issues are formulated.

Perhaps after reading this, you start to recognize any anxiety or worrying thoughts about the future, money worries (which represent perceptions of Core Survival) are more to do with what was happening during pregnancy, and the first year of life than anything else.

We are talking about deep core conditioning that goes into the cellular intelligence and formulation of the first energy centre, which makes up the primal patterns of how you operate as an adult.

Acknowledging how this period was for you as a baby, may help you do the repatterning and rewiring work required to holographically reimprint your first chakra to be healthy, strong, and fully anchored and grounded into the physical Earth.

Try this mantra:

I am safe in my body and on this Earth, Here and Now.

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You cannot build your vision if you are worried about your safety in the future.

Healing the second chakra

Let’s talk about sex… {red pill no blue one needed} now admit it that got you interested!

There is no doubt that sexual energy is one of the most powerful and potent energies available to us as human beings. This energy is harnessed and created through the juicy second chakra. The second chakra not only hosts the frequency of sexuality but also of that of all our relationship consciousness.

The second chakra structurally and functionally develops from around the age of 6 months to two years, but the psychological imprinting associated with this chakra happens between the ages of two to eight. It is just below the belly button and its Endocrine gland that’s connecting into the reproductive organs – the ovaries in females, the testicles in men – and it’s linked into really this whole womb area and genitals, and the kidney and gall bladder region.

It is during this period that you are assimilating both the values and norms of your family unit, but also that of the culture you grew up inside. The second chakra like all of them continues to be programmed through childhood, adolescence, and into our adult years through family conditioning, cultural conditioning and direct experiences we have. However, these formative years of two through to eight are particularly important for the second chakra; it is during this time that much of your deep programming is formulated and stored in the hard drive of your unconscious mind.

It is during these years that you move from being primarily concerned with issues of safety and survival in the world and family unit (1st Chakra issues) to becoming part of the thriving family unit. It is here in your physiological development you move into bonding with the group structure you are a part of, your family. And the whole psychological function of it is really around this whole sensuality, sexuality, creativity, movement, and connection – all around our emotional identity. And this point of time you know, the development phases of this is around 6 months to 2 years. And so, it’s interesting to be exploring what’s going on in someone’s life around these times, so we can get to see these kinds of energetic frequencies get planted into the Chakra, creating kind of all sorts of imprinted programs, which can go on and affect someone in adult life. Lust, fantasy, jealousy, distractions – you know, over-emotional connective neediness – are all kinds of these mechanisms of what this Chakra will be imprinted within that age bracket when someone is growing up. And that then goes on to drive one’s life.

So, it’s the seat of pleasure and passion and it’s located in this region of the Sacral area here. And its energetics is all around programming to seek pleasure, enjoyment, and fulfilment. And it’s done through experiencing life through the feeling centres and sensation centres.

What I’ve noticed is that people can be more Second Chakra-orientated because they’re not grounding into the Earth. And because they’re not grounding and their First Chakra rather blocked, they end up getting their grounding from their sense of the Second Chakra. So, these people are kind of deeply emotional lovers who require these massive commitments from their partners. Large amounts of time, seeking this kind of real transcendental love experience on the feeling centres. And so, they have a very emotional, needy-type experience because they never really felt safe enough in those early years, and in the womb, for the First Chakra to really ground down and ground into that experience. So, the grounding for them comes through the emotional centres and the connectivity of emotions in a relationship. Which, of course, sexuality’s a part of that, but really, it’s this kind of really strong emotional connectivity through that energy centre.

And so, ideally, we’re supposed to maintain this balance – between our emotional vessel; between our psychological vessel; and, our spiritual vessel; and, between male and female. And all of this, of course, can all play out within that Second energy centre.

It is a part of this family structure that you learn how to form relationships. You will learn healthy relationship habits, or you will learn unhealthy ways of formulating a family, friendship and intimate relations, through the direct experience and the role modelling your family provided.

There is another layer of conditioning that also affects your psychological and energetic functioning, and that is the culture you were brought up in. Consider for a moment your culture, what ethnicity was it, what were the religious, spiritual beliefs, did you grow up in the Western world, Asia, or South America?

These different cultural traits affect all of your chakras in the way they go onto to flow and function and hold this imprint through your life until you move to transcend them through a personal process, journey and individuation from your family and culture.

For example, if we explore the second chakra which is the theme of this article the Latin cultures (in general) encourage and develop far more energy and flow through the second chakra than in the Muslim culture, where sexuality is suppressed compared to the Latin culture where sexuality is very open and expressed.

In the Catholic religion, for example, sexuality is both repressed and laced with the emotional energy of guilt and shame, this is significant because shame is the lowest frequency in the human consciousness map.

Let’s explore some of the elephants in the room in Catholicism regarding sexuality for example. “Sex before marriage is considered a sin, along with masturbation, and sex should only be practiced for procreation purposes. Thus sex for pleasure is bad, morally wrong, and preventing unwanted pregnancy through contraception is also a sin. Sex is ‘dirty’, and a true spiritual path of devotion is one of abstinence and children born out of wedlock are ‘bastards.”

If you grew up under this religion imprinting or others like it, then consider that your second chakra may not be functioning at it’s optimum, especially if you still hold these beliefs in your unconscious hard drive that accumulated these programs growing up.

Thus not only the family, but the culture you grew up in creates a large part of the psychological imprinting and programming you receive growing up, and this goes onto drive how your hologram energetically functions into adulthood.

During your evolution as a spiritually sovereign being, you MUST at some stage go through the psychological process of both differentiating and individuating yourself from the family and culture you grew up in by exploring WHO you are outside of the constructs that socialised and programmed you.

Your second chakra was programmed in the first 18 years of your life, and unless you have done serious personal process work, many of these issues relating to sexuality and health are imprinted and programmed into your second chakra.

This upbringing has formulated ‘HOW” you relate sexually in your intimate relationships and how you interact and bond in relationships in general. It is the energetic centre of feeling, emotion, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, and creation.

The second chakra is the centre of our creativity so when we have had an upbringing that has suppressed, and shamed sexuality our whole creativity and ability to manifest begins to shut down and become blocked. This lost creativity can lead to frustration with life as you cannot create the life you always imagined.


People who are perhaps overly-active in the Second Chakra begin to be able to be quite clairsentient (i.e. they are able to feel what other people are feeling). Being able to have that real empathic feeling is usually because they’re quite overactive in the Second Chakra. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, it does create a kind of a type of mechanism of a way people will absorb and navigate life, is that they become kind of sponges to what’s going on around them. And this type of sponge is just simply absorbing other peoples’ energy. They are quite emotionally needy and can use sex as a way of feeling emotionally connected. And so, they’re pulling things into that Chakra in this need to be able to feel emotionally connected. And certainly, in that sexuality sense, it can be sending cords out from the Second Chakra and pulling other people in through that Second, rather than the Heart-based Fourth Chakra of Love.


Now, on the other hand, if the Chakras are rather more closed down, usually what’s going to be happening is that the emotional centre and the emotional connectivity and the sexuality are a little bit turned off. The closed Second Chakra, alongside a very open First Chakra, can skew someone to have their sexuality rooted in emotionlessness. They’re not as emotional – non-empathetic and unemotional – because their First Chakra is very open and the Second Chakra a little bit more shut down. So, they can still have large sexuality, but not truly connected into the emotional body, so it’s more mechanical than kind of emotionally-connected.

All of these imprints affect the flow, structure, and function of this chakra which provides light intelligence to the corresponding endocrine gland, the gonads. Your gonads affect your reproductive organs, and if your second chakra is not functioning optimally then this can also show up as physical disease in the womb, prostate, ovaries, testicles, kidney or bladder.

Thus one of the best things you can do is to improve how your second chakra operates. To keep it CLEAR, CHARGED, BALANCED, and in 100% FLOW. Keep it clear of cords, astral objects, and other discordant frequencies.

The clearer your chakras, the more precisely you filter the energy coming in from the zero point field free of the filter of beliefs and imprints you developed growing up. Thus part of the journey of your spiritual evolution is to reprogram your energy centres so that they are able to transcend your childhood conditioning, this will ensure you are not simply following in the footsteps of your parents and repeating their discordant patterns and behaviours.

The path of spiritual growth is recognizing and being responsible for everything playing out in your life exploring your reality through the lens of ‘How did I create or attract that’. Then you are able to reprogram your Consciousness – Bio-Energy Field (Chakras) – DNA, to express and respond differently to what is in the field.

As you spiritually mature you begin to move your energy up from the base desires of the second chakra which is seeking pleasure and gratification, and bring this energy up into the heart space where you begin operating from a more open and loving heart space, that is able to transcend desire and live in vulnerability and compassion.

Healing the third chakra

{Chakra – 3} Your personal power unleashed

Do you feel you are constantly worrying about what people are thinking of you?

Do you feel stuck on manifesting your ideas because you don’t have the confidence to take steps to make them happen?

Are other people able to manipulate you into getting what they want from you despite your inner guidance saying no?

You carry shame and guilt in your system and can too often get embarrassed about what people think of you?

Are other people able to plug into you and drain your energy?

Do you give your power away to others to keep the peace in relationships?

Do you suffer from anxiety and worry?

Do you have difficulty making decisions and are not able to trust your intuition? Do you have digestive and stomach health issues playing out in your system?

If you answer yes to one or more of these chances are you have a less than optimum functioning third chakra.

This chakra develops its psychological functioning between the ages of 18 – 42 months. In this critical development age how your parents and family are towards you will share and create the strength, flow, and function of this chakra and create any imprints in your unconscious hard drive. This imprinting determines whether this chakra will have a full current flow through it.

The energy coming through this chakra innovates the pancreas gland. The pancreas has two main functions; the first is to aid in digestion and the second is it helps regulate blood sugars. Its exocrine function will produce enzymes to help digest food; it will release trypsin and chymotrypsin to digest proteins; amylase for the digestion of carbohydrates; and lipase to break down fats.

While its endocrine function will release two important hormones, insulin and glucagon to help regulate your blood sugars. Thus it is easy to see when the psychodynamics of this chakra is compromised; it can lead to physical issues in the digestive system.

This chakra’s role when functioning correctly is to help you be expressive, intuitive, confident with a strong feeling of who you are and what you stand for. It allows you to move forward towards your goals, dreams, and desires while being cheerful and upbeat. It allows clarity of thought, and healthy self-esteem to direct your life into the direction of your life path.

However due to our conditioning growing up very often all of our chakras can become compromised in their ability to process energy from the zero-point field. In the case of the third chakra if you experienced your parents as being overly critical growing up, not supportive of your creations with lots of anger and conflict in the house.

Or your parents were very controlling of your behaviours and actions and feelings, meaning you learned to repress your emotions to please your parents. Then chances are this chakra picked up imprints in the way it functions, thus creating distortions in the way the chakra flows and the way that you are navigating life.

And, you know, it’s all around being developed in this kind of 18 months to about 42 months years of age. And the core wounding that this Chakra is all about shame. Its ego desires are all-around recognition.

And so, there are going to be many imprinted programs that this Chakra is going to be needing to override, around attachments, sorrow, anger, selfishness – all gets kind of stored in this energy centre. And it governs, mainly, one’s perception of who they think they are in the world. And it’s responsible for their self-esteem, their self-concept, self-discipline, their willpower in the world – how they see themselves in the world.

If the parents have been rather controlling, this can come across in the energy centre as not having their self-esteem fully anchored into themselves. And they become a little bit more reliant on what is happening in the environment around them (i.e. in other peoples’ opinions). And so, other peoples’ opinions begin formulating importance in their psychological makeup and decision-sets and decision-points and choice-points in life are often then governed through other people’s opinions. And so, it then becomes a job of managing other people’s opinions of life, because they’re not fully anchored into that Third energy centre.

As well as having structuring issues, clouds, mucus, miasma or cords in a chakra. Chakra can also be underactive or overactive or balanced in its function. How the chakra flows energy into your system overactive, under-active, or balanced is determined by how you were programmed by your parents, family, and culture.


In the case of the third chakra, being over-active can result in you being a perfectionist, workaholic, judgemental, demanding, controlling of others energy and emotionally imbalanced with swings in either direction of the emotional scale with sudden energetic outbursts. This over-activity in the third chakra also plays out as rigidity and lack of flow through your life, stubbornness or inability to be flexible with your ideas and direction, and bullying when others do not follow your ideas and plans.


While an underactive third chakra creates doubt in everything you do, you never can trust yourself, your ideas, or direction in life. Thus leaving you in anxiety or worry about the future. You find yourself worrying about others opinions, allowing yourself to be influenced and controlled by others. Thus you can carry around hurt feelings due to the sensitivity you have towards others comments and behaviours. There is a deep-seated fear of being alone, and this leads to being over needy and codependent in relationships, and there is a deeper fear of failure and not being good enough which leads to the avoidance of trying new things or leaving painful situations.

But if someone has got a pattern of being closed in the Third Chakra, it can be a sign that they’re not willing to think about or question the life they’re leading. Or they’re not willing to protect themselves in the face of issues or challenges or danger. And so, it’s asking them to think about their safety, their livelihood, their correct thinking patterns, their healing environment, their ability to turn up in the world.

And if it’s not open at all, they’re probably not assessing who they are in the world, and what their place is – and doing enough introspective work in their life; and around them, what also is going on.

If any of the above resonates with you, then chances are you had a development cycle growing up in your family and culture that did not allow the full expression of a healthy developing third chakra. The first thing to understand is NOT an opportunity to BLAME your parents for the way you process life and the subsequent conditions of it. This behaviour is dropping into victim consciousness.

It is about acknowledging your past, how this has affected you and CHOOSING to be proactive in doing something about it. The wonderful things about developing your consciousness and focusing upon your spiritual growth are that all these states of being ARE NOT permanent (unless you choose to stay asleep and not work on yourself).

You are a multi-dimensional energetic being, and energy and consciousness can be shifted and re-programmed. This is the essence of doing internal work and is what I have dedicated my whole life to do. Finding the fastest most direct ways of transforming oneself into the best highest potential version of ourselves. After all, we are here to live truly epic lives and legendary lies just on the other side of overcoming your conditioning.

The fastest way to overcome these deep-seated issues and patterns is by working on your energy and consciousness and at the end of this article, I will share with you direct action steps you can take to get started on this process. The first three energy centres I call the foundations for your life, they determine largely how you perceive the world with egoic consciousness.

The biggest issue as to why most people do not reach their potential is down to how these first three chakras have been holographically programmed to perceive the world and thus create reality. Let’s explore how egoic deficiencies in these chakra cap your potential.

Healing the fourth chakra

{Chakra – 4} The bridge to your multi-dimensional self

Previously in our journey of the chakras, we have explored how the deficiency of the ego is formed through the conditioning you received in your upbringing through your family and the culture you grew up inside. This environment created ego deficiencies growing up which if you do not get dealt with as you navigate into adulthood creates a host of problems in the way your chakras function and the way you metabolise energy into your system.

The biggest hurdle to overcome in a human being’s spiritual evolution is overcoming these deficiencies and establishing a solid foundation from which to experience and create life. In your spiritual development, overcoming mental instability and emotional imbalance is known as the fourth initiation. Any aspirant needs to pass this level of mental and emotional stability before they are bestowed with the unlocking of greater light and consciousness into their hologram.

Once you move through this initiation portal and emerge with stable thoughts, balanced emotions, and aligned belief systems to your Soul level template and blueprints for your life. You emerge centred and anchored in the physical plane, with the ability to bring down from the higher realms ideas, thoughts and plans into physical reality.

This chakra enters its stage of development between 3.5 – 7 years of age; this is when a lot of the programming is imprinted into the chakra since this is when it begins to develop itself. If you have missed this stage of development and your first three chakras still contain imprinted programming or distortion in how the chakra metabolises energy, you simply will not be able to create your ideas to the highest levels coded into your DNA’s potential. That often leads to frustration when you KNOW you are here for a specific purpose but are not yet fulfilling this potential.

For this reason, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of working through your shadows of the ego. All this work will pay off in the long run and create a stable foundation from which to launch yourself and your ideas and projects into the world.

Remember everything is created twice, once in your mind and bio-energy field, then the second time in the physical reality. So any investment in aligning your mind and energy is a critical part of your mission. Think of it like spiritual boot camp, except this training is lifelong UNTIL you learn the particular lesson that keeps turning up in your life.

The heart chakra is the vibration of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and as such, it is a gateway to the higher spiritual realms. It is only through this access point of love that you can connect with the higher aspects of yourself such as your Soul, OverSoul or Monad, Avatar and Rishi consciousness fields. All of these aspects of your consciousness are simply higher aspects of your consciousness held in higher dimensions. These are all parts of yourself available for you but only through the gateway of LOVE, which is governed by your heart chakra.

The reason WHY this chakra is so important in your spiritual evolution is that it directly reflects how well you are aligned with one of the main operating parameters of this time-space matrix. That of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. So think back for a moment in your development around this time, was it calm and tranquil and were your parents giving you lots of unconditional love? Or was your upbringing somewhat less than this and you experienced a lot of arguments between your parents? There was shouting, anger or perhaps your parents divorced or separated, and in your teenage years or beyond you experienced heartbreak, betrayal, and as a consequence, you began closing down your heart?

When you come into this dimension as an incarnating soul, you are nothing but LOVE. All babies upon birth are nothing but unconditional love. From this moment of birth, programming takes place that moves your soul further away from love. It is the path of personal process and investigating your shadows which return you to it.


The heart chakra is the bridge between the higher spiritual chakras 5, 6, 7, and the lower ego chakras 1, 2, 3. This chakra innervates the thymus gland which is responsible for your immune system function. If this chakra has been shut down due to the environment, you grew up in, and you didn’t feel safe enough to have your heart open. The heart chakra begins closing down and less energetic feed comes into the thymus gland during your adolescence. As a consequence of this, your thymus gland doesn’t secrete as much of the immune system hormones which are in peak production in your childhood and teenage years. This stunted development can affect your immune system for the rest of your life as they are the key years of immune system development, which continues up until around 18 years of age.

The biggest function for the heart chakra is accreting into your system the main operating parameter of the universe which is unconditional love. Thus this energy centre relates to relationships


An underactive or blocked heart chakra can lead to you shutting down your emotional body and not trusting or letting others into your heart. You can feel separated and needy in your love relationships creating the potential for co-dependence in your relationships as you see and feel love as outside of yourself and create distrust of others, along with emotional neediness. It can also create indecisiveness as you cannot trust your own heart’s intuition.

And this energetic happening of a shutdown Heart Chakra is an attempt to replace self-love with the love and approval of others. And so, a tightly-closed Heart Chakra is a sign of good Heart fatigue, perhaps betrayal of trust, betrayal of the Heart. And it’s a protective mechanism. Closing of the Heart is a self-punishing, protective mechanism. It closes in response to heartbreak. And then, the Heart agrees it’s unlovable. And the Heart doesn’t have the background of love or trust to weather the storms of human encounters. And it doesn’t believe it needs to. It shuts down and it ends up walling itself off. And the wall ends up becoming in place between others, and they lose that empathetic love connection.

A blockage in the heart chakra sets in motion disease in the body since this love frequency is not distributed around the body which creates HARMONY and COHERENCE in all your physiological systems. The heart chakra is the metronome from which the rest of the body marches. If the heart is shut down the whole system enters into discordance, if open, resonance. Discordance creates disease, and coherence creates health, it’s as simple as that.


Whilst an overactive heart chakra can make you overconfident, demanding, possessive, overly critical, depressive, judgemental, and so open that you can be taken advantage of and prone to jealousy. Heart-centred people can find themselves healing in dangerous situations, like always giving their power away, and trying to people-please. And so, what’s important is that they find the right balance of love; that we’re giving love to ourselves, and filling others up from the overflow.


Overall the heart chakra is the absolute KEY to unlocking FLOW in your life. When you are in your heart, you can be in synchronisation with the energy flowing through your system. You can filter all decisions through your heart’s intelligence which always provides you with the actual higher self- guidance to keep you on your soul path. Love is the key to coherence, and coherence is the key to flow and attracting and magnetising everything you have always desired towards you.

And so, it’s very important to get back into that love space because it’s the key navigation guide for life. It navigates your life. It tells you the direction of life. It makes sense of the intellect. It’s all Heart-based. It’s very often that people become split between the mind and the love and the Heart, and can’t feel information; only analyse it with the mind.

Without the heart chakra functioning well in 100% flow you will always be off with decision making and out of kilter with the world around you. It is an absolute necessity to work on removing the blockages, pain, and imprinting inside the chakra creating any separation from LOVE. Once you do this, you can enter FLOW and allow life to unfold through magical synchronicity.

Healing the fifth chakra

{Chakra – 5} The gateway to divine will and truth

Now you have examined the heart chakra which is a bridge to the higher spiritual energy centres, and access to your Soul, Monadic and Avatar consciousness fields. You can explore your 5th or throat chakra, and it’s a psychological, emotional and spiritual role in managing the particles of light that flow through your system and ultimately govern how your project and create your reality.

The throat chakra sits as the name implies at your throat, and the tips of the chakra from the front and back insert around about the height of one finger width below Adam’s apple. Remember that all the main chakras work in pairs and the case of 2 – 6 that have a chakra at the front and one at the back. Together they are about truthfulness, communication, expression, and judgement. The Endocrine gland of the Thyroid is what the throat chakra innovates, and it’s associated physically with our throat, ears, mouth, shoulders, neck. And in the sense of creative expression, being able to speak our truth, our creative identity starts being developed around 7 to 12 years of age. And the core wounding of which is denial; denying the full expression of ourselves.

And so, when this Chakra Is imbalanced, one has a tendency to perhaps doubt ones’ self; create negative looping thought patterns around uncertainty, distrust, and denial to their own truth. However, when one actualizes the Soul’s nature, through direct experience, we would then move past all perceived limitations and doubts from the mind. And so, when the Throat Chakra Is activated, and in harmonic balance, it allows us to speak the truth – our truth. From the Divine, enhances our integrity, and sense of honour for all life, and is that connection to the Fifth level template.


The 5th chakra, like all the seven major ones we are covering in this series, dictates your personal WILL of life, While the chakra at the front dictates the amount of emotional feed going into your system governed by the psychodynamics of that chakra. When we talk about a chakra, we are talking about the two associated with that chakra, the one at the front and also the one at the back.

In the case of the 5a chakra, it is about you receiving and assimilating energy from people and the world around you. Filtering through your truth, while 5b is more about aligning your sense of self with your purpose and showing up ALIGNED and CONGRUENT in life as your life path matches the templates held for you in the spiritual dimensions.

The 5th chakra innovates the thyroid gland which is the master and controller of your metabolism. How this chakra affects your physiology is when you are not fully authentic in speaking your truth in life. For example, you do not feel aligned with your work anymore, however, do not express this. Or you feel you are not speaking your truth in your relationship, and as a consequence are not being heard.

These scenarios will impair the function and flow of the 5th chakra, meaning not as much quality energetic feed are finding it’s way into your system through your throat energy centre. This lack of frequency feed gets passed down into your thyroid gland which doesn’t receive the energetic nourishment and begins operating at reduced effectiveness.

This lack of energy through the chakra can play out via not enough release of the triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) hormones. These hormones tell the cells how fast to work. If there are less T3 and T4 in your system, your cellular metabolism slows down and therefore your whole metabolism slows down. Slow metabolism is always followed by subsequent weight gain, lethargy, and tiredness.

In this case, all the nutrients on the shelf won’t cure weight gain created from not speaking your truth, or holding something back, hiding something in your primary relationship or work life. Thus as you can see the multifactorial nature of things in the mind-body-energy system, and how the way your chakras process light and information affects your physical body, health, weight, and general physical well being.

The other interesting property about chakras is that their vibration corresponds to that level of the human energy field. In this case, the 5th chakra has the same wavelength and frequency oscillation as the 5th level of the human energy field. The 5th level in the bio-energy field is a template from which the 1st level of the field grows out of, and the physical body grows from the first.

Thus this chakra and energy behind it is a template not only for your personal hologram. But when you can start bridging your Monad consciousness it acts as a gateway for DIVINE WILL flowing through you. When you can let go of your personal will, and little ‘i’, you can begin opening yourself up for the much larger ‘I’ to operate as a DIVINE INSTRUMENT. That is divine WILL flowing through you, unimpeded as a vessel for source expressing itself in this dimension. Your Monad is like your group soul or soul family where you are all connected as one. When you hold this consciousness you begin seeing everything through the lens of WE rather than the individual I.


It is like when you get this piece and lesson of this chakra your life just magically clicks into place and you ‘get it’. You realise you don’t need to operate with a forcing current such as pushing, trying, struggling and chasing life. Life just happens magically and organically as you magnetise the right people and opportunities to you simply by expressing your divine talents and gifts through selfless service and unconditional love.

When this happens, you move from rowing your boat across the ocean of possibility with personal force and effort. To sail your boat across the oceans of potential, harnessing the natural wind direction to catapult you with an effortless intention to your destination.

This shift will have meant you are beginning to transcend the ego deficiencies and can begin to answer the higher calls of the soul which are ultimately about PURPOSE and MEANING. Moving in the direction of Soul, needs means letting go of the selfish wants of the I, and starting to turn your attention to the collective needs of the WE and being of service in helping others or the planet in some meaningful way.

And, you know, the Fifth Chakra really sees the higher purpose and vision for your life. It kind of really is able to see the bigger picture. It’s going to give you that guidance and that step to move in a certain direction, for your highest perspective. It’s got the big picture in mind.


An overactive throat chakra can often mean you are very self-righteous, quite sharp and short in your communication and can be quite closed in to new ideas that don’t fit into your current projection of reality. You can become over-talkative and often butt into people’s conversations with an overbearing personality, and you have an inability to be fully present and just listen fully to someone.


While an underactive chakra creates you to be resistant or slow to change, unreliable in your word with a weakness in being able to communicate clearly your truth. This plays out in a lack of creative expression and a lack of ability to bring ideas into being voiced clearly and precisely to others or the world at large. An underactive 5th chakra means you are not able to completely merge and let go of your personal will to divine will and operate with effortless intention. There is a lack of energy current running through the system that prevents the full flow of creative expression.

When you harmonise and balance your 5th chakra you can connect and communicate easily with effortless intention and become a conduit for divine will and expression moving through you, harnessing your natural gifts and talents to be used as an instrument for the unfolding of the divine plan. After all, the purpose of life is a life of purpose.

Healing the sixth chakra

{Chakra – 6} Accessing your inner vision

As we journey through our 7 primary chakras we now explore the 6th chakra or third eye as it is commonly known. It innervates the pituitary gland which is the key gland for regulating the others, this is why the pituitary is often known as the Master Gland. Physically the sixth chakra links into our eyes, the base of the skull, our brow – other parts of the head. And it’s all around our intuition and our imagination, and our ability to see and to see the unseen. And this is all around developing, from around 13 to 18 years of age. And it’s allowing us to see through illusion. The core wounding is ‘illusion’ that we must transcend. And the imprinted programs – of possession, projection, and deception – are all there, depending upon our upbringing and conditioning.

As the energy and frequency of this Chakra are cultivated, it allows you to access deeper hidden truths of reality – beyond through any illusions, or seeing beyond the mind, or seeing even beyond form and worlds. It’s really the state of non-dual consciousness. It’s embodied and realised as all both the observer and the witness in the ever-eternal present of NOW.


The front and back chakra is regulating the frequency coming into your mind and thus as a modulator, the third eye governs the frequency interacting with your intellect. Chakras will modify themselves according to your soul psychology, programming and beliefs, wounds, ancestral and past life influences. If you picture the chakras which emerge out the front of you, these include 2, 3, 4, 5, the chakras function together to regulate the frequency coming into your EMOTIONAL body. While the same chakras that emerge from your back regulate the frequency linked to your WILL.

Thus we have the major modifiers of INTELLECT – WILL – EMOTION, which according to your programming will adjust their flow of frequency into your system by adjusting the size and flow of each chakra. What becomes interesting as you start reading your own hologram and eventually others is that you can begin to quite easily detect patterns of how someone is navigating life. From there you can work out whether energy is flowing through you and if you are balanced or out the harmony between your INTELLECT – WILL – EMOTION.

For example, often we see people’s back chakras (WILL) overactive and their Third Eye overactive. This is a sign that someone is using personal will to force through life, and projecting their third eye into the future and attaching onto certain outcomes. What happens with this configuration for example (overactive will centres, underactive emotional centres, and overactive intellectual centres) is that this person is not in FLOW. They are using their PERSONAL WILL to shape and create their reality, operating with a FORCING CURRENT. Then engaging the intellect to manipulate and control others to hold onto the outcome of the goal they have set.

So not only do the chakras work individually they also work in groups giving you further information about yourself and how you are navigating life. The idea is to have all chakras operating balanced and in 100% flow. However, your chakras are dynamic interactive highly programmed energetic intake organs that are constantly filtering energy into your system and responding to what is in the field around you. This is one of the key reasons it is important to have tools that can help your Chakras on the flow when spotting happens and you can feel your chakras shift. You have a clear response and way of dealing with this.


In the case of the 6th chakra or third eye when this is in balance you are able to open up to higher insight and knowledge. You can see the bigger picture playing out in your life, you become the director of your life rather than the actor. You are no longer a piece of the puzzle, you are the puzzle maker.

And this is why all of our great visions come down through this Chakra, as we begin to access our clairvoyance. This is the Sixth Chakra of discernment; this unemotional judgement that we start to make. It’s the support of a healthy Chakra of the Sixth, you start to have a lot of certainty about your path because you’ve got the vision connected into it. Your higher sense perception is really tuned-in to your highest life path.

Your healthy and aware Sixth Chakra starts to kind of make decisions based upon factual spiritual information, rather than just simply hope. If you’ve got decisive, committed communication of the Fifth Chakra, it then allows you to feed up into the Sixth. And you start to work with them together, listening to the heart (4th), aligning with and speaking your truth (5th) and bringing down your vision into the world (6th).

You connect to the higher spiritual dimensional realms and can experience yourself as a larger consciousness field of energy with access to universal knowledge. In some people, this also means they can see subtle energy bands. This is frequency out of the normal range of human perception.

Some people have such finely tuned third eyes that they can not only see the subtle energy bands of the bio-energy field and chakras but also can tune into past lives, ancestral templates, contracts curses, black magic, soul level influences, star systems of origin. One of the benefits of a highly tuned third eye.

Every human being has the potential to increase their energetic sensitivity and begin to access the universal mind and get more information than the 5 senses give you. This ability is absolutely worth you pursuing as this gives you the ability to make key decisions in life with much more information and insight. For this reason, the third eye is a wonderful tool to explore your life from a higher perspective.


When the 6th chakra is under-active, it creates a lot less energy coming into your system and your spiritual centres. Thus you may feel disconnected from the spiritual side of life, and be locked in a third-dimensional reality with little connection between your inner and outer worlds. You may not understand spiritual concepts and realities and have difficulty accessing and trusting your intuition and guidance.

What tends to happen is that people begin to shut off this Sixth Chakra – largely because they’re not supportive, or not supporting their physical path. It doesn’t make sense to them. People shut off their own Sixth Chakra so they don’t have to know the truth about themselves. Or about other people in their lives. And so, the shutting off of the Sixth just takes out this information about their true life path. And they end up operating from the conditioning that society has given them about what their path should look like; not what their spiritual path is.

You know, if this Chakras closed, you don’t have to think about your work or your relationship or responsibilities either. You know, you just – it can be like an easier time, a relaxing time because you’re just tuning out of all these bigger, higher ideals of your spiritual path. And so, the shutting off of the Sixth just takes out this information about their true life path. And they end up operating from the conditioning that society has given them about what their path should look like; not what their spiritual path is.

And so, as you can imagine, if one’s got this Sixth Chakra closed down, living a really conscious, aligned life is very difficult. It does create someone to be sort of somewhat unconscious. If someone is unconscious and off their life path, it makes their life path a lot more bearable. If they are off their life path, and it’s very open, it becomes unbearable for someone because they know they’re off their life path.


While an overactive 6th chakra means there would be too much energy coming into your mind making it overactive, an over the active mind can create all sorts of stories and worries in the mind and lead to headaches and tensions. A busy mind increases stress levels, creates less space in your hologram to be inflow. You can become judgemental and critical of others, as well as over-analyze most of the situations you find yourself in. An overly open sixth chakra can result in people connecting to and accessing a lot of higher spiritual knowledge, but if the lower energy centres, especially the first chakra are not open and connected to Earth, these people will be idealistic and have great visions for utopian ideals but unable to anchor down or gain any traction in their ideas for making the world a better place. They will find it difficult to translate the spiritual into the physical.

The 6th chakra is the gateway for celestial love, this is the spiritual love at the celestial levels. Accessing this frequency is absolutely necessary along with the embodiment of divine Will which we explored through the lens of the 5th chakra to be able to unlock Divine mind and KNOWING.

Any effort and intention of reprogramming and patterning this chakra comes with great rewards, however as previously stated in this article series only when built upon solid foundations of having overcome the ego deficiencies of the first three chakras. Then you will be able to have the VISION to navigate your life from a higher perspective.

Healing the seventh chakra

{Chakra – 7} Accessing your divine mind

The 7th chakra or Crown chakra is indeed the great gateway to the Divine Father, just as the first chakra is the gateway to Mother Earth. When fully activated it opens like a lotus with 1000 petals, which is exactly the energetics of the crown when fully activated.

And, of course, it’s innovating the Pineal Gland, the Master Gland, which is the master and controller of the Pituitary Gland. And the Pituitary Gland is, of course, the controlling architect of the other Endocrine glands. So, it innovates – beautifully – the entire endocrinology and the Endocrine system.

And the key psychological function here is all around self-realisation and awareness and knowing thyself as God. And this is developing all throughout our life, this Chakra. And entering into this consciousness, we must become completely emptied and released of all worldly attachments from life.

And this is the energy vortex here one transcends from Divine Knowing to Divine Being. There’s no intellectual understanding at this level of consciousness, as the Self has dissolved into the Absolute Source of All. And there’s only really that frequency of joy and peace, and serenity and love, illuminating the self.

And so, once established – once this consciousness is established – it abides beyond all of the ones’ egoic self, and moves through into the Zero Point; into the Resurrection; into the Cosmic Law, as we start to connect and identify ourselves more fully as Divine.


It is through this chakra we are able to access DIVINE MIND and all KNOWING. We notice that we are all connected to one and nothing is separate from us. Accessing the consciousness of this chakra changes everything. No longer do you see yourself as separate from everything around you but a cohesive part of the fabric of the collective whole. You realise what you do affects everything and everyone around you. You understand that your thoughts, emotions, and intentions affect the planet and the whole cosmos.

Now, this particular Chakra is really all around our connection to pure Spiritual energy and information. It’s our higher monadic and our higher intelligence; our blueprints; our gold prints. It contains the Violet print, in this case, of all of our incarnating purposes for this lifetime. Well before our bodies came into being, or our awareness or our ego, this was this essential purpose-led life that we agreed to live.

You recognize yourself as a fractal of the cosmic whole with everything contained within you as a whole full expression of source. You realise your life is an extension of your consciousness and everything in your life is of your own making. Coming into the consciousness of the 7th chakra means you begin accessing great wisdom and understanding of the universe, how it works and your place within it.

When this is in balance you have amplified intuition and you move into selfless service and begin activating your world service contract. Once this is in motion and you agree to be a part of the unfolding of the divine plan and begin sending and creating unconditional love for ALL people. This understanding and internal agreement set in motion templates and plans and spiritual support for you to fulfil your pre-birth plans for you in this life. This is your own unique way of being a part of the unfolding of the divine plan.


If this chakra is under-active you will feel a lack of purpose and spiritual direction in your life. You may not even be aware of the spiritual planes of existence and have no concept of life after death, or doubt that your consciousness exists outside of a body. You will be disconnected from your spiritual path and will be at the complete whim of your family, societal and cultural conditioning with no homing beacon, save serving egoic desires.

This can happen when they have experienced conditioning from religion growing up, where perhaps the aspect presented as God as a vengeful, controlling God can often create this damage, which then contracts due to the connections from the church or even cult leaders who have been conditioned to believe God is to be wary of.

This distorted misrepresentation of God can create a split in consciousness, where someone can disconnect completely from their God Source, and remove all the magic from their life because they refuse to believe in a higher power, due to this religious indoctrination growing up. And so, you want to keep an eye out for all of that. Now, when the Seventh Chakra closed, life becomes a kind of, you know, only viewed from the five senses.

The intuitive abilities of the Sixth and the Fifth start to drop away as well. The Sixth Chakra’s clairvoyance has dropped away. The Fifth’s Chakra’s clairaudience just doesn’t quite – you can’t hear things. You’re kind of not listening to yourself. Everything becomes a bit more mundane and commonplace.


If the chakra is overactive you may have challenges with a grounding in this physical reality, have plenty of grandiose spiritual ideas and concepts, however, are unable to ground them into the physical reality and get any of your ideas and projects to gain traction in the real world. You float around rainbow chasing, which is following the latest spiritual idea and get caught up in the while light bliss of ‘light and love.’ Because of all of these people find it difficult to take your ideas and concepts seriously as they are not grounded in any form of pragmatism. Quite simply people don’t FEEL you can pull things together in the real world. This leaves you feeling frustrated that you have all these incredible ideas and plans but can’t make any of them work.


And when you’re creating and obtaining this frequency coming through you, you’re able to align very easily because it’s coming as a direct knowing on a much deeper level than belief, is knowing.

And because it’s not centred inside the body, it has very little mundane connection — well, any connection to the mundane aspects of life. It’s not very worried about, you know, how you’re going to earn one’s money to survive and to be able to thrive, financially and physically, in the world. Or get a nice home, or have the right job. It doesn’t care about any of that.

All it worries and concerns itself with is spiritual alignment. And so, its information is always around direction and purpose, spiritual journeys, soulmate – these types of big-picture questions. And it sort of speaks this incredible kind of inner space language, that you are able to interpret. And when you’re well-balanced, you’re able to filter it down through the intellect of the Sixth Chakra and the communicative of the Fifth Chakra. And into the Heart, which then starts to drop down into your identity – the seat of who you are – as you see yourself as a physical being.

And when these Chakras are balanced and active, the energy then is able to translate itself easily down into the Body Chakras of the Third, Second and First – into the actual Earth – grounded into the second dimensional Earth templates. Then the materialisation of the spiritual can begin.

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