Soul Stone & Krystic Jewel

A major upgrade in your vibration, frequency, and consciousness

The Soul Stone was a talisman artifact used to broadcast humanity’s soul essence. It had previously been kept safely in the Atlantean times.

This transmission harnesses the power of the Soul Stone by taking you on an energetic journey to enter the Hall of Records — we will activate the Merkabah body and journey across time and space to the Great Pyramid and Sphinx. Once there, we will commune with humanities Soul Stone, an energetic talisman that contains the Unified Group Soul of all of humanity.  Which was found at one of our shamanic ceremonies.  In this meditation, obtain a spark of consciousness and drop it into your high heart from the Cosmic Christ Consciousness Field of the Higher Self Universe.  Then be led through a specific meditation that circulates the frequency of the Krystic Jewel now residing in your High Heart, through your 15 Chakra system.

This is a guided step-by-step process that percolates the Aurora consciousness fields through your multi-dimensional anatomy as an upgrade of your consciousness.  If your consciousness is ready, we will also perform a transmigration from the old Melchizedek Server which has been providing the broadcasting host for the last aeons of time across into the Cosmic Christ Server — the uncorrupted templates of the New Earth. Your consciousness will have a new hosting system. If you are ready to anchor and integrate, this will speed up everything in your life.

This is a very powerful and potent meditation. I highly recommend that you do it several times. You can do the meditation of the Krystic Jewel on your own using the technique that you learn in the audio transmission. Being a very powerful process, I highly recommend it to anyone serious about their spiritual path.

  • Commune with Humanities Soul Stone
  • Receive the Krystic Jewel spark into your high heart
  • Migrate your consciousness across to the Krystic Server
  • Run the Krystic Jewel through your 15 chakra anatomy
  • Receive the Aurora consciousness fields in your system
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