Relationship Cord Cutting & Healing

In our daily lives, we encounter a range of relationships, from harmonious to challenging.

Relationships act as mirrors, exposing what lies within us. Projecting frustration, anger, or resentment onto others reveals our own unhealed emotional state.

We are either in coherence or discordance with another. When we are in harmony, our auric fields fuse together and dance and weave in a beautiful unison. If there is a dissonance, then there can be walls, spikes, spears, blocks and all sorts of things coming between us. Certain individuals irritate us, reflecting our inner wounds. This triggers reciprocal projections, creating relationship uneasiness.

Our personal bio-energy field and other personal bio-energy fields that we care about are connected together with relationship chords. These chords are like fluid, flexible, and energetic ropes that evolve and move as the emotions between each other move. The stronger the connection and the more emotional our relationship, the stronger the energetic chord.

Sometimes these chords need healing and repairing to help harmonise the energy flow between us and our friends, loved ones or partners. From time to time, we also need to set boundaries or remove people from our life for our own ongoing well-being and personal sovereignty.

In these cases, we need to cut these relationship cords to prevent the energetic flow of consciousness from between us. Whether we want to heal relationships or distance ourselves from certain people, the relationship chords provide the energetic gateway of energy and consciousness between us and others.

Experience profound transformation with our Relationship Cord Healing Transmission, which includes two audio files:

  1. Relationship Cord Healing:
    Harmonise energetic cords, strengthening bonds and facilitating healing in relationships
  2. Relationship Cord Cutting:
    Ceremonially sever cords, removing toxic influences and creating space when needed
  • Heal and harmonise relationships that need some tender love and care
  • Strengthen existing loving connections between you and those you care about
  • Improve family constellation dynamics
  • Cut cords and release toxic relationships
  • Create healthy boundaries that honour your sovereignty
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