Spiritual Growth Cheat Sheet

Spiritual Growth Cheat Sheet

Spiritual Growth Cheat Sheet

Have you ever wanted the ultimate cheat sheet for personal transformation and self-actualisation?

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to support many people through their journey of change and evolution.

I am involved in the Shamanic healing arts, doing organic ceremonies, plant medicine ceremonies, deep shamanic rituals, and rites of passage. I have had many deep and pretty crazy experiences that have helped define my reality map.

Today, I am summarising everything I have encountered by creating the Ultimate Spiritual Growth Cheat Sheet so you can track where you are up to on your journey and have a map that can take you home.


You know, I wouldn’t mind a dollar every time I heard that statement from someone. My biggest issue with people who say this is, Yes, but what have you been focusing upon, and how?

You can do lots of spiritual growth work, but if it is in the wrong areas, you only move forward slowly.

Some of you may know my background in the health and fitness industry; I was always obsessed with the fastest, most direct path to getting results. Nothing has changed today except the speed of transformation we (Alaya and I) can help people through because we work holistically across the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.


The first thing to be aware of is a massive category of what you don’t know that you don’t know. The biggest trap I see is spiritual ego in that people think they know a lot about spiritual growth; they believe that is all they need to know.

But they do not realise the vastness above them in the space of what they are unaware of.

I hope the Spiritual Growth Cheat Sheet supports you in knowing where to focus for your journey home.

1. Heal mother and father wound

The bedrock of spiritual growth is your Mother / Father wound, the Gods of your creational development. They are responsible for all your conditioning, imprints, triggers, irritations, wounds, and traumas. That still defines you to this day.

A saying I love is, “If God wants you to learn a lesson, God puts it in your family.”

If you still get triggered by things your parents say and do, there is still work to do.

Your energetic operating systems (how your consciousness and bio-field run) are determined by the conditioning you received from your parents.

It is here you need to work on:

  • Irritations and upsets
  • Chakra Psychology
  • Energetic Defences
  • Wounds

2. Clear ancestral trauma and karma

In the ancestral realm, there are so many generational patterns and programs playing out that get passed down from generation to generation. If you get through that, you can get onto Ancestral Karma. Yes, that’s right. Not only do you have to deal with the karma of yourself, but yes, you must take responsibility for your bloodline.

There are a lot of generations to work through, and so much can be in the hidden realms of karma that is creating hidden ceilings on your blueprint. But the good news is that if you can move through all of this, you can become a genetic liberator. Someone who changes the destiny path of your entire family to come in just one lifetime.

3. Clear past life karma

You can then move on to cleaning up your past life choices that were misaligned with Natural Law. These are lifetimes where you chose the path of service to service to self over service to others. A massive blindspot for many is having a highly idealised self-image and not thinking there are dark lives to clean up. Big mistake.

Go back, find dark lives that are still open and creating bleed-throughs in this lifetime and clean those up by being truly sorry for what you have done, polarity-integrate this aspect of yourself and bring it into yourself, so you no longer keep that aspect of yourself in separation.

You will simply not believe what opens up for you after doing this. Do not fall into the trap of believing you had only one dark life. Most likely, there are loads.

4. Clear soul-level karma

Just as you have had dark lives in the past as a human, you have probably had these also in the grand journey of your eternal consciousness. In other galaxies and planetary systems. So get in there, rinse and repeat for your ET version of self.

5. Move through soul absorption

As you do more and more shadow work, study Natural Law (book coming from me on this to assist you), and align to the principles of Natural Law. The light of your Soul moves up to be absorbed by your Monad. Then your Oversoul shines its light down directly into your body hologram without the intermediary of the Soul.

Big upgrade. Everything speeds up, you become more magnetic, and Creator starts giving you more assignments and responsibilities.

6. Move through oversoul absorption

Rinse and repeat for your Oversoul consciousness to be absorbed into your Avatar consciousness. Here, you expand once again into an even larger field of pure consciousness that then shines down to your body hologram.

Big upgrade. Everything speeds up, and you become more magnetic, and Creator starts giving you more assignments and responsibilities.

7. Move through avatar absorption

Rinse and repeat for your Avatar consciousness. Now you are accessing the Rishi consciousness and have an ascended consciousness while being embodied.

Congratulations. You probably do not have to come back to Earth again. Hooray, graduation!

8. Polarity-integrate your ascended particle and ascended anti-particle self

Once you have your body hosted by an ascended consciousness in the particle matrix, you go and find your anti-particle self and polarity-integrate that, and you have truly ascended out of the time-space matrix.

9. Polarity-integrate your ascended particle and ascended anti-particle self, and merge with your energetic twin

So now that you have done that, it’s always better together. You find your energetic twin who has done the same, merge with them, and burst into a new Christed time-space matrix.

Then no doubt, it is rainbows and unicorns.


Congrats, that would have been one heck of an adventure. You probably want to chill out for a while and take it easy.

In the meantime, being on Earth is cool because you get to do all of the above with a body. Now, isn’t that amazing.

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