Trust & surrender – masculine & feminine

Trust & surrender – masculine & feminine

These last few years have seen significant energies arising, balancing and neutralising from the planet and the collection between the masculine and feminine.

This rebalancing is just not the difference between masculine and feminine gender. But also the internal alchemy of balancing the masculine and feminine internally.

The ultimate alchemical act on one’s spiritual journey is the internal Hieros Gamos or the merging of the spiritual and human the masculine and feminine properties within us. As we collectively purge the discordances held not only between gender but also internally. We come to better balance and union, and we embrace the great dance lies between the shiva and shakti, the masculine and feminine inside of us all.

Since the Particle Convergence and the Eclipse of August 21, 2017, there have been significant changes to the Planetary architecture that has embedded into our Earth grids. These changes include not only a new geometry (the Krystal Spiral) but also the collapsing of dimensions 1 – 3, which also has meant a collapsing of the first three chakras.

The collapse of these three chakras has also seen a purging of the discordances held in these three collective energy centres. Practically this has played out in an open facebook sharing from many beings feeling called to share past betrayals, hurts, wrongs, and pains.

This is the beginning of polarity balancing which is much needed in the collective since during the Kali Yuga our collective consciousness was dominated by the yang masculine energy, which has resulted in heavy patriarchy control. This was seen everywhere in society, from masculine dominated religion, corporations, medical establishments, educational institutions, and in the family dynamics.

The lack of feminine energy through our society and culture has resulted in an imbalance in the way our society functions and has created a parasitic plague of resource depletion and the mass suppression of consciousness, personal power, and destruction of wealth.

This has meant so much personal pain and suffering for many who have been on the victim end of masculine dominance and control. It is time now for this great imbalance to come into harmony and balance.

Any lack of harmony and balance is the starting point of collapse, and as we see more purging in the realms of the patriarchy imposing itself on the feminine. We will see not only changes in ourselves, and how we navigate life, but in the structure and function of critical areas of society itself.

We all long for great change in society, as we observe how unjust and unfair society seems to be for many groups. However, the sweeping systemic collective change we all wish to see shall only begin through the greatest internal alchemical act we can individually perform which is the polarity integration of the divine masculine and divine feminine within each of us.

The polarity integration of our internal masculine and feminine should be made our highest priority if we as a species are to make the necessary critical leap in consciousness to evolve ourselves into living in a symbiotic relationship with one another and our planet.

To understand this, we also have to acknowledge that our most significant reflections can often provide the best feedback to where we need to become more polarity integrated. That means getting to know yourself through your primary relationship which is with yourself and then your beloved, or partner, (friend/family if you are not in a relationship).

It is within this sanctified container of sacred relationship that the opportunity for most internal growth is possible. Only because of the mirror and reflection that your significant other provides. Upon entering a particular stage of your spiritual evolution, you come to realise that all relationships are mirrors to what is happening internally and that very often the very things that trigger us about our partners are the very things that remain unresolved inside each of us.

Upon accepting the fact that our beloved provides the most significant reflection, we can quickly use this as an opportunity for the accelerated internal alchemy of its own polarity integration.

While of course there are many traits of which you are almost certainly aware that differentiate the masculine for the feminine. For example, the focused energy of the masculine, vs the expanded creative energy of the feminine.

How the masculine energy is; singular, rational, determined, linear, logical, assertive, objective, goal-directed, competitive, analytical.

While the feminine energy is intuitive, collaborative, passionate, receptive, empathetic, emotional, adept at multitasking and allows for flow.

The central place to which the masculine and feminine can come to greater union both within our primary relationship and also in our internal alchemical merging is a place where the energies seem to come into what seemingly is an oxymoron.
This meeting place is TRUST and SURRENDER.

Yes, as strange it as it may seem, the place into which we can do the greatest internal and external work is for the feminine to trust the masculine and the masculine to surrender to the feminine.

These two energies from their respecting resting places, trust inside the feminine for the masculine, and the surrender inside the masculine for the feminine seemingly at first glance are diametrically opposed.

However, it is this very frequency which makes them the most powerful in the transmutation and reestablishment of balance in our internal system and inside our primary relationship.

At first glance the feminine does not want to trust the masculine, there has been so much betrayal, heartache, and pain. Trusting the masculine would be the last thing the egoic feminine energy wants to do.

The same can be said for the masculine. The masculine does not want to surrender ever. Certainly not to the feminine.

There we are. The very meeting place which has the most significant potential to catapult our consciousness into our highest expression comes into internal and external conflict. An oxymoron.


So the great contemplation as you read this is to explore internally in your quiet time and contemplate how if you are female how you can enter into greater trust of the masculine and if you are male how you can enter into greater surrender to the feminine.

Then to explore this internally, how can the masculine part of myself surrender to the feminine part of myself. Then how can the feminine part of myself learn to trust the masculine part of myself?

With the contemplations and subsequent internal and external shifts, we may just see a whole shift in our collective consciousness.

After all, As it is you, it is in the world.

Be the change.


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