* VE – Soul Karma and Soul Retrieval

* VE – Soul Karma and Soul Retrieval

Soul Karma and Soul Retrieval

As you continue to evolve your consciousness,

you begin to realize that spiritual growth not only involves working through your childhood traumas and ancestral conditioning but also the karmic imprints that are associated with your ancestors and your past lives.

As you expand further, you also recognize that your consciousness has had experiences in the great universal journey, not only on our planet, but very often in other star systems and planetary bodies. Soul-level karma refers to karma that has been collected outside of this earthly plane that has accumulated negative karma on your Akashic Records. Karma is collected anytime you behave outside of the operating parameters of this universe, whenever natural law is broken, there is a karmic consequence. This is never judged by God. It is simply a matter of choice and consequence. The consequence being a return path of the equal and opposite cause you set in motion.

This particular healing transmission utilizes a healing code gifted through me and the Neo Shaman society known as the Halaliel Core Karmic Clearing Code. It is a process that automatically clears the exact amount of karma and the highest alignment of your soul. In this case, this healing works at clearing the correct amount of karma that you have collected off planet in your great universal journey and consciousness. This is a wonderful clearing for those that consider themselves star seeds as it assists in clearing out lifetimes outside of alignment with natural law and different star systems and planetary bodies towards the end of the karmic transmission.

There is also a soul retrieval. On a recent trip to Egypt, our group was given the Cyrus Soul Retrieval Code. This is a beautiful code that brings back lost essences and energies of your soul’s journey and brings them back into your physical vessel to allow you to have greater degrees of integration and embodiment. The Cyrus Sole Retrieval Code is a powerful tool to bring back lost energies and essences and to ensure you have the full totality of your consciousness available in this moment of time. Use this energy transmission to keep chipping away at your karmic records and embody in greater degrees of your consciousness.

  • Explore your karma accumulated outside of the Earth
  • Connect with your Soul family from the stars
  • Commune with and receive a healing from Arch Angel Halliel
  • Clear highest priority Soul Level Karma
  • Call back lost Soul energies and essences into your hologram
    giant strides in your karmic records and path of spiritual growth
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