I’m a leadership and high-performance coach, shamanic facilitator, entrepreneur, speaker, and affectionately coined a ‘spiritual futurist.

I’m a leadership and high-performance coach, shamanic facilitator, entrepreneur, speaker, and affectionately coined a ‘spiritual futurist.


A curator of epic transformational experiences and retreats.

I’ve spent 27 years working with fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, pro-athletes, and experts in health, performance, the healing arts, psychology, and leadership.


First and foremost, I’m a family man.

I’m a husband, a father, a maker, and a man who cares deeply about those closest to him. My family is the centre of my universe. They bring the greatest joy, passion, and purpose to my life.

I believe love, and love of family is the rocket fuel that can launch any person or idea to the stratosphere, and I’m here to inspire you to see what’s possible for you.

I believe the change we wish to see in the world starts in our hearts and our homes. As your consciousness and sphere of influence expands, then and only then, can it radiate out and into your local communities.

These beautiful beings, Alaya, Noa, and Aurora are my centre point. Imagining a world where they can effortlessly thrive, is what keeps me inspired and excited each day. Alaya and I join forces in live events to create a container of transformational alchemy. She brings the gorgeous feminine fusion of wisdom, creativity, light and love. So much love.

I believe in the power of the family as a unified whole. Our family operates with harmony and coherence. We move forward with a positive, aligned, effortless, and surrendered syn-tention (unified intent). Together, we want to show up, and show you the way.

I believe that when family flows with synergy and synchrony, positive and powerful change can happen. With children as my anchor and inspiration, my team and I are here to bring forth this new paradigm of loving a consciousness that our planet deserves so that generations ahead will inherit a better world.

Join us.

My teaching’s combine a beautiful blend of arts and science.

I’ve spent all my life studying formally with degrees in psychology, physical education, and energy medicine.

I’ve also studied informally with the world’s leading thinkers in health, healing, performance, spirituality, and consciousness. I have trained for many years in several shamanic traditions, from lineages of Africa and the Amazon. It led me to facilitate hundreds of sacred ceremonial initiations around the world. I can comprehend, translate, and propel people into accelerated states of transformation, and spiritual growth.

This wisdom and experience led me to create unique transformative programs, certifications, retreats and initiations.

These evolutionary programs and experiences give people the depth and support they need to fulfill their Soul’s potential to serve at the highest level.

My path has led to many shamanic initiations. These experiences have allowed me to access higher states of consciousness and information beyond the ‘normal’ human senses. Consequently, my path has given me extraordinary depth and breadth.

This comprehension has led me to conclude that:

The answer to all your personal problems is one of expanding your consciousness. The solution to all world problems resides in expanding global consciousness.

I invite you to join me in enhancing your Energetic Intelligence, the final frontier in the human potential movement. I invite you to be part of a sweeping movement of catalysing world change by operating at the highest state of consciousness possible.

My wife Alaya and I received a vision together while in a shamanic ceremony:


Everything my team and I do is driven by this vision. Together we facilitate a growing catalogue of masterminds, experiences and projects connecting thought-leaders just like you who believe in a better world.

You like to come together for exceptional experiences that propel you, your family, and your projects to whole new levels of potentiality.

If this resonates with you,


The Path of Initiation.

I haven’t always lived a conscious life. I’ve had my fair share of existential crisis moments.

Two of the big pieces that had a big effect on me were my mother’s passing due to cancer and discovering my now ex-girlfriend had been having an affair for 6 months. All of this happened in a week and I was devastated.

My whole world collapsed. The two feminine presences in my life both fell away. Through the betrayal I learned that I couldn’t trust women or life. I did what many do in these cases, I clammed up my emotions, put up walls and barriers, and closed off my heart.

The years that followed were a blur of alcohol and drug-induced nights with a string of women, infidelities, and a wake of destruction. It felt like I was an emotionless robot moving from party and conquest to a career marker and milestone.

I kept feeding my ego’s desire for achievement and hedonism, but ultimately I felt hollow. Money without meaning and sex without love began to wear thin. I realised more than ever that if I wanted a life less ordinary, more than anyone, ‘I’ needed to wake up, grow up, and show up.

I knew I had to change. So, I did.

I needed a radical overhaul — one that would birth a whole new way of living and being.

I needed to upgrade my operating system, dismantle non-serving paradigms and create a whole new set of beliefs, thought processes, emotions, and responses.

I needed to heal from the conditioning and programming of my parents that loved me but were living through their parents’ wounding and conditioning. I needed to heal from my love’s betrayal. I needed to be able to ‘feel again’. I had to get out of the box of my creation and see the world through fresh eyes.

It was around this time that I fully activated my life path in the healing arts and moved through four years of energy medicine training with ex-NASA scientist, Dr Barbara Brennan.

I dove into Shamanism and spent many years studying and taking groups to a Shipibo camp deep in the Amazon jungle. I also held space for profound Bwiti initiations from the African lineage. I was committed 100% to being the cosmonaut of my inner space to grow, evolve, and heal. I wanted to keep holding space and ceremony for others who felt the call.

Over time I began to work on many of the root issues playing out in my bio-energy field and consciousness that were preventing me from hitting my potential. I began my deep healing and felt more comfortable in my skin. I no longer felt the need to prove myself because of my wounds and deficiencies.

As I went deeper into myself, I became less reactive, calmer, more content, loving and kind. More whole. I was able to see the big picture of reality and how my micro-actions affected the whole.

I began to learn how to influence the whole through programming morphogenic fields, creating containers, and setting intentions. Most importantly, I was able to feel love inside.

As I was falling in love with who I am.

Through all of this, I have come to know that life happens through me, rather than to me.

No matter where you begin, you can change the circumstances of your life. But first, you have to commit to yourself. You have to dig deep and go into the places that you have been avoiding all your life for fear of pain.

I have learned that everything we experience in this moment can be shifted if we work at the level of frequency and vibration. I know this because I’ve lived this. And, I’ve helped thousands do the same.

I have spent the last 15 years mastering energy, frequency and vibration; the missing elements from nearly every personal development programme out there. That’s what makes our programmes so unique and holistic. The 15 years prior, I worked on people’s bodies and minds and throughout the 30-year journey, I have learned a very simple formula.

Illuminate and eliminate shadows, enter the heart, live with love and align to your greater purpose.

To do this you need courage and commitment to go to these deeply protected places – the shadows. In my years of study I have found the fastest way is through shamanic initiation, ceremonial containers, healing in the bio-energy field, and studying Universal Law with considered integration and embodiment. You need the intellectual framework of how everything works.

We have the most incredible opportunity right here and now to clear and heal generations of abuse, trauma, and patriarchy. We can pay this forward to our children by clearing it so that they will no longer be burdened by our family ancestral lineages.

I am excited about humanity’s potential, I believe in us.

We have to roll up our sleeves and take responsibility for everything playing out in our individual and collective lives. My path of personal transformation has created deep roots which have allowed me to create a coherent and loving family. I built a thriving company and team that are inspired, engaged, and aligned to our purpose and mission.

They are

Neo Shamanic masters.

“I was fortunate enough to experience healing and coaching with Christof and his beautiful wife Alaya. I have seen many healers and feel usually quite comfortable and experience little shifts afterwards. This time I was nervous the day of the ceremony because intuitively I knew something big was about to happen.
The ceremony is very intense and different than I have ever experience, I could physically feel the energy moving and a lot of emotions came up. Afterward the ceremony everything started shifting very quickly for me. It felt like my protective shell was removed so the authentic me could come out. I was purging all the trauma’s from the past and from there on abundance finally started to flow into my life.”

Nadja van Osch | nadjavanosch.com

What’s our mission?

Helping ‘Evolutionaries‘ upgrade their energetic intelligence and impact.

My life path as a mystic continues… Alaya and I are deeply committed to serving our growing community with experiences, meaningful connections, and deep life-changing transformation that impacts families, communities and the world.

Who I work with.

I work with ‘Evolutionaries’. People who hold a vision for a better world but know it can only happen if they evolve into their highest potential.

They want to upgrade their energetic intelligence, impact and lead their family, community and teams to the next level of life. They know they need to lead the way.

They’re a mix of entrepreneurs, coaches, influencers and business owners looking for the edge to up-level themselves and their teams.

Over the years, I have discovered that Evolutionaires fall into 5 categories or archetypes.

  • Healers who are naturally drawn to help people overcome trauma and pain, disease and suffering, and assist people in evolving.
  • Harmonisers who naturally want to help create harmony in all of their interpersonal relationships and can improve team and family dynamics.
  • Influencers who can influence groups of people through their passion and charisma and lead teams that can change the world.
  • Creators who are constantly looking to solve problems through making evolutionary products and services that can create the solutions our earth needs.
  • Optimisers can naturally take any process and dramatically improve efficiency and flow so that organisations can increase their capacity to scale.

Evolutionaries are united by one thing. Their desire to see humanity and the world evolve. Now they’re ready to develop their consciousness and master a new way of leading, serving and supporting society as we move forward.

They come from a broad mix of backgrounds, industries and experiences. The common thread seems to be…

They want to forge

a deeper connection with themselves.

They want to discover

how to lead from higher consciousness.

They want to empower

their teams to lead themselves.

They want to break through

perceived limits to reach new heights.


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