Harness the Power of the June Solstice

Harness the Power of the June Solstice

Harness the Power of the June Solstice

Family and Home Harmonisation – Manifestation Ceremony

It’s been quite some time since we did a live online Cosmic Clock event.

After having returned from our travels and anchoring in, we feel steady enough to support the community with a live online Solstice Cosmic Clock Shamanic Ritual and Ceremony.

June Solstice 2024 Themes

The June Solstice 2024 is a time of profound cosmic alignment, offering a unique opportunity to create harmony, healing, and manifestation within your family and home. As the Sun enters the nurturing sign of Cancer and the full moon graces this solstice, a powerful energetic portal opens for you to transform your family dynamic.

This sets a unique opportunity to create harmony and healing within your family and home. As the Sun moves into the nurturing and intuitive sign of Cancer, the energy is ripe for deepening emotional connections, accessing ancestral healing, and creating a sacred space that supports your personal and collective growth.

Also having the full moon grace this Solstice means that the convergence of solar and lunar energies creates a powerful energetic portal for manifestation, especially on the theme of collective family intent.

Add in splash of Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, forming a harmonious trine aspect with the Sun, infusing this portal with optimism, growth, and opportunities for personal and spiritual development.

The Cosmic Clock Ritual: Family and Home Harmonisation – Manifestation Ceremony

For us family is the centre of our universe, it is our Northstar and that guides every decision we make. We view our family as one unified field of energy, intent and consciousness. We would love to bring this same frequency to your family container.

Family is the foundation of a life of joy, happiness, and contentment. The best lives are led with a full appreciation, love and expression of one’s inherited and chosen family. Take this Solstice to put energy and effort into your Core family unit.

This ceremony and shamanic ritual is designed to support, heal and harmonise your blood family, and help rise up together your soul family.

This ceremony is designed to help you align with the transformative energies of the solstice and create lasting change in your family constellation.

During this powerful ritual, you will:

  • Shamanically clear, harmonise, and protect your family home
  • Perform generational family healings of the Mother and Father wounds
  • Clear your family from ancestral karmic imprints
  • Participate in a family unification and manifestation ritual
  • Receive a profound energy healing transmission

Embrace the power of the June Solstice 2024 and create the harmonious, abundant family life you deserve.

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